Lawyers = The Real American Gangsters…

remy martin

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Do you know what was the biggest news in rap music last week? Here’s a hint, it was bigger than Jigga being given the boot from his presidency at Def Jam? Larger than Lil’ Wang’s ‘Leak’ and Lupe’s ‘Cool’?

When the lawyers for Makeda Barnes-Joseph smartly attached Universal Records as the co-defendant for their multi-million dollar lawsuit this was the loudest shot ever heard in rap music. This is bigger than the deaths of Tupac and Biggie Smalls combined.

Several blogs ago I posed the question why people had not yet filed class action lawsuits against rappers and their record labels for the damage that has been wrought from the profiteering of poor people’s addictions and disenfranchisement. Think about it, all these rappers that were trappers in their former day jobs should have a long line of victims in their wake. Although rappers have told us that they live with no regrets I’m sure there are plenty of families that regret the day their father, mother, sister, or brother became addicted to drugs. Some of these rappers might start to at least feign regret after they receive a notice of monetary disposition from some shark ass attorney.

The attorneys for the alleged victim in the Remy Martin trial know that Remy is two steps from filing or bankruptcy. Universal Records however, has reportedly given money to Jesus Christ in order for him to pay off his Pell college loans. Universal’s pockets are that deep. Universal, as a corporation, owns Def Jam, Interscope, and half of the planet Earth. It makes sense to sue them since they write the checks for Remy Martin in the first place. If they have made any money from her thug image and music then they should be giving it back for her thug behavior.

Keep in mind, we discussed some time ago that the people who pull triggers are the thugs, while those that order the hits are the gangsters. So Remy Martin was never really a boss after all like Lil’ Kim was. Remy Martin was just a weedcarrier for Fat Joe. Her most memorable verses are from the song ‘Lean Back’. Don’t play yourself on this forum by saying anything different. Lil’ Kim went from stashing weed in her punany to having her own lil’ army. Lil’ Kim’s soldiers were also her shooters and she even did a bid for them as foolish as that was.

Still and all, this fantasy mafia lifestyle shit will eventually run its course. The real mafia wants their name back and what will all of these gangsta Man-Tans be left with? Bupkus. What I’m left with is a community that has seen the high life with no reasonable route to secure it, nor the true understanding of really how little it is worth in the end. In a few days the 2007 Maybach will be last year’s joint and one step closer to being washed up. I can see more proactive religious groups hiring lawyers to file more lawsuits in the coming months. Smart dumb rappers better learn how to rhyme shit with the word LITIGATION.

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  1. Kelsick says:

    >>I can see more proactive religious groups hiring lawyers to file more lawsuits in the coming months. Smart dumb rappers better learn how to rhyme shit with the word LITIGATION.

    ^^Here’s a start:

  2. Ernest Paniccioli says:

    To quote the Greek philosopher Flavor Flav aka Cladius Buttplug yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Lawyers telling Universal to “kick up that money hoe” is divine retribution and Karma magnified. Universal Records and all of the pretend thugs from Jay Z (Joe Camel) on down … get the bozack. Ernie

  3. Umma Do Me says:

    WOW!!!!!, Thats gonna be very affective, lets get ciroc vodka to sponsor that campaign!!!!

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  4. Robbie says:

    [Beavis laugh] You said “Bupkis”.

  5. thoreauly77 says:

    if only we could get universal for something real…..

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