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The second greatest posse rap track after ‘Triumph’…

Here’s the official breakdown for the remainder of the NCAA Final 4 Tournament bka DP Dot Com Final 4’Rizzle 4’Shizzle. By using the Scenario Generator I can look at the projected winners of the pool. Someone’s gonna have a new pair of Nike Dunks and be that much closer to becoming the leader of the free world.

If North Carolina x Memphis in the ‘chip and the TarHeels prevail…
Dubble Dribble

If North Carolina x Memphis in the ‘chip and Memphis come out on top…
Fearless Vampire Killers

If Memphis x Kansas in the ‘chip and Memphis triumphs…
Fearless Vampire Killers

If Memphis x Kansas in the ‘chip and the JayHawks Rock Chalk…
De Hill Man Dem

If Kansas x UCLA in the ‘chip and the JayHawks Rock Chalk…

If Kansas x UCLA in the ‘chip and the Bruins show madd love…
The Midnight Meat Train

If UCLA x North Carolina in the ‘chip and the Bruins keep it breezly…
Big Rils

If UCLA x North Carolina in the ‘chip and the ‘Heels boot them…
Hoes Gotta Eat Too

Thanks to everyone who played in this years pool. A special thank you goes out to Oakley and the Nichola Robinson Gallery. NRG hosted an Oakley event and I beasted out and left with ten pairs of limited edition Oakley x Supreme Frogskin sunglasses. I am going to eBay these bitches and pay my mortgage this month along with buying a shitload of free shit for the DP Dot Com ‘snail mail’ list.

Corporate sponsorship for this blog is available. I just have to take it.


39 Responses to “WHAT’S THE SCENARIO?!?”

  1. Liam says:

    Protect Ya Neck> Scenario > Triumph

  2. Robbie says:

    Live At The BBQ>The Symphony>Scenario Remix

  3. big rils says:

    don’t forget that if UCLA > UNC in the finals, i’m finally going to have a new pair of work shoes.

    I may have just forgotten, but how can you have a greatest posse cut without DJ Khaled screaming on it?

  4. Amadeo says:

    Headz Ain’t Redee? Anyone? Anyone?

  5. Let’s go Memphis. Daddy needs a new pair of kicks. (Seriously, my Air Stabs look like Air Stabbed)

    The Symphony, for me, probably the best posse cut ever. After two quality verses from Craig G and Masta Ace, G Rap and Kane, while not rhyming together, seem to be locked in a verbal death match. Maybe I’m reading too much in it. Probably.

  6. Grand Master says:

    whaaaat? OAKLEY X SUPREME frogskins?! (no T-PAIN)

    the hypebeasts were lining up for days (well probly one night at least…) for those. forget a month’s rent, there’s the down payment on that loft in tribeca…

  7. Combat Jack says:

    ^”The second greatest posse rap track after ‘Triumph’…”

    The second after “The Symphony”.

  8. Combat Jack says:

    I meant 3rd after “DWYCK”.

  9. Combat Jack says:

    I meant 4th after “Live At The Bar-b-que”

  10. the_dallas says:

    I’ma do a GOAT rap music posse track cage match drop and let the readers decide. The entries are…

    Scenario (remix)
    The Symphony
    Live At The BBQ
    Saturday (A roller skate jam)
    She Move (remix)

    I got space for three (3) more legit contestants.

  11. Combat Jack says:

    The Symphony
    Flava In Your Ear

  12. Combat Jack says:

    “Buddy Remix”

    Dude, you put “Triumph” b4 “Flava In Your Ear”?!?!?

  13. Combat Jack says:

    EPMD “Headbanger”

  14. the_dallas says:

    Listen to Triumph. ‘Flava In Your Ear’ has some of the worst rappers best verses evar. Triumph is like Hannibal crossing the Alps on elephants. That bassline is undefeated in the rap game.

  15. Grand Master says:

    so basically you are saying, dallas, that triumph is the best Wu track evar?

    Over any group track on the first album?

  16. Big Homie says:

    I remember when all them cats, Wu, Tribe, and whole rack of people performed during the last episode of Arsenio Hall. Damn

    Cosigns this and Triumph being top posse track. Of course anything from Boot Camp as well.

  17. Straight Outta Compton?

    I love Flava In Ya Ear but I think after BIG and Craig Mack’s verses, I get kinda bored. LL Cool J was definitely NOT rhyming like the GOAT on that day. Rampage? eh. Busta not bringing his A game.

    Watch For The Hook (remix)
    Simon Says (remix)
    Verbal Murder 2 off Pete Rock’s Soul Survivor

    Again, just suggestions for the death match

  18. Grand Master says:

    ^co-sign that Simon Says remix.

  19. Dart_Adams says:

    I’d add the following posse jams:

    “Spontaneous”-Leaders Of The New School f/Rumpletilskinz, Crackerjacks & Rampage
    “A Buncha Niggas”-Heavy D f/3rd Eye, Notorious B.I.G., Guru, Rob-O & Busta Rhymes
    “Step Into The Cipher”-Brand Nubian f/Serge, Snagglepuss & Maestro Manny
    “Down The Line”-Nice & Smooth f/Asu, Bas Blasta, Melo-T, Preacher Earl & Guru
    “Color Blind”-Ice Cube f/J-Dee, Kam, Coolio, W.C., King Tee & Threat
    “Call It What You Want-Above The Law f/2 Pac & Money B
    “Weight”- Indelible MC’s (Company Flow, Juggaknots, J-Treds)
    “Seven”-Masterminds f/El-P, J Live, Shabaam Sahdeeq, J-Treds, Mr. Complex
    “Left It To Us”-Cage f/Tame One, Yak Ballz, Aesop Rock & El-P
    “Home”-Kreators f/Guru, Ed O.G, Akrobatik, Big Shug & Krumbsnatcha


  20. a few others
    “Adrenaline” The Roots f Dice Raw, Beanie Sigel
    “Guerilla Monsoon Rap” Talib Kweli f Black Thought, Pharoahe Monch, prod Kanye Tudda

    Flava In Ya Ear [Remix] is great. Rah rah dungeon dragon era Busta Rhymes is great, & possibly the GOAT hyperest person. Caffeine in human form.

  21. the_dallas says:

    It’s not just about a whole bunch of rap dudes getting on the same record. It’s about a whole bunch of rap dudes getting on the same record that when a crows hears that song’s intro you hear the gathering go, “AWW SHEEEEEEEEIT!”

  22. ADB says:

    NAS – Made You Look Remix. Damn.

  23. @Dart: Left It To Us…good call. Can’t believe I slipped on that one, esp. as a big Tame One and Cage fan.
    And Weight…I just punched myself in the face for missing that one. I met Breeze Brewin a couple weeks ago and had to restrain myself from acting like a gushing schoolgirl who got to meet Justin Timberlake.

    Whatever happened to J-Treds?

  24. Meka Soul says:

    *would like a pair of sunglasses*

  25. Meka Soul says:

    *also votes for rah digga’s “the last word”*

    outsidaz = the greatest posse of weed carriers ever.

  26. 40 says:

    40’s Top Posse Cuts that haven’t even been mentioned here yet in the comments section of the drop (and you got some good ones up there. Shout to Dart for “Down The Line”)…

    I’m not gonna name all the fools on the record if I don’t know all them so I’ll give you the artist who’s album it was on…

    “Color Blind” – Ice Cube, Kam, King Tee, (others who shop at the Slausson Swap Meet)
    “Leflah Lefleur Eshkoshka” – The Fab 5 (Heltah Skeltah & OGC)
    “Bring It On” – Geto Boyz (and everyone else from Houston)
    ‘Eight is Enough” – Big L. (RIP) and others
    “I Shot Ya”, LL, Foxy, Maytag P, Fat Joe, etc…
    “4.3,2,1” – LL & Co…
    “Head Banger” – EPMD, K-Solo, Red Man…

    Dallas – Despite the eloquence of the Hannibal reference, I’d like to say that Triumph is a group record not a “Posse Cut” unfortunately Wu gets this techincal disqualification just because the group is so effin’ big [||] even though the average Wu project is of “Posse Cut” proportions. I mean is every Earth Wind & Fire record a “Posse Jam”? LOL.

  27. 40 says:

    PS –

    “RIght Back At You” Mobb Deep, ft, Big Noyd, Rae, Ghost
    “Eye For An Eye” Mobb Deep, Rae, Ghost, Nas…

  28. spider says:

    “Pass the 40”- Dres, Chi Ali, Lawnge, Hot Diggity Dog, Dave gossett the A&R man
    “headbanger”- EPMD, K-Solo, Redman

  29. @40: good point about the group songs

    Also, “I Ain’t Havin’ That”-Heltah Skeltah w/Starang Wondah and Doc Holiday

  30. the_dallas says:

    @40 – You pwn that argument since I consider the Wu to be the GOAT rap collective, but that simultaneously disqualifies ‘Headbanger’ since that is a Hit Squad track. Triumph and Headbanger have to be part of the new category of GOAT rap collective songs. Put OutKast ‘Liberation’ on that list as well since the Goodie Mob was part of the Dungeon Family and Erykah Basdu was being schtooped by 3 Stacks.

    Your point just pushed the Scenario (remix) to the top. You saw how fools got sick over the Scenario at the Vh-1 Hip-Hip Honors. Just imagine how ill shit would have got if they had done the remix and even rolled out MC Hood’s casket.

    That would have been some futuristic rap shit right there.

  31. 40 says:

    I just had the concept of “futuristic rap shit” permanently altered Dallas. I was literally LMAOing on the iron horse reading that.

    PS – I just wanted to further say fuck a Pukey Fi-Asshole for disrespecting Tribes legacy at HHH then copping pleas. I never thought I’d ever say Nelly “out hiphopped” anyone, but hold that honor Loopy Fraudasco.

  32. jdotnicholas says:

    “Just imagine how ill shit would have got if they had done the remix and even rolled out MC Hood’s casket.”

    ::Taps Out::

    I wanna throw in ‘Sound of the Zeekers’ LONS w/ Rumpletilskinz. . . but I mark out when Scenario Remix drops. Makes me wanna hit the Hip Hop Karaoke joint hardcore.

  33. Just found this while looking for the Scenario Remix mp3….(ignore the suggestion of pron in the title, it’s on the up and up) 35 of the greatest posse cuts ever. It’s got most of the cuts mentioned above and more. (I feel like the Hey Soul Classics narrator) Only problem it’s in one mp3. Anybody who knows how to break up a huge mp3 into individual ones, please let me know. Enjoy.


  34. the_dallas says:

    DJ Cosmo Baker gets i in here in NYC every day.

    I have a nicee little drop in the queue that will fly tonmorrow. The Black Eye Boom Bap Posse Rap Cage Match will pit 10 of the GOAT posse rap tracks against each other.

    I’m just letting you know right now that the ‘Simon Sez’ remix is giving niggas eye jammies.

  35. Dart_Adams says:

    Kid Hood is reading this blog right now in Heaven laughing his ass off.

    I’m a bad bad man! © Kid Hood


  36. Grand Master says:

    @ Encyclopedia Black

    You can use MP3 splitters like this or this, both of those look on the up-and-up.

  37. I copped a pair of light purple transparent jawn’s on ebay last year for that low dough. YOu NOBODY GOT LOVE FOR SNOOP DOGG, SHEITTTTTTT!


  38. Yo DP let me hold a pair for C-Note[||]

  39. @Grand Master: Thanks.

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