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40 DIESEL stays coming out on top. [ll].

Nahh, but for real your cousin, the Mighty Healthy NYC spokesmodel and Sneaker Fiends Unite! alum met up with me on 125th prior to the Roots show and we perused some of the footwear distribution outlets on the strip.

I finally went inside the NIKE x FootLocker collaboration called House Of Hoops. I miss the NIKE staffers from 255 Elizabeth Street who at least gave a fuck enough to know what sneakers they were selling. The kids in House Of Hoops don’t give a shit about shoes or customers unless you are a rapper. Just as well I suppose since I ain’t listening to their shitty demos anyhoo.

The next stop was the Dr. Jay’s affiliate Harlem USA. This is that spot to catch a pair of general release joints on a wicked sale and I copped a pair of premium Air Max 95’s for $80 cent.


Air Max 95’s are the GOAT Air Maxes overall, except for those A.M. 90’s and 360’s that I still haven’t put into the collection. I am a beast. Considering that the MSRP was $160 you might say that I caught a deal. Yeah I came off, but 40 made out like a fat cat (no Pappy Mason). Fam copped the Air Tech Challenge retro for $19.99 in the OG colorway.

air tech

For twenty cent I need to copp another pair just to keep on ice. If you need a pair for your archives you already know the drill.

11 Responses to “SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE!”

  1. Grand Master says:

    awww shit, twenty? too proper. If there’s a size 8 next time you roll on through, get at me

  2. 40 says:

    D –

    Way to haggle that extra dime off the price my dude. You set the record for cheapest comeups in my prodigious collection.

    But true spit, I’m tired of all the fashionista, trendaholic sneaker spots that cater to the tight pants crowds downtown. Plus you’re right about the staff at House of Hoops. These nigglets better learn about the products their purveying considering Nike has sanctioned them as an “exclusive” spot.

    Give me 125, 145th, Jamaica Ave, Fulton Street, Fordham Road, all day e’yday (no A-Bay-Bay). Sneakers are still about having the flavor and vision to pull something off, not necessarily the predetermined “cool shit” by these faux tastemakers with no taste!

    I’m going back in for those AM95’s myself brohizzle… and when I come home I’m still gonna be the king!

  3. Candice says:

    DP….I am on the hunt for a pair of Air Max 95’s. Please holla at your Philly playcousin if you find some for me.

  4. Casey says:

    Good deals…the other day I copped AF3s MSRP 80 for like 30 and Lebron IV Playoffs for $60 MSRP 150…

  5. Grand Master says:

    @Casey: good looking on the af3’s, people sleep, but af3 highs are my #1 joints… a pair of AF3’s got me into the sneaker game

  6. 40 says:

    Great AF3 story:

    Bought a pair of DS 1989 OG AF3’s off the ‘Bay. SUPER CRISPY. Still had all the tags and booklet in the gray candy cane bottom half of the box. PERFECTAMENTE. So I finally found some ill sneaker even to wear them to (circa 2002) and was stunting in them heavy. Well..

    The long and short is watch where you wear your vintage kicks. The glue that holds the sole to the upper can get old, crystallize, harden and yes – TURN TO DUST. By the end of the night my shoes looked like they were talking…

  7. omegaSB says:

    any body want a pair of OG 91 Tailwinds …..come on you cant find these anywhere …

  8. the_dallas says:

    They got all sizes. If you come to NYC next week I’ll have you covered.

    Good advice. Most OGs that are from earlier than ’96 are susceptible to separation from glue rot. Smoke ’em if you got ’em. I’m such a manimal I keep joints on a mantle in my living room. Its my altar of F.R.E.S.H.

  9. frank lee speakin says:

    is that tony grier with bobbito ?

  10. 40 says:


    Nah thats me bro. I know Tone though and its funny roaming the streets of NYC with another 6’8″ lightskinned cat. Now if I could only find King Sun….

  11. frank lee speakin says:

    small world

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