air max

I almost copped the black Air Max pictured above at A.J. Wright for thirty cent. I ended up passing on them because they aren’t my favorite colorway for these shoes.

I fucks with the ‘Brazilian Favela’ colorway. Straight Bahia on you bitches. Summer icy white with royal blue trimmings. Damn I need these.

air max

air max

These joints were called the Air Max Sensation. This was CHRIS WEBBER’s sneaker for his second year in the league when he was still with Golden State. Back then WEBBER was the next OSCAR ROBERTSON. He could dribble, pass and shoot. Even though WEBBER isn’t in the league anymore his shoes still rep hardbody.

These were the b-ball edition of the Air Max ’95 platform. KEN GRIFFEY and NEON DEION had similar shoes. These joints here are the business.

air max

air max

10 Responses to “SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE!”

  1. nimisiskrash says:

    yo d i never had em but my 1st born had the babybooty,shits had the web on the bottum and everything. i still got one left to. but the white/navy are the shits i’d cop!!!!

  2. 40 says:

    Um yeah… The Air Max CW renamed the Air Max Sensation after Nike and CWebb parted ways… Mr. Penn for sub $40 I’m going to need those. We need to connect politic and get those… 14’s broham. I LOVE THOSE.

  3. Dan Love says:

    I’m gonna be in the States in a month or so on a family holiday. The recent zest colourway of the Air Max Sensation is second on my list to Air Tech Challenge IIs… think I’ll be lucky to find those though.

    What I really want is the Carmine VIs, but don’t want the other half of the countdown pack, as is the case with basically all of the upcoming packs. Damn you JB!



  4. EloheemStar says:

    Those are good ball kix. I just got good on some OG AIRMAX 95’s.

    You can’t tell me nothing! (c) Kanye West

  5. DennLive says:

    Finally someone else shares my view on the best B-Ball kicks ever….I’m on my 5th colorway of these joints already…Had the OG Air Max CW in the Black/Blue colorway…couldnt tell me nothing when I had my matching Tommy Hilfiger Black/Blue plaid button up shirt on…

  6. ChingDiva says:

    Those started my love affair with kicks when I was 13 years old. I bought them at that outlet in Reading PA to start off my freshman year of HS in BK real proper like.

  7. Now that looks good. I remember when this first came out and I thought it was a sign that NIKE was going to make sneakers that will show the air in the front. If I am correct, these were the first to show air in the front of a basket ball sneaker.

    While I don’t like the all black ones, I probably wouldn’t pass it up for 30 beans. what store is it at? lol

  8. smh says:

    smh @ you lames not being able to spot a fake.
    look @ the “paint” on the mid sole….and the tongue says AIMAX.
    shame on you DP.

  9. the_dallas says:

    SMH at a coward using the internets to remain anonymous

    Did you just get off the raft from Cuba?

    If you were ’bout it, ’bout it then you would recognize the airmax 95 logo incorporated the ‘r’ and the ‘m’ together.

    Go read a book coward, because when you come here the first thing I can spot is bitchmadeazzness

  10. I would rock the black ones for hoops.

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