R.I.P. To An iNternets Celebrity…

zoey zane

Zoey Zane, we barely knew ye.
You lost it all to bare your soul.
Cop the new issue of Barely 18.

The chick above is named EMILY SANDER. She was a small town girl from the Texarkana badlands who thought she could use the internets to skyrocket herself to fame and a better life than working at the truck stop slinging sunnyside up eggs. It was an honest dream. I don’t think any chick gets into pr0n because she wants to be strung out on horse or gutted like a holiday hog.

Most chicks come into pr0n real honest like. They love dicks like I love sneakers. Maybe a little more, but I make no judgement on people who pursue their passion. Unfortunately for EMILY, someone made a judgement on her that said she didn’t deserve love or respect. The one thing I can tell you from my personal experience with a pr0n goddess is that all they ever want is to be treated with respect. And prah’lee some dick too, but some motherfucking respect first.

When EMILY confided in her boyfriend and told him that she would be doing dick pushups as a career, ol’ boy broke north like Oliver. I can’t say that I blame him although if she was making some wild bank I might have considered sticking around. I’m like most men in that I don’t care what my lady does to make her half of the rent as long as she doesn’t burn the lamb chops. In this case however, I don’t think that EMILY met her demise from the jealous ex-beau. The police have reported that Ms. SANDER was seen leaving a local watering hole with some Mexican dude. Didn’t I tell y’all that Anton Chigurh was hardbody as fuck.

The biggest problem with pr0n snuff films is that the really, really good ones only have one take. So now the world is short one iNternets Celebrity, and one sexy redhead. This sucks for me on so many levels because I love myself some redheaded snatch and Spider-Man 4 could have used a pretty Mary Jane for once.

EMILY SANDER a/k/a Zoey Zane Photo Album – *NSFW must be 18y.o.

zoey zane

15 Responses to “R.I.P. To An iNternets Celebrity…”

  1. Robbie says:

    Is it wrong to rub one out to a corpse?

  2. the_dallas says:

    *wipes off hand*


  3. Grand Master says:

    “They love dicks like I love sneakers. Maybe a little more, but I make no judgement on people who pursue their passion.”

    ^it’s gems like this that keep me reading. nullus.

  4. I Fux Hoes says:

    even smut bucket snow bunnies get national attention when they go missing… so for all the beautiful sistas and lovely latinas out there… shoot some porno flicks before you decide to go missing..

  5. F says:

    ^ plus some bleaching creme.

  6. kyle says:

    truely in bad taste. what a fucking slimeball you are.

  7. N.O. 4 life says:


  8. Ayman says:

    Eat a dick up Kyle. DP is bringing heat on the daily yo!


  9. Nilsen says:

    Yes, it’s wrong to rub’it to a “corpse”

    You know.. when i first heard this news i was all like “SHIT, WHO THE FUCK IS THIS? ”
    When i first saw her, i felt bad.. very bad. I’ve actually played with my self to this girl.
    Now i feel like shit.
    Theese past two days this have been the only thing i’ve been thinking of.
    I hope she have found peace.
    My respect to the family..
    Fuck the press to have made this to a “PRON STAR HEAV BIN KIELD STOERY”
    Srsly fuck the press. If i had the chance, i would srsly beat up/killed the fuckers who made this a “PORR ACTRZ KILD OMGOGMOGMO, ATTENTION!”

    Rest in Peace Emily Sander!

  10. the_dallas says:

    ^ Nilsen, go kill yourself if you can’t make love to a sexy corpse.

    Rest in peace to Emily Sander.

  11. Aunt Jackie says:

    it’s awful what happened to her but what bugs the shit out of me is that this story has gotten more press than the poor black girl who was tortured by those 6 crazy folks.

    i guess the lesson is…sex sells. even when you’re dead!

    RIP Emily

  12. Toma says:

    Honestly. She knew what she was doing when she posed nude. She had fun doing it. One has only to look at the numerous pictures with her cute as the devil smile in every one to know this…

    Personally I think rubbin one out is possibly the best way to give tribute to Zoey Zane/Miss Sanders…

    In fact I’m going to spackle the ceiling from my bed RIGHT now… Here’s to you pretty lady!

  13. Gary Flanders says:

    Her pics are so hot!!!

    I just struck GOLD 🙂

    Check out this video compilation of her life story:


    Way Hot!!!

  14. Ben Tempers says:

    The timtube video above is down 🙁 Was it real?

    Anyways, i found something to remember her by:



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