POLITRICKS 2008: With Balls This Big…


RUDOLPH GIULIANI is still on the G.O.P. campaign trail and his latest stop in California was his chance to ballyho his energy consumption platform. “America shouldn’t buy fuel from it’s enemies”, and more blah, blah, blah ‘muslim terrorists’ rhetoric flowed from his lips. “It’s embarrassing that Brazil has been more progressive than America in embracing alternate means of energy.” What he was really saying is that if a so-called Third World nation can establish their independence from consuming American-backed fossil fuels, then we Americans have to start selling that other shit too. Don’t you good people ever start to think that the energy used in America is controlled by anyone other than supremacists. There is no Islamic boogieman lording over the gas pumps. It’s actually Uncle Sam. As for GIULIANI, I have three simple words for him…


GIULIANI runs across the country in a mutli-vehicle motorcade and none of them shits are Priuses either. The most honorable thing for him to do would be to speak on the things that he does know about like putting people in bodybags and maintaining a grim visage. I’m surprised the people of California are hoodwinked so easily with blustery promises. Then again, California did vote for the Terminator.

As I patiently sit here waiting for the wheels to fall off the GIULIANI campaign bus, or my chance to vote in the Republican presidential primary in New York, whichever comes first, I’m reminded by the old adage of being careful for what you wish upon. So I promised not to ask grandma take out the root doll and send GIULIANI to the hell that GARY HART occupies.


thanks to DP Dot Com political correspondent ALEX2.0 for the link

hell nahh ‘YE TUDDA says “EFF GIULIANI”
I don’t know shit about politics, but I know that RUDOLPH GIULIANI don’t care about Black people.

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  1. BEsmirched says:


  2. Gee says:

    America and her fuel consumption will always be held hostage by them that has, be it supremasts or Sunoco. It’s politics as usual with all of them…there is no variation to the rhetoric they slather us with., and no new ideas either… It is the same shit every four years.

  3. Brick Cheney says:

    I just love how Mussoliniani gets to start out as the de facto leader of the Repub pack, without any real merit besides jailing hookers and watching 9/11 happen, due entirely to the media’s man-crush anointment.

  4. P-Matik says:

    Ron Paul (even with his past racist comments) >>> Jewel Annie

    Dallas, are you really claiming GOP are is that sarcasm?

  5. Meka Soul says:

    shit, i voted for… oh wait i didn’t.

    cali stays losing.

  6. @p-matik can you link to Ron Paul’s racist comments? I haven’t heard of that.

    @Dallas which ReThug candidate do you support?

    I really hope Dictator Giuliani doesn’t get the ReThug nomination. I will party like it’s 1999 if say McCain gets the nomination. Then at least we’ll have a somewhat sane, non-dictator Pres regardless of if a Dem or ReThug wins.

  7. the_dallas says:

    P-Matik says “Dallas, are you really claiming GOP are is that sarcasm?”

    You need to get with the G.O.P. (yeah, you know me) as well. For more than four decades Black folks have supported Dem candidates with kneejerk loyalty. What has this earned for them other than the highest rates of male incarceration and female contraction of HIV?

    I plan on raging against the machine while INSIDE the machine. More progressive Black folks should do the same. Peep game… When local elections can turn on a few dedicated precincts don’t you think the Republican party would step up their game plan to minority voters in order to gain a legislative seat?

    El Gringo,
    There isn’t a national Republican candidate that I want to support right now. Until McCain flamed out I considered voting for him. I oppose the FairTax proposals because I understand that they will burden the faux-middle class (read: working class). I support a woman’s right to choose and I want more money spent on sex educatiuon so that hopefully we can avoid the instances of unwanted pregnancies. I’m a traditional conservative in the sense that government needs to become smaller, but I oppose turning over all services to the private sector. Honestly, Mike Bloomberg would get my vote if he would run on a national level. More than likely I will end up voting for Lenora Fulani and Mumia Abu-Jamal.

  8. LOL @ ye tudda! good post dallas

  9. Ernie Paniccioli says:

    Guiliani as President. Freddy Kruger head of Health and Human Services. David Duke as head of The United Nations.
    OJ Simpson as head of the FBI. Britney Spears head of the DEA. Homer Simpson in chair of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
    If any one of these things happened it would be time to buy an airline ticket to West Bum Fuck in Southern Borneo.
    RG would run the country like a plantation and any one who is not rich, white and in his cabinet or a bigwig in his party or a massive contributor to his getting elected would be in deep shit.
    He is the most racist, vindictive, base, oily, slimy, gutless, heartless coward in the history of NYC politics. Ernie Paniccioli authr of “Who Shot Ya?”

  10. ^ Ernie = yet another veteran NYCer journalist/commentator/citizen who lived under the Giuliani regime & says how much of an evil dictator this douche Giuliani.

    I am not a NYCer, but I listen to the countless NYCers have written articles exposing this douche Giuliani.

    I wish there was a movement of a sane people to pick one of the ReThug candidates to rally around. I see progressive commentators trash McCain. If Giuliani wins the Pres election, I will yell @ these douches “are you happy now” ala Gore stans @ Nader stans. I’m saying trash McCain all you want if he gets the nomination, but until then, leave McCain alone & tell your friends about the Evil Giuliani.

  11. thoreauly77 says:

    if jeweliani gets into office, we got problems. unless of course you think the disneyfication of america is okay.

  12. Amadeo says:

    I would just like to point out that, as with Bush, he should get – 50 points for running things during 9/11. All they did was stand around and give speeches and I’m tired of hearing about it like he ACTUALLY did something. Politicians wait for moments like that and pounce on them.

  13. P-Matik says:

    Once again…RON PAUL

  14. Ernie Paniccioli says:

    Serious Political Question:
    Q: What is the difference between Rudolph Guiliani and a bucket of shit?
    A: The Bucket

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