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BILLY X. SUNDAY got the block on lock at XXL Mag Dot Com.

I’m listening to the Carter III advance and I’m looking for a sign that Lil’ Wang is going to take over this rap shit. Something to make me shut the fuck up about his rhyming skillset. Something to make me realize how talented this dude supposedly is. I’m just not hearing it though. The beats from the C III preview are some of the best joints that Wayne has ever had to rhyme over. There’s still something that dude is short on. Maybe it’s too much of that syrup in his blood?

There’s a track with Babyface on the hook and Mr.West on the beats. Most people would say that is the sure shot hit, but I don’t feel like Wang goes in hard enough [ll]. There’s another track called ‘Kiss Me Baby’ and just the title make me laugh my ass off. Thank God nowhere on that song did I hear Wayne talk about lip-locking his record label owner and surrogate father. Whew! Then I came up on the real hit on the advance. Lil’ Wang doesn’t even rhyme on this joint. Maybe that’s why it was so good.

Lil’ Wang lets one of his weedcarriers and presumably his best ghostwriter do all the rhyming. That was a good move. The next power move Wang made was to sing, nee sang, like a goofier Akon, or an O.D.B. on the drank. Wang gets wild on some talkbox vocoder type shit that all the kids are doing now, except Wang is perfect for the talkbox like Roger Troutman was because Wang just says whatever is on his mind. Kind of like how I blog on this XXL Mag Dot Com shit.

This is how Lil’ Wang is going to take over the music business. He is going to become the greatest rapper ternt sanger alive. Imagine T-Pain on that HGH with a Maybach space shuttle parked out back by the pool. This shit is about to get crazy. The Black Robin Thicke is Weezy KissyFace and he ain’t playing no more. I expect to hear duets with Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen. Fuck that, Weezy and Madonna in concert together. Madonna Effs Baby. And with that talkbox shit Lil’ Wang can team up with Daft Punk and Donna Summer and bring disco music back. Do you not see the potential of this Carter III R & B album?

I was totally wrong about Lil’ Wang and his Carter III project and this song made me see the light. So put on your shades, your shiny spacesuit and get you a Solo cup of that “Lean”…

LIL’ WAYNE – About U


  1. 40 says:

    “There’s another track called ‘Kiss Me Baby’ and just the title make me laugh my ass off.”

    Some how I can make it to lunchtime with this kinda of humour getting me thru my work day…

  2. wax says:

    whenever I am misfortunate enough to hear modern rap songs, I always keep a copy of KRS’ Boombap album to jolt me back to life.

  3. Dart_Adams says:

    Is that “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” by Yes? It is, isn’t it? Just proves my fuckin’ point since it’s #39 on this list:

    BTW, this Lil’ Weezy joint is flaming hot garbage (but you knew that)


  4. the_dallas says:

    ^ Dart,
    Yes and YES!

  5. Candice says:

    Yawn…wake me up when it’s over.

  6. Johnny Wisdom says:

    He’s always been wack. Why people jock him is beyond me. Maybe becasue the bitches like him and dudes follow what the bitches do with their noses wide open? Just a theory. What’s up with the faggy belt and faggy pants? Maybe I’m just West Coast biased.

  7. FatBoY says:

    Thank goodness Scarface bout to drop a new album.

  8. Ike says:

    Jason Whitlock with another crap article about Hip-Hop and athletes.

  9. Joey says:

    If you weren’t pro-choice before hearing this song, you should be now.

  10. Belize says:

    What dah fuk is this 80’s knock off shyt B-Sun’d?

    *pumps fist in air*

    Im glad my hate is proving me right

  11. Billy Sunday says:

    Shit is laced with extra wacksauce

  12. CommishCH says:

    In that pict it looks like he’s wearing an oversized Hot Pocket heating cover and a flag football belt.

  13. Big Homie says:

    Anybody notice when he won his first award he blew a kiss into the crowd? We know it was towards Baby

    LOL at the title Kiss Me Baby

  14. russ the bus says:

    “good gawddddddd” hahahahaha
    weezy is a genius.

  15. russ the bus says:

    he’s the new prince. from the undeniably funky and unpredictable musical stylings all the way down to the ambiguous sexuality.

  16. EL- O- HEEM Star says:

    Y’all Buggin… this joint is Sickness. Turn your volume up and vibe out. “She likes it…She likes it”

  17. Johnny Mack says:

    looks like a MA$E and Jim Jones remix, that’s got to be the worst ensemble of gear ever assembled, maybe one of those fag costume designers had it ready for him before hand ? If he put that together himself, that’s all the evidence you need to proove he is “laced with extra wacksauce”.

  18. Tiffany says:

    “LOL at the title Kiss Me Baby”

    Big Homie,
    I think he’s about ready to come out and tell er’body what we already know. Gay. Plus he’s Super Wack! Who are these folks’ fans?

    LOL @ “Ternt”

  19. 40 says:

    After rethinking this I realized that Weezie Goldberg is a genius. Who has more disposable income than ghey American males? He’s going in (literally) to get that cake up. Weezie will become the black George Michael.

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