black pete

Shouts go out today to Zwarte Piet as the Dutch would call him. Zwarte Piet a/k/a Black Pete is the Black dude that used to roll thick with this old cat named Sinter Klaas and during Festivus would be kidnapping all the bad boys and bad girls(no Diddy and Cassie) and selling them off as chattel.

For Christmas Zwarte Piet would give presents to the good kids, but the naughty ones would get spirited away and presumably raped by Sinter Klaas, who we all know was a pedophile, and a peep freak for watching little girls when they went potty.

This fairytale is partly how the Dutch maintained their hegemony on supremacy by packaging racism and terrorism to little children. Imagine how some of these same Dutch kids feel the first time they see a real live Black person?

Can you blame these Dutch niggas for trying to kill Blacks when they get older? Who the hell wants to be stuffed in a duffle bag on some Brothers Grimm shit and cooked and eaten?

The Black boogeyman is supremacy’s perpetual form of terrorism and when you burn this image into a child’s brain it will remain with them forever.

zwarte piet Zwarte Piet says…

Merry Christmas bitches!?!


  1. dutch smashwell says:

    i moved over here a year ago and was bugged out the first time i saw a blackface doll in a store window. i thought what the fuck is this? i was in a small town so i thought it was some pretty racist shit but then it was explained to me the whole story and then i was seeing them everywhere. sinter klaas is turkish but lives in spain. a while back they changed the official job title of zwarte piet from slave to helper but almost all dutch people can tell me with a straight face “no, its not racist”. historically the dutch shipping game has always been on point so they were the best smugglers/slave traders, a tradition that continues today as holland is the jumpoff for all of europe to get what they need.

  2. Aunt Jackie says:

    so does that make it politically incorrect when the children of the diaspora light up a dutch for a christmas?

    just wondering.

    feliz navidad dallas!

  3. Dart_Adams says:

    All I got to say is Google this name and get some wrinkles in your brain:

    Christian Hansen Ernst

    His life story should be an indie movie by now.

    Happy Holidays, peoples!


  4. Combat Jack says:

    This shit is hillarious!!!!

  5. Cassaundra says:

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  6. William Takor M.A. says:

    Thank You Dallas. I’m an african leaving in Africa. Huge stan of the Combat Jack Show. I had never heard of of Black Pete til the Best of 2012 episode. Thank You. and the whole team. The amount of stuff I learn from you DP. pff yo have no idea.

  7. the_dallas says:

    I’m glad you learn stuff from

    I just wished you valued the info enough to put a $10 spot into the prA’Li movement as part of your tuition

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