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Remember when the NBA had to make a point of putting all the players into a dress code as if it were grade school? Remember how the NBA-directed media dissected every breath from RON ARTEST as if he were singlehandedly ruining the sport? Here’s a case of the chickens coming home to roost. It turns out that the gambling allegations against former NBA ref TIM DONAGHY aren’t the only transgressions on his docket sheet. I wonder why NBA Commissioner DAVID STERN didn’t direct the press to examine this man’s past before he was brought into the league?

215 Magazine: An Isolated Incident

m vick

I’m also curious as to why the government is so hell bent for MICHAEL VICK’s anus. It’s not like he said GEORGE BUSH doesn’t care about Black people. There are hordes of media outlets being used to obfuscate the truth and actual facts about VICK’s connection to this scandal. One thing is for sure. MICHAEL VICK won’t be the same person when this is all done with, but will we be changed as a society that breeds all types of animals for sport and recreation? Will hunters stop hunting? Will horseracers stop their abusive breeding techniques? Will sheep no longer be ass-raped in Iowa? I don’t imagine this case will change anything.

BRICK CHENEY is an Atlanta based website that is doing an excellent job of bringing the truth about this case into the light. I hope this site continues to keep me abreast of the developments in this absurd trial and subsequent conviction via public opinion.

BRICK CHENEY: Rape Stands, Reporters and Racism


The iNternets Celebrities is a movement that you need to get in tuned with.

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  2. James says:

    Sorry Dallas, but Brick Cheney sounds pretty unhinged about this whole thing. To whit:

    1. “If you or I were in Mike Vick’s situation, would the feds have committed the same level of resources? The federal government is after a story, reduced to the moral equivalent of paparazzi.”

    Biggest misconception that seems to pop up in prosecutions involving famous people is that the prosecutor is trophy hunting. Why would any prosecutor bring a bogus case with all the media buzz that comes with a celebrity trial? Any of the prosecutor’s errors or inconsistencies are far more likely to be brought to light. For the same reason, any mistake a prosecutor makes is much more likely to get him fired, and since celebrities have more money, he’d also be much more likely to catch a wrongful prosecution lawsuit afterward. Look at what happened to Mike Nifong when he decided to start grandstanding. Take it from someone who used to work for a federal prosecutor; if anything, the feds have been more careful because Mike Vick is involved.

    2. “Virginia authorities couldn’t pin dogfighting, which is somehow more reprehensible than trophy hunting, on Vick, so the feds salvaged the opportunity to create a story, charging him with crimes of commerce, not brutality.”

    Under the Constitution, the Federal Government has limited power to make laws, as opposed to the police power of states. So the federal anti-dogfighting laws are based (like most federal criminal laws) on the Commerce Clause. It has nothing to do with “salvaging the case”, only with the structure of federal criminal law.

  3. Lion XL says:

    ^ I am so glad you made that clear……but you are playing with semantics and missing thge poing, at the end of the day they still shaking the tree waiting for apples to fall out, but hen calim foul when it hits em in the head.

    I don’t know whether mike vick is guilty or innocent, but I am sure he is not the alpha dog. If any involvement should he be punished? Hell yea, but make the punishment fit his crime. Taking away millions of dollars from him for waht may amount to being a bystander is wrong. If they can prove he has any involvement in the breeding, staging or whatever of these dog fights, then yeah, throw him under the bus. But if only involvement is gambling and watching, then punish him accordingly.

    STOP with the racismdouble standards. I love dogs, and hate the idea of dog fighting, but I also hate the fact that the media goes after the celebrities and notables, when thi stuff goes on all over the country all the time. Where are the cameras and reporters Then?

  4. the_dallas says:

    ^ James,
    The Virginia authorities aren’t people to bite their tongues (puns always intended), but if they didn’t think there was sufficient evidence how did the Federal government uncover more evidence. Obviously, there is someone that was offered the possibility of spending life in prison or giving something juicy to the case.

    Mike Nifong fucked up because he couldn’t recognize the truth. The Duke boys never assaulted the stripper ho sexually. The Duke boys gave her some GHB which instead of making the stripper ho easy to crack, it efffed with the other drugs in her system and made her sick. Mike Nifong was lied to by the Duke boys and the stripper ho.

    The VA prosecutor realizes that Mike Vick may have been at the residence during a dog fighting contest, but because it isn’t his primary residence, nor is it a house that he frequents, that maybe he isn’t part of the illicit acts perpetrated. Seriously, when did Vick have the time to breed, train and fight dogs? Did Vick eff up by leaving this property in the charge of a family member who was shady and less than trustworthy? Should he be liable for his cousin’s bad behavior?

    If your answer is yes, then why doesn’t the Federal government prosecute states that own housing developments where illegal narcotics are trafficked from? I shouldn’t have even broached you with that question because narcotics and the Federal government is a story to lengthy for this blog drop.

    The real question is when does an upper echelon pro athlete have time to run a criminal enterprise?

  5. Redd says:

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  7. BEsmirched says:

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