Krush Groove’n @ The Library?!?

krush groove

The Brooklyn Central Library is out to prove that the library is no longer the place that old books come to die. This Friday, the Brooklyn Central Library on Eastern Parkway and Grand Army Plaza features one of the earliest commercial blockbusters from Hip-Hop history.

40 Dawg was just talking about ‘Krush Groove’ too. This joint is a great film with tons of humor and Hip-Hop nostalgia just flowing through it. Run-DMC, LL Cool J, the Fat Boys, Kurtis Blow and Sheila E. all play significant parts in this flick. This screening will be fun since I haven’t seen ‘Krush Groove’ in a theater since fools were wearing Puma track suits. Most of all. it’s FREE.

Brooklyn Central Public Library
Dweck Auditorium
2 Eastern Parkway
6 p.m.

13 Responses to “Krush Groove’n @ The Library?!?”

  1. rafi says:

    They even renamed it the DWYCK Auditorium? That may be taking this pandering too far.

  2. 40 says:

    I just love when Run is all butt-hurt about Russell tapping Shelia E.

    Rock Rock Holly-Rock y’all.

    But LL totally steals the whole movie on his bumrush audition. – “BOX!”

    So does this involve dipping out of work early and convening at Grand Army Plaza?

  3. the_dallas says:

    Yeah, I decided to work from the field on Friday so I could scoot over to the library with the quickness.

  4. nimisiskrash says:


  5. Amadeo says:

    Yo is this a conspiracy…they just showed this at the main library down here.

    Everytime I see Full Force in a movie beating someone up, I try to hear their music in my head at the same time. Ahhh the duality of man.

  6. 40 says:

    OK… I’ll be in effect. Do they pat frisk at the BK Library??

  7. Dart_Adams says: and us be movin’ and groovin’ like the #10 bus!

    Yes yes y’all!


  8. evan says:

    @Amadeo : Nothing says danger like 6 men soaked in activator.

  9. P-Matik says:

    The best is Chris Rock at the end as an extra rockin the extra juicy JC.

  10. Candice says:

    Blair Underwood and LL….enuf said.

  11. Combat Jack says:

    mite hav 2 roll through wit my gang ‘a kidz!

  12. lola gets says:

    Stop hatin on Full Force! They were, um, a “force” to be reckoned with in the, er, big, bad StL!

    Long Live the Activator!


  13. Combat Jack says:

    Fer real, Ful Force repped Crown Heights strong back in the day. Aint no hate at their 20 + year run.

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