POLITRICKS 2008: Sex, Lies & Videotapes…


I’m anxious for the new year just to see how much more shit will be unearthed from the administration of G DUBBZ. The latest, greatest scandal regarding the disappearance and probable destruction of the videotapes made by the C.I.A. documenting their techniques of witness information interrogation has been as tragically comical and hypocritical as anything before it.

Can you imagine how gruesome those tapes must have been in order for the C.I.A. to have to destroy them? Waterboarding? Ha! More like water sports and sodomy. Abu Ghirab was just a taste[ll] of what some of these suspects would come to face at the hands of pervy contractors. These contractors were so hard up for sex that they were raping American co-eds as soon as a new batch touched in Baghdad. Put that same aggression into interrogating arab peoples and you already know how it was really going down.

2 Girls, 1 Cup? Nope. That would be an instructional video for Christian missionaries. How about 2 Insurgents, 1 Horny Hung Camel, 1 Moldy Baclava and a Barrel of Oil? Let me see if I can find the URL for that one (BTW, you need to know that EVERYTHING is available on video through the Kurdish black market).

Extra [ll] and extremely NSFW

Clip from missing CIA torture tapes

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  1. dubble13 says:

    Where do you get this stuff ??!!??


    I was in Abu Ghraib last year prior to it getting turned over to the Iraqis. And yes, A.G. is as effed up on the inside as you think. I have a couple personal shots from inside, but the “real” footage can’t be taken.

    If you want some random personal shots from around Iraq let me know. No faces in the shots of course.

  2. Blackwater says:

    damn, thats just nasty fam. I don’t think people really even want to know what were on the tapes, period. It would’ve prolly turned niggas stomachs. Anyway nigga…

    Pats 16-0 what the fuck? Never thought I’d see it in my lifetime but there it is…

  3. Not again with the shit sandwiches.

    I can’t believe that 2G1C actually started a movement.

  4. thoreauly77 says:

    you are so wrong for nothing… except for that added clip.

  5. Enigmatik says:

    I have yet to see 2 girls 1 cup…and I won’t be clicking on the link you added here either.

    I told my best friend’s sister about 2g1c thinking that she had already seen it; she fired up the laptop and proceeded to burn out her eyes and the eyes of her brother and sister. This was on Christmas Day 🙁

  6. smog says:

    you bogus

  7. Mugen Spiegel says:

    If only i was into that sort of thing……

  8. mcarroll4716 says:

    Don’t ask, don’t tell.

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