cRap Music Fantasy League Q3 Update #2

remy mess

Remy Mess!

Dayum! I can’t even take off a weekend without some cRapper trying to kill someone just to raise their hardbody quotient. It had been a pretty slow news week as far as points makers were concerned in the cRap Music Fantasy League. Fisty finally got on the cRap Music scoring board and caught some points for his XXL magazine cover and his new video ‘I Get Money’ and T.I. added some more points to his overall score for his cover on Vibe mag. Look out for T.I. to receive his gold certification this week although I don’t imagine that even half the people that supposedly bought his album the first week will be lining up for the joint this week.

So Remy Martin gets herself into the action by attempting some murdahhhhhh! WTF?!? The story is that Remy Ma put her bag down while she was partying in a club in New York’s trendiest area, the Meatpacking district(extra nullus). When she retrieved her bag she was light on cash to the tune of $2000. I don’t know about y’all but two stacks is a serious piece of change for someone who hasn’t made a hit song in forever. That might be the last bit of homegirl’s ‘Lean Back’ scrilla. Remy then flipped on her homey assigned to hold her weed purse. When the smoke cleared Remy was indicted on several charges ranging from attempted homicide, to assault and possession of a firearm. You would have to agree this was an extra hardbody weekend for Remy Ma. What this will mean for her and the August release of her latest album, ‘The BX Files’, I can’t call it, but if Lil’ Kim’s stint in the Feds was any indication… Jail does not equal record sales. She won’t be smiling on Riker’s Island.

Let’s take a look at the leader board right now for the cRap Music Fantasy League…

Pretty Dollar Entertainment 1750
DubbleUP Entertainment 1375
Ambulance Entertainment 850
Diamond Ballers Records 775
Yes Baby Yes Entertainment 775
20/20 Proof Records 675
Rainmen Records 650
Harleyworld Music 650
Game One Records 650
Sheem-Deem Entertainment 650
Blue & Creme Entertainment 650
America Done Fell Off Records 650
Renegade Records 650
Grand Theft Audio Records 650
Gain Green Records 650
11206 Records 650
BlackStar Records 650
Smart-Dumb Rappers Records 650

Pretty Dollar Entertainment has jumped out to a strong lead early in this round and we are still ten more weeks away from deciding a winner. Who the hell knows what promotional stunts and shenanigans will be going on for the rest of the summer. So keep it locked here for the DP Dot Com cRap Music Fantasy League.

12 Responses to “cRap Music Fantasy League Q3 Update #2”

  1. FatBoY says:

    That’s what I’m talking bout. Remy taking it back to the Ante-Up remix days. Too bad she had to pop her weed carrier.

    She got jacked for 2Gs and now her bail is set at 250Gs. Damn her bank account gon be empty as hell.

    Oh, I can’t forget about the deductible on her whip she crashed and abandoned. That’s prahlee another 2 stacks. Cuz she look like she got mad points on her driving record.

    You know she aint fucking wit terror squad no more so Joey Crack aint gon help her out.

  2. dubble13 says:

    It’s a good thing I didn’t trade Remy Ma for Paris Hilton!

    DubbleUP Entertainment

  3. EMBRY says:

    Damn something told me to pick Remy Ma in my Crap Fantasy League.

  4. Doc Holiday says:

    Damn something told me to pick Remy Ma in my Crap Fantasy League.

    same here & i picked lil mama instead. wtf was i thinking?

  5. spanish jay says:

    lil kim is due to make somethin happen, shes been slippin the the nip recently so you already know she cant be out shined now between these other dudes* getting robbed or shooting their baby sitters

  6. Lion XL says:

    Remy actually did pretty big last week for a no-talent artist, she started the week off with “Shezus Khrist’ mixtape, all for publicity. I mean NAs and Diddy already did the crucifix BS, and look what it got them? Negative publicity (Well Diddy did earn a few hardbody point after that) so why would she follow suit?

  7. Big Homie says:

    Hopefully Foxy does something worth while before the quarter is up. The victims MySpace page

  8. the_dallas says:

    ^ Good looks on that link

  9. Tiffany says:

    Dang, it’s definitely the page. Folks sending “get well” shot outs and everything.

  10. says:

    That might be the last bit of homegirl’s ‘Lean Back’ scrilla


  11. redd says:

    And to think I almost followed the masses and picked foxy…remy was def. A good look

  12. spanish jay says: The victims MySpace page
    ur nobody till a nobody shoots u

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