DP Dot Com ‘Hood Fairy Request Wish List…

hood fairies

In the ghetto we don’t have tooth fairies because we don’t have dental insurance (What?!? Well who do you think reimburses that tooth fairy chick for all her travel expenses? It’s GHI bitches!).

In the ghetto we have ‘hood fairies and they bring us presents like new sneakers and shit on all the major holidays, like Christmas, Passover and Back To School. I haven’t had a visit from the ‘Hood Fairy in a loooooong time and I’m hoping that if I put an old pair of Dunks under my pillow she will appear again like she always did.

Here’s my short list of Back 2 School must haves…

mighty healthy


hood fairy The ‘Hood Fairy says, “I fucks with Mighty Healthy ever since they came out with that Albee Square Mall tee. They got some other joints on sale right now too, so I might could hook you up with some joints if you give me ‘Ye Tudda’s TXT address.

Go to Mighty Heathy Dot Com right now and RSVP for their Summer Kicks party. It’s totally free and Large Pro and Joell Ortiz are performing live and direct.”

mita XT


hood fairy The ‘Hood Fairy says, “These shits is straight fireworks. Yeah I cursed. My daddy was a sailor too. You bitches got a problem? I will cut a motherfucker with the quickness.

In the sneaker game, these shoes are called quickstrikes because of their limited number and the types of dealers that carry them. Remember those NIKE x UnDeFeaTeD Dunks you bought in Paris? Well, I may have to go to Paris to find these for you because these jammies are sold out stateside.”


Blackberry Pearl

hood fairy The ‘Hood Fairy says, “I heard you needed a new phone and it’s time you stepped up into the year 2007 by getting a device that can allow you to reply to the e-mails from DENZEL WASHINGTON and STEVEN SPIELBERG. Thank goodness this joint is on sale at T-Mobile. You were a lot easier to shop for when all you wanted were comic books and G.I.Joe action figures.”

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22 Responses to “DP Dot Com ‘Hood Fairy Request Wish List…”

  1. Begs No Friends says:

    Mighty Healthy=Basura

  2. Enigmatik says:

    Good lookin’ out…I shall be in the place pon Saturday.

  3. Dart_Adams says:

    Might Healthy tees? I likes, likes. You already know how we Boston heads feel about Nikes…gots ta be three stripes for me. Nice drop Dallas. I recently made a post encouraging my fellow Red Sox fans to pull their heads outta their ovens here:



  4. Begs No Friends is prolly one of those brands that have been in the game for while and have not seen any dough, seen any positive feedback or is just plain hating because they still ive at there mothers house


  5. omegaSB says:

    u went to paris for undefeateds??…why ?? and the undfeateds where tier zero’s even less numbers than quickstrikes ( which mostly go to urban accounts ) .

  6. omegaSB says:

    and try nort/recon for the mitas …..most of their accounts are quickstrike

  7. the_dallas says:

    ^ Me and Chocolate Snowflake went to Paris for a vacation. I copped the UNDFTD’s @ a little shop is Les Halles

    Nort/Recon is sold out on size 12

  8. Aunt Jackie says:

    i have the blackberry pearl. it’s quite a little number. i use it every day all day and got it form the old Cingular for just $99 which made it all worth the while!

  9. Big Homie says:

    Damn those kicks are fly as shit. I need those and that tshirt

  10. Redd says:

    Blackberry pearl=how I check my cRap music mogul score. And its like the cheapest one with a camera on it I think this and the curve are the only blackberrys with cameras.

  11. Eloheem Star says:

    Dem joints is ka-bangers! Seen some Misc dude rockn dem on the ave with the ultra skinny jeans. Ugh! Almost got good on the new black Foamposites-no Swoosh but Ahmed wouldn’t let them go for $150. My ex wife would be proud.

  12. Pachanga says:

    Dallas’ pickyourshoes.com(Yes, It’s a legit website SMH@ there name). I allready coped my pair. They chargeing 200 for them shits,but I needed them in my life. I also got those Air max 90 boots from the finishline website(The gray,black and yellow ones). They got free shipping on orders over 75 beans. It’s funny I’m 30 years old not in school, but still getting back to school kicks. Cosign@DartAdams I’m from Dorchester Addias=Boston

  13. Pachanga says:

    Oh, Cosign@Dallas Mighty Healthy is the freshness. I just got the crush,kill,destroy t-shirt with the Elvira looking lady on at Bodega last week. If you ever in boston check out that shop.

  14. chief says:

    That shirt is suspect….’dumb rappers need teaching’ is from ‘Kick in the Door’: released on Life After Death in 1997.

  15. gaberockka says:

    Premium Goods in Brooklyn has those trainer dunks. I don’t really like them

  16. 40 says:

    Hey Chief – its actually from “Unbelievable” which came out in 1994. I think your Little Wayne downloads are waiting for you junior.

  17. AverageBro says:

    Sunday, don’t blow your loot on the BB Pearl. That tiny non-qwerty keyboard is for ladies only. Cop the full sized Curve instead and spare yourself alot of aggravation and sore thumbs.

  18. Skeptical says:

    The hoodfairy looks solidly middle class to me. I dunno about this…

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