DP Dot Com Super Heroine Series: THE WASP

winsome wasp

Just to prove that comic characters can have names that reflect the stratification of class and wealth we have a super heroine named the Wasp. Homegirl was a foxy young socialite and the heiress to some Bill Gates type mega fortune. Her dad was a scientist who was murdered, and with the help of his lab assistant, Dr. Henry Pym, this blueblood chick got to prove to everyone that she was actually hardbody.

Wasp was always in some kind of breezy nightgown outfit with her nipples all perky from the cold night air. Oh I wanted to beat her slot until the coins came out. She changed her outfits like twice in every issue of the Avengers. Each time her cleavage tried to sneak out onto the page. This is how I know most of the Avengers were fags because I would have been up in that mansion they owned try’na throw my hammer into that little pum pum. I’d be too busy damn near catching a rape charge with the Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Ms. Marvel and Jocasta running around that piece half naked to give a fuck about Ultron.

Who the fuck is a Ultron?!?

Nahh mayne, fuck all the bullshit, Wasp had that good-good punanny that comes with a trust fund when you tear it up from the back.

winsome wasp

11 Responses to “DP Dot Com Super Heroine Series: THE WASP”

  1. Misha says:

    Wat ya’ll need is a Black female super heroine, some one classy, sexy, power suit and glasses by day, sex kitten, by night, with all kinds of crazy super powers………
    Oh yeah, you already have that!!!! ME!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Incilin says:

    This is aite, but when you gon post on cRap update? I’m gettin mad points off Foxy’s crazy ass.

  3. spanish jay says:

    no web awards for the dallas this year, the internets lost

  4. Urinetown says:

    Yo man WTF I never post but you have been falling the fuck off. You used to post some hilarious shit about rappers and their antics, now all we get is this homo fanboy comic book garbage? Yo entertain me or step the fuck off, my time is valuable and you’re just dicking around w/ unfunny shit. Suggestions:

    1. No more stupid youtube videos w/ poor editing and no point.

    2. you’re a fat fuck, stay off my screen.

    3. No preachy ass posts about teaching and knowledge, you live in the basement and you’re damn near 40.

    4. Don’t give a fuck about your GF unless she’s got a Jet magazine wide pussy pose.

    5. Try to be funnier.

    6. More combat jack.

    7. Oh yeah I almost forgot I DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOUR SHOES!!! Nothing is sadder than 40 yr old man in fucking multicolored sneakers reading a comic book.

  5. Combat Jack says:

    ^ “I’m gettin mad points off Foxy’s crazy ass. ”


    Never realized the connection between Wasp’s name and her blue blooded background. Great observation. The 1st comic-book character that ever made me feel a lil’ tingky inside was Leiko Wu of “Master Of Kung-Fu” fame. This was during Paul Gulacy’s late ’70’s early ’80s run. Man could that China Doll get it! Yo, John Byrne mos def stayed perved out during his ’80’s run. Unfortuantely, not many sisters were/ are represented in comic books. Storm has been overrepresented, Ms. Marvel had that jehri curl afro that took away mad sexy points. Misty Knight of “Heroes For Hire” fame also suffered from the jheri curl afro plight, plus she only had one good arm (the other was bionic). Um, who else?

  6. Gee says:

    OK…I just spit my organically grown red wine on the monitor…I am fucked and the keyboard is soaked… thanks for nothing…

  7. Dart_Adams says:

    On the real, if it wasn’t for Starfox joining the Avengers was getting more ass than a toilet seat I would’ve wondered about some of the Avengers myself. Of course, Wonder Man had Tigra and Hawkeye had Mockingbird…Jocasta? That was some funny ass throwback fan boy shit right there, fam.

    P.S. Check out my new post about the Top 50 Non Rap (White music) Songs That Hip Hop Fans Loved- 80’s Edition @ http://poisonousparagraphs.blogspot.com/


  8. the_dallas says:

    @ Misha, put on a mask and send me a pic. I will post it up.

    @ UrineTown, go kill yourself. You ain’t built for the future.

    @ CJ, I always considered Starfire from the Titans to be an intergalactic Black broad. She reminded me of this Guyanese chick I sweated out back in the day.

    @ Dart, whatchuknow about Jocasta?

  9. sangano says:

    official booty

  10. Combat Jack says:

    ^ I know about Guyanese chicks! Could be a Trini broad as well. But that is a bit of a stretch. I’m sure George Perez didn’t have Starfire in mind when he drew her.

  11. Misha says:

    The pic will be comming soon to a theater near you, (or your in box)

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