DEREK JETER Is Yanking My Chain [ll]


I’m excited for this drop, but definitely not because of the above photo detailing the secret lives of two Yankee superstars. Truthfully, I always suspected the Yankee captain was a power bottom [ll].

I’m hyped because I am doing this shit from my Crackberry 8700. I usually have to run up in a library when I am at work. If this shit works out I might do more drops a day. Maybe even one an hour?!? Hell nahh. Who would do one blog drop every hour? That’s for people with too much to say about nothing, and no one to talk to about it.
*shots fired*

Nahh but seriously, let’s go in on DEREK JETER’s statement that MLB players should randomly submit blood tests to prove to fans that the game is legit. Halfrican please!?!

What fan of baseball really cares about that shit? No, seriously? Most people that read this site already know well enough not to fuck with me and come here sideways. I would love for some quote unquote baseball fan to tell me that he or she can’t watch the game anymore because these baseball niggas take HGH, or cocaine, or pine tar or whatever they put on their bats.


Are you gonna stop these motherfuckers from taking an Advil when they have a migraine that arises from the concussion they received after getting hit in the head with a ball? Why not? That Advil becomes a performance enhancing drug since holmes couldn’t tak√© the field that day without popping it. You can not clearly define what a performance enhancing substance is so why are we even giving a fuck?

How many U.S. kids are already dead in Iraq and Afghanistan and these congressional cowards are talking about steroids? Someone leave me a link in the comment thread hotammit!

Memo to JETER: If you really give a fuck about the fans then you and the MLBPA should keep your blood to yourself and tell the ownership to make some fucking ballgames affordable. I don’t give an eff who is sticking what in who’s ass. I want to see pitchers throwing fastballs over 100mph and sluggers hitting those pitches 600ft.

Fuck all that other Bud Selig bolshevik y’all niggas is talking.

14 Responses to “DEREK JETER Is Yanking My Chain [ll]”

  1. Meka Soul says:

    at least you don’t have to deal with jeter’s ball powderer [||] joe torre anymore.

    go dodgers! here’s to 5 more years of futility!

  2. amadeopuzzo says:

    I think they ought REQUIRE HGH and other STEROIDS for ALL players. That’ll even the playing field, and every four or five years we’ll get a turnover in rosters. Plus if you think about all that ‘roid rage, there might even be some fights at third base. It’s a win win win, as far as I can see. MAKE EM ALL SHOOT THAT SYRUP!!!!

  3. KiNGrEX says:

    First and for most I’d like to thank my World Champion Boston Red Sox
    Secondly I’d love to see these fudgepackin funboys all catch a case of the bird flu and be expunged from this earth…

    Great Blog
    Go Sox

  4. Sangano says:


  5. Combat Jack says:

    gotta love the nfl. they way cats get banged up, nobody best brang that roidz bs up.

  6. spider says:

    i believe i noticed former e-i-c edubbz wilson as the target for that shot about blog posts every hour.

    correct me if i’m wrong

  7. the_dallas says:

    we talking ’bout HGH spider. what’chu talkin’ ’bout?

  8. # of major league baseball players on active rosters – 650
    # of US casualties in Iraq confirmed by the DoD – 3973

    you STILL talkin’ bout steroids?!?

  9. 911 says:

    8 dollar brews are on the house…

    Dp I’m back at it…adjust your links accordingly fam.

  10. Steroids were so bad in the media,but now I see the softer approach when the obviously “Juiced Up” Roger Clemens is inder the microscope,fuck athletes(ll)…

  11. Dart_Adams says:

    Right, Beigey. Whatever you say. I can’t wait to see Jeter have this “MVP caliber year” that (G)A(y)Rod said he’d have. My seats in Section 11 of Fenway Park are callin’ me! We need to get another World Series title in before ’09 and the whole shit falls apart like it did for the Patriots.


  12. Candice says:

    Halfrican? Love it.

  13. Amadeo says:

    First off…what the hell!?!? Another Amadeo?

    Second…I do find one thing funny about the air of indignance around the steriods issue, when I’ve been told by older family members about ways the orioles used to cheat back in the day…and they weren’t ashamed.

    Then people usually act pissed about anything that’s not of their age. I just use the chance to remind them the first NFL #1 overall draft pick didn’t go pro cause they didn’t pay enough.

  14. Vee says:

    Most professional athletes use painkillers in order to enhance their ability to tolerate pain.
    Play Ball!!!

    I will be shock if there’s a witch-hunt seeking NFL players on the juice.

    And more importantly, will some one begin to investigate law enforcement on the juice, particularly some State Troopers?

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