The Association: Everybody Hates Chris…


Not CHRIS PAUL, everybody loves CP3. CHRIS PAUL and the New orleans Hornets are about to send MARK CUBAN and his Dallas Mavericks into the offseason. Some sportswriters are going as far as anointing CHRIS PAUL the savior of the NBA.

CHRIS WEBBER… Not so much.

The great and oft-maligned CHRIS WEBBER retired this season from the Golden State Warriors. That is where his career in the NBA began. CHRIS WEBBER has made an interesting and inglorious trip through the NBA.

That’s why I hope he ends up being a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Sheeeeeeeeit, for no other reason than his Weed Owning cred. Peep game…

NBA PLAYOFFS 2007: A Warrior Weed Owner’s Last Stand

What up UnKut?

What up F.D.?

What up Straight Bangin’?

What up Nah’Ryu?

BLU CHEEZ gives you a C DUBBZ mini gallery showing the highs and lows of an ignominious NBA career.


C DUBBZ pwned this bum’s nightmares.


CHRIS was on his way to a weed-smoking paraphernalia outlet shopping excursion during a holiday road game in Portland.


C hears the whispers that the Lakers are in town.




Its not easy to be buds when you both smoke different buds. Hydro or Hashish. I can’t call it.


[ll] to Blu Cheez finding a candid picture of CW in the tub. Extra [ll] to whoever took it in the first place.


C DUBBZ is definitely my nigger

6 Responses to “The Association: Everybody Hates Chris…”

  1. Joey says:

    DP–HOFFA! What up, man? Thanks for the shout. I gotta get back on my weed-carrier grind.

  2. Candice says:

    It was a good run CWebb. Enjoy that retirement.

  3. I’ll miss CWebb. He was fun to watch but he just lacked that killer instinct like Kobe, MJ, AI, etc. Possible lingering memories from that ill-fated timeout? Also the Kings got screwed in that playoff series against the Lakers. Plus the injuries eff’d his career too much. Dude could barely move the last few years.

    All in all, he had a good run. CWebb, see you in Springfield.

  4. N.o. in my veins says:

    my sister was in love with c webb for some reason…

    i can see him being the next charles b….and c webb has always been a beast for snaggin tyra in her prime…now he gonna prolly snatch her back up

  5. Candice says:

    my sister was in love with c webb for some reason…

    For some reason? ^

    That would be the tall, chocolate fineness.

  6. Doc says:

    @ encyclopedia black

    i remember that series well! i knew that if the kings didn’t make it to the finals that season, they never would & cwebb would never get another chance at it either. that was a crazy series.

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