Do The Math: DP Dot Com x Facebook x Black History Month = Free Shit


Black History Month brings out the best in me as I try to think of new and inventive ways to celebrate the legacies of such venerable African American statesmen like RALPH BUNCHE or RUDY RAY MOORE. What better way to celebrate than by throwing a contest here at DP Dot Com.

I decided to hook up with Facebook (puns always intended) for this event. Facebook is currently the defacto online social network system now that Friendster has been found to be too faggy and MySpace is totally too ‘hood. BTW, have you become my friend on Facebook yet?

This contest was inspired by my Facebook friend SHANIEL JACKSON and her frequent posts to my Super Wall. I could prah’lee become king of the internets if I had 100 friends like SHANIEL so I decided to have 10 friends like SHANIEL. Almost. I just sent out 100 friend requests to people whose first names began with SHANI. This includes, but is not limited to SHANIECE, SHANIQUA, SHANITRA and just plain SHANI. I kept my shit truly democratic and anyone whose name begins with a SHANI can get it. My Facebook friendship, of course.


For Black History Month I will have a bevy of classic jig cinema available for FREE to the person who has the most friends with names beginning with SHANI. This contest is open to everyone with a Facebook account. The friends on your page can be girls or guys, and since this is Black History Month we will keep shit fully inclusive and fully integrated. The friends on your page can be white as well as Black. Just because February has an extra day this year don’t sleep on this contest. Get it crack-a-lackin’ with the quickness if you want your free flicks.

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7 Responses to “Do The Math: DP Dot Com x Facebook x Black History Month = Free Shit”

  1. jonny says:

    Black women make me so proud.

    Dallas respects the women by placing headlines over their heads. Black people deserve a month to celebrate our history. Afterwards, we can go back to drinking and destroying our world.

  2. Meka Soul says:

    i don’t even know what a facebook is. myspace is horrible enough for me.

  3. I dont fuck with any of these online social networks. I figure its another way for me to get caught up, the girlfriend is always on Myspace. Yo would I have qualified my last name is ‘Shwani’ close enough right?

  4. Marvelous Mo says:

    lmaooo D this is hilarious. I just sent you a request on face book even though I don’t have a name that youre looking for.

  5. zillz says:

    im copped like 13 shani’s today

  6. lola gets says:

    Yep, yet another contest Id lose if I entered. Oh well!


  7. Hnydip says:

    Can I get like 10 extra points for having a friend named Jaundice?

    I have 5 Shani-‘s and a Jaundice. And a Euradium. EURADIUM!

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