Now That The Storm Is Over, The Beatings Will Continue…


You have to know this story by now about this elderly man that got his azz totaled by some klansmens grandsons, but did you know that he has been sober for over two decades?!? I’ll bet you a dime to a dollar that he got a drink the second his bloody azz got home.

Can you imagine this old man’s fear and terror as he was pummeled by the klanmens grandsons while a mounted sentry kept the onlookers at bay. Once they got him into the woods he knew what they would do next. Klansmens grandsons were taught by their fathers and their fathers fathers how to properly administer a ‘New Orleans necktie’.

The klansmens grandsons won’t ever be convicted in the Hinterland, but I thought I would provide them with a defense just to explain to the other white why a 64-year old was SOOOOOO fucking difficult to arrest.


Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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  1. […] There was that incident with the New Orleans police beating an elderly Black man to a pulp on a Bourbon Street sidewalk one evening because he wasn’t walking fast enough. […]

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