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You already know that the president has commuted the jail sentence of SCOOTER LIBBY.

SCOOTER had been convicted of obstructing investigators in the case of who leaked confidential security information regarding U.S. operatives in the so-called War Against Terror.

Was it ever in question?

12 Responses to “MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO…”

  1. enigmatik says:

    Justice prevails again!

  2. jaislayer says:

    Everyone should have known the OG G Dubbz was going to take care of his boy. I can’t wait to see FOX news and hear them complain about Libby getting off……. Right like that will happen. But what’s really sad is Libby won’t get half the coverage that Paris Hilton received.

  3. omegaSB says:

    sooo ..i guess we are more fucked than ever eh …..fuck !!

  4. dubble13 says:

    Which is more harmful to society: selling marijuana or revealing the names of secret agents? 2 yrs is too harsh?

  5. dubble13 says:

    @Meka Soul:

    Amerikkka won….
    Poor folk (without connections or money) lost….

  6. h8torade says:

    I can’t wait for G-Dubz to scoot his dumb ass out of office……

  7. The real question is will they act like Bush was a great president when he dies like they did with Nixon and Reagan?

  8. Ernie Paniccioli says:

    First, what was his momma thinking when she named him “Scooter” or is that a nickname and if it is what did he do to earn that moniker?
    Second, G Dubbz probably had nothing to do with the pardon.
    Bushie, like Scooter works for Cheney. And that’s where it gets really interesting.
    Big Dick says he is not part of the Executive Branch. He is correct, he is not only above the Executive branch, but above the law.
    So now you have a scooter who works for a dick and a limp dick who eats brown rice who thinks he is the president but is actually working for the big dick cowboy who can’t shoot straight.
    Big Dick got his company Haliburton the winning bid for contracting all of Iraq a nation that Big Dick decided to invade.
    Big Dick Corleone aka Dicky “Shotgun” Soprano
    CEO of International Waste Management.
    Got a government or country you want tossed in the dumpster? Call 1-800-Big Dick Cheney.
    I’m doing a documentary called “White Boys In Power Gone Wild”. It will have a Lily White cast of cats with names like “Scooter”, “Dick”, “Chad”, “Chip”, and show them hunting quail, playing water polo, drinking gin and tonic and taking over the fucking world. Ernie

  9. Dj RaYz says:

    We all need to stand the Huff Up!! We are truly the ones who have power. If we let shit like this get away, we are saying to our government that they can run anything the way they see fit. If we all start standing up, learning about our political system, learn who our senators, congressmen, etc, are and we start voicing our opinions, taking action, and getting together as communities to make differences, I see things changing for the better. Each and every one of us are smart enough to work together with companies and make them rich. I know we can all stand up and start taking action to make changes.

  10. Amadeo says:

    Jesus Christ Monkey Balls.

  11. Ream_Team says:

    HE only did that shit so dude wouldn’t roll on him. WE should get Bush a STOP SNITCHIN’ shirt.

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