All Day I Dream About Sneakers…


I haven’t done an Adidas drop in like forever. There was a moment that I was really going to go all in for the trey striped brand until those dudes fronted on me like I was brand new. I may not have ALL of the most expensive shoes evar, but my pedigree is unquestionable. When those Adidas folks acted like my name was Lenny Lampshade – Always in the dark, I knew I had to break north like your boy OLIVER.

While on my daily tours around New York City my eyes were struck by a blast of summer colors. Upon fiurther investigation I discovered that the trey stripes were attempting another comeback by swagger jacking NIKE I.D.’s out of control colorways. I’m not saying that I will buy these yet, but if I can come across a reasonable offer for both pairs together then you should already know. I decided to name these joints StarBurst ZX 750.



Adidas makes some tougher than leather trainers there’s no doubt about it, but or my money they have always been a premiere tennis SHOE company. You already know the STAN SMITH’s are classic. The have the ROD LAVER’s, The Forest Hills, and my favorites which are the impossible to find Grand Prix joints.

Another tour pro that Adidas created a shoe for was this cat from Romania named ILIE NASTASE. He was one of the top tennis pros in the 1970’s and his signature shoe from Adidas has carried on the tradition of styling on motherfuckers. Ask C.S. about our trip to Paris a couple of years ago and my hunt through some of the Parisian ghettos for some navy/burgundy NASTASE’s. Good times party people, good times.


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  1. Candice says:

    I loved ADIDAS sneakers when I was younger….until I encountered my first pair of Nike Air Max. **sigh**

    And yes, the Ilie Nastase’s were fly.

  2. I always keep a fresh pair of Shelltoes in my sneaker collect…..imo they are the equivalent of a pair of 1’s

  3. alex2.0 says:

    i love shelltoes. i’ve been looking for a brown pair to no avail.

    oh and i like the pair in the last pic.

  4. nerditry says:

    See, I think my Gil Zero Autographed joint inspired this post. I might rock that badness like an epaulette on my shoulder pirate parrot style.

  5. 40 says:

    Those top ones are pretty dang fresh. Actually truth be told I enjoy foxing with the adidas Orginals (retros) because adidas’ sneaker legacy is so untouchably deep. Also they keep that Euro fly swagger, and they keep most of their joints under a buck. I can’t complain. I used to run up in the adidas Originals store on Wooster on the reg…

    NOTE: Dallas – you never capitalize the first “a” in adidas. It is always spelled in all lower caser per the manufacturer…

    NOTE 2: ***adidas trivia***

    1. How was the name adidas created?

    2. Also what other popular footwear company was created after a brotherly fallout at adidas? (Extra Credit: Name the brother’s first name.)

    SUPER CREDIT: What market altering athletic endorser was highly upset and skeptical with his sneaker deal because he wanted to sign with adidas?????


    DP homie 20 seconds into the clip Gus Johnson *pauses* Spike lee for saying “I like Dick”

    Late pass just in case you already saw, comedy nonetheless.

  7. spider says:

    to 40;

    adidas is short for adi dassler, the founder of the company.

    puma came from adidas, and i can’t name the brother unfortunately.

    michael jordan wanted to sign with adidas because he wore them in high school, or was it college? i think in college he was wearing cons, that’s what it looks like in his pics.

  8. 40 says:

    ^^^Spider – good shit….

    Puma was started by Adolf’s brother Rudolph…

    MJ is correct after rockin’ Converse in college, he wanted in with the adidas which in ’84 was THE sneaker company of the time. Phil Knight threw wild G at MJ and 22 models, a building on the Nike Campus in Oregon, numerous inner city murders, sneaker fiends on line, and innumerable amounts of pairs later it seemed like the deal worked out for both parties.

    *submits prize requisition form to the TI’s at*

  9. Sangano says:

    the rod laver’s were ill sr. yr in high school those were official

  10. miss ahmad says:

    i love adidas for their warm up suits specifically the jackets, it’s the hotness, each one if a classic!

  11. Amadeo says:

    Oh just for history sake I rock adidas…and so I can go to dress up Hip-Hop parties and make them explain what sense it makes that I can’t wear adidas to what’s a Hip-Hop function.

  12. prynsex says:

    That second pair is SIC, SIC, SIC………..excuse me while I throw up in my mouf a lil………..rinse and spit………….now I’m back.

    As I previously stated. Those joints are SIC. The shoe game is crazy this season…………

    Oh the shorts and tube tops I would rock with those…………………..

  13. dameSTAtus says:

    DP, I copped those black ZX’s Starburst/Odditys about 2 weeks ago.

    I’m actually honored to see you do a drop on em.

    I had the sales dude agree to look the other way while I took an extra pair of yellow laces out of a similarly starbursty pair of Nastases.. they look way better than the red laces/ b/c the only red is on the upper back of the shoe, which will be obscured by your jeans unless you’re wearing shorts.

  14. yobroshot says:

    they need to bring back those black and white ZXZ ADVs . . copped one pair instead of two, and they disappear. I loved those shits.

  15. nice post.i still have my red and white adidas in the box *hardly worn tho*

  16. twerkolator says:

    dallas you are a god for this post! ’bout effin’ time you did an adidas drop!

    i’m rocking $40 vintage stan smiths (sans laces) as i type this!!!!! what!

  17. twerkolator says:

    also, i bought my girl a pair of red & white nastases for her birthday a couple of years ago. every time she rocks them shits i’m trying to cut something…

    stan smith, ilie nastase, rod laver, grand prix: i will rock them shits until i die!

  18. omegaSB says:


  19. Dart_Adams says:

    Damn Dallas, I never thought I’d see the day you made an adidas sneaker drop. To 40: All of that trivia is common knowledge to any Bostonian resident who have been rockin’ adidas since the beginning.


  20. fwd – this 8-second clip is prolly the most hillarious “pauseworthy” statement of all time:

  21. XXLHERO says:

    okay–for all you adidas heads out there–I’m in search for some “retros”–they came out in the early 90’s–all black with the removable neoprene sock inside–anyone know the name of these joints? or where I can get a pic of ’em?

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