REAL TALK – the history of the word ‘Nigger’

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When I was born way back in 1970, the second week of February was called ‘Negro History Week’. I always thought that white gave us the second week of February because the great Republican president, Abraham Lincoln has a born day on the 12th.

Now that isn’t the exact origin of what we now call BLACK HISTORY MONTH but I do have a TRUE STORY for you.

The REAL TALK history of the word NIGGER.

The word nigger is a derivative of a German word, NEGGAR. The definition for this word is ‘plowman’. In farming, the plowman is the toughest, most back-breaking and menial task. The plowman has to drive the team of animals through the field. By the end of the day, the plowman is up to his knees in shit and animal piss. The indentured servants that were assigned this work by their feudal lords were expected to do their work in any weather and in any condition.

Fast forward to the settling of America. The colonists that were wealthy bought tracts of land and they brought their indentured servants with them to assist in farming the land. Upon completion of their term of servitude, the indentured servants would become landowners themselves. With vast areas of undeveloped land, the settlers needed more NEGGARS to help them clear forestry and till the soil. The indigenous peoples of America were little interested in helping the settlers and were actually more likely than not to slit the colonists throats while they slept.

The colonists needed a relatively cheap source of labor and manpower. In steps the great Mediterranean traders with their human chattel from central Africa. The colonists were so enthralled by the prospect of these workers because they understood agriculture and could withstand the oppressive humid climate in the southern colonies. The colonists had found their new NEGGARS. For simplicity and clarity purposes, Europeans like to name areas after the resource they extract from those regions. IVORY COAST, GOLD COAST and NIGER were names that were assigned to regions for the commodities they yielded.

The German word NEGGAR begat the African nation NIGER begat the American word NIGGER. The word NIGGER has nothing to do with the Latin word NEGRO any more than the word ‘axe’ shares the same meaning as the word ‘ask’. The name of the governor in California (Schwarze-Neggar) actually means Black-Plowman.

The point of all this info is that when you do the knowledge on this word you find that white called other white the word NIGGER even before they used it as a slur against Black folks. So please feel free to call any white that you know a NIGGER.

PBS has a kick ass series on slavery and how it developed America by providing absolutely FREE labor for more than 200 years. All I have to say is two words… REPARATIONS NOW!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    man you are an idiot

    • cocofine says:

      No he is not an idiot you are a idiot for putting down something and some one you know nothing about I have done my home work and it is so ignorant to tell someone they are wrong when you are so lazy or stupid that you don’t even try to research to see if he is wrong or wright fool. there is a nation called Niger the word Nigger arrived from read a book sometimes. And the word Niggar also means black also the word Negro means black.

    • L.A. West says:

      I was told it is a derivative term from the days of slave trading by the Portuguese and Spanish using the word Niger, Negra, or the word for Black Color. Also referring to the Nigerians. Considering how most people always slaughter foreign languages that they hear and then try to speak or interpret… it became Nigger! Also, since during those days, Black – Brown slaves were viewed as non human, almost like you’d think of a domestic animal… a beast of burden to be worked to death until it dropped, they weren’t called Bob and Jack… they were called boy and nigger boy. So, here you’d have Southern Plantation owners, or New Englanders who picked up the word Niger or Negra and said Nigger. A Black was a Niger Man, or Nigger-man. Since most blacks were uneducated, and spoke only rudimentary English/French/Spanish and or combinations there of, they too also used the word Nigger. Once the runaway, freeman slaves entered the civil war, and here you’d have uneducated whites, blacks, and mixes of the two, calling the blacks – niggers not only meant to define them racially it was also a derogatory term used to coin anyone who was black and stupid and quite often, a criminal too. “A nigger in the wood pile” meant some sneaking, thieving, and raping black man that would cease the opportunity to copulate with a white gentile woman, who was acting lasciviously and immorally and who would then produce a mulatto child later much to the horror and shame of her family… and usually it meant the noose for the black father. Thievery was commonplace in the 1800’s, and anything not guarded or secured at night, was prime pickings for night thieves. Stealing small animal livestock, like chickens and their eggs from the hen house, was common practice by blacks who couldn’t afford to buy chickens from the butcher, and garbage, scraps, renderings too were viewed by blacks as viable foods… and they would eat the guts, heads, feet, tails, of fish, chickens, fowl, pigs, cows, sheep, goats, horse,buffalo, alligator, and anything else they could get a hold of for free or just steal. They learned how to eat the meal and coarse grain mostly used to feed livestock… and also turned those meaty leftovers and grains into delicious meals. They found ways to ferment and brew alcohol too. Since they grew the tobacco and cure aged it, they also knew how make suitable smoke and chew blends for themselves that was laced with opiates. Opium was readily available in those days. The pipe tobacco and chew of those days, is NOT the same thing as produced today. What they were smoking and chewing was mostly a narcotic. The home-brewed hooch was one step from nitroglycerin and paint stripper with it being 150 to 190 proof, brain killing liquor. This is what gave rise to the women temperance movement.Men spitting chewing tobacco everywhere and drinking unregulated, unrefined, and undiluted hard liquor made the men uncouth, foul, insane, mean, abusive, unfaithful, lazy, combative, lawless, criminal gamblers, scalawags and malcontents. When you also consider how many men in those days carried firearms and knives, you get the picture. Women were fed up with it. Both Black and White. Today, I consider the word NIGGER a term used to describe ANYONE who is ignorant, itinerant,lazy, loud, uncouth, jive ass, worthless, a bum, a chump, a doper, a crack-head, a meth-head, a criminal. So, you could say; “That ignorant son of a bitch’n white ass nigger ain’t no good!” It no longer applies to only black people. And, Woo Wee, look at that Nigga, who is educated, with a good job and making six figures…he’s legit as hell! It’s all subjective.

      • Dee says:

        Get a frickin clue the word ‘neggar’ is an Ancient Greek term for ‘plowman’ specifically a black or dark plowman. Considered the strongest of men that led the horse plow through the fields. Generally the dirtiest job as the plowman left the fields he would be covered in shit, urine and mud!

  2. Tre` says:

    I’d have to ask for some sources on this. Because as much as this explains, the research that I’ve come across makes no mention of the German word Neggar initially meaning “plow-man” or “indentured servant”. I would love to humor your attempts with a “Wow, I never knew that!” or a “Great write”, but the fact of the matter is you haven’t quite given the actual history of the word “Nigger” as much as you have simply stumbled over a German derivative that relates to both the word itself and the actual etymology.

    The Missing Link:

    The Latin word that actually predates the German word that your making mention of “Niger”. Please do not confuse Latin with Latino, as Latin is the mother language of French; Italian; and Spanish. Having said that what you thought was a common misconception was actually closer to the truth than you may hopefully come realize.

    Linguisticly speaking Nigger has more to do with the mispronunciation of the French noun for black “nigre” by white southern slave owners. The word that wasn’t initially meant to be derogatory which, I think, is the point you were trying to make.

    • cocofine says:

      why do you have to have his resources a good scholar does his own research all this means is you are just to damn lazy but it is easy to say someone is wrong and sit back on your ass and look stupid.

  3. Billy Sunday says:

    I have to say thanks for your visit to my space, not MySpace, but this website here where I handle my hizzandle.

    The time that you spent to craft a reply means that you really read this post. Unfortunately, your asssumption that Latin was the influence for the word nigger is misplaced. Understand that Latin is a broad language and they had already an established word for Black peoples – mora. Maybe ouv’e heard the Castillian term moreno. I think Big Pun had it in a song, anyhoo…

    Study the breakdown of the name Schwarze-Negger again. Like any great surname it contains the person’s occupation. Until the word Black came to be associated with only evil you might find someone whose last name was Blacksmith. Supremacy has you confused into thinking that you were always a nigger since the time of the Romans. That isn’t the truth at all. During the time of the Romans the Cathageans has sailed across the ocean while people that lived in northern Europe were still eating their children.

    Supremacy got the game twisted like that. I wrote a post about it. Like to hear it? Here it go…

    • Tus says:

      Except that its Schwarzen-egger! Egge is the soil in German and Scharzenegger “of the black soil” meaning someone who hails from an area where the soil is black. It has nothing to do with negroes. Don’t talk about stuff you don’t know, since you clearly have no clue about German.

  4. apple halsey says:

    there are actually several origin stories for the word and none have been proved or disproved conclusively. in the end, i don’t know that it matters so much where it comes from, but rather how it is used and what it represents.

  5. PSA from the Annex, “Quit Your Dead End Job” show (9/23)…

    Rocking a chintzy grill and chain like a Salvation Army Paul Wall doesn’t distract anyone from the fact that you’re a drunk fool in a maroon sweater, especially if you’re the sort of cracker who seems comfortable dropping n-bombs all …

    • Jeremy m says:

      Well your obviously retarded because you just called him a cracker? Which is the equivalent of the racist type of nigger for a white person. So think before you speak. And if you’re black and called him a cracker the. Your a nigger hahaha

      • tony says:

        Cracker is a word used for the people that used to whip the blacks and it caused a “crack sound”across their back when the whip hit them you idiot. Think before you speak educate before you think to speak.

        • Dripgod says:

          So you think white people would want to be called a cracker? Your actually the idiot here. The reason why he said it was the equivalent to the word “nigger” is because it is used as a term to spread hate towards white people. When has anyone ever said cracker in a good way?

          • Princess says:

            In today’s world African Americans are so racist so blind and full of hate! And back at them times the word Nigger means plowman and plowman means working man a matter of fact the same time African Americans were slaves Irish people was slaves at the exact same time and same places and they called them white niggers and these Irish slaves they costed 5 silver and they get tortured 100 * worst and killed every single day of the hour then African American slaves because they were so cheap an African-American was 50 silver’s and got treated a hundred times better! You don’t see the forgotten slaves of Irish people whining about that word what makes your African Americans different when y’all got treated better than the Irish people are you kidding me!

  6. befree1619 says:

    This nigger explanation is new to me. I have a BS in African/ African American studies and never heard this one.

  7. ^well how ’bout that?!?

    I didn’t know of a anyone getting a degree as useless as African African American Studies.

    It looks like we learn something new everyday.

  8. jack says:

    Double standard with “the n-word”

    It is two-faced of civil rights leaders to make a mountain out of mole hill with the comedian/actor Michael Richards’s affair where he used the word “nigger” multiple times. Black comedians on the Black Entertainment Channel can scream “nigger” and the audience will scream with laughter with some almost falling out of their chairs. Pardon my French, but if a Nigger says “nigger” he is not engaged in a racist tirade and he can get paid top dollar for doing it.

    Sillier yet, the word “nigger” is so taboo that some people are expected to make reference to it by saying “the n-word”. We do not have a “g-word” for “gringo”, nor an “r-word” for “rag head”, “c-word” for “camel jockey”, “d-word” for “dago”, “s-word” for “slant eyes”, “j-word” for “jew boy”, “p-word” for “pale face”, “h-word” for “honkey”, or other nicknames for “peckerwoods”, “white boys”, “chink”, “greaser”, “chili stomper”, “redneck”, “yellow monkeys”, “gooks”, “beaners”, “mojados”, “pollocks”, “ruszkis”, “dinks”, or other ethnic slurs.
    The man was mouthing off at a night club where folks expect some insults anyway. Black folks, especially the civil rights leaders, ought to be able to roll with the punches like everyone else.

  9. SandraBK4Lyfe says:

    we did take the puches u gay loser! we took in while you and your momma was sitin down drinkin your nasty dog tea we was takin the punchs and the whips for over 200 years that no one else cared to take for us! when you grow the spirit and the energy and the strength to take it then u can say somethng about what we can take and what we cant take!

  10. niggerendongonians says:

    Wrong! The word Nigger originates from the country Niger (Africa) where the first slaves were brought from.

  11. the_dallas says:

    ^yo are a dumb asshat!

    The traders named every country on the first continent after the resource they were extracting from the country (ivory coast, gold coast, etc). The region now called Niger received it’s name because that is where the human chattel traders found the best plowmen and farmers. The region didn’t have the name beforehand.

    you are a dumb asshat!

  12. Jusnita says:

    Some people will never get it or just not smart enough to get it. The n-word and any form should never be use by anyone because of the history of the word. Some people are going to be racist no matter what. I feel racism is self-hate. The Spanish word negro originates from the Latin word niger, meaning black. In English, negro or neger became negar and finally nigger, most likely under influence of French nègre (also derived from the Latin niger). The perception of the term ni**er as derogatory is no doubt related to the fact that the black people were a race regarded by many white people of the time as inferior, lazy, simian in appearance, stupid, and criminally inclined. I feel the n-word should nver be use by anyone..

  13. Billy Sunday says:

    Sorry Jusnita,
    you just quoted an incorrect Wikipedia entry. The word neggar is German. It was used to describe the servile German farm hand. The latin word for black is actually moreno. Don’t be afraid of calling white people nigger. It was their word for themselves from the beginning.

  14. Juliana says:

    As usual people arguing and completely missing the point. The original meaning of the word was not pertaining to someone’s colour but rather pertained to the character of a person (ie, the lowest of the low, a person of character so wretched and unredeemable). Throughout the ages because of dialects/languages crossing paths and being assimilated into one another it is no wonder words come to take on another life and another meaning, therefore there could also be many contributions to the use of a word being used such as the word nigger. However to the posts that alleged it came from the place Niger (because that was where the slaves were taken from) and the german derivatives are more hearsay than fact.
    The point is the word has a negative connotation and is meant as something bad and shouldn’t be used by ANYONE regardless of colour. It is not acceptable for black people to use the word towards each other or to anyone else. It is dumb when black people use it and try and legitimize it’s use and hold out that they are changing the meaning of the word simply by denigrating each other with it’s use. This is sheer ignorance and should cease. If some black people feel it’s okay to use the word to each other, they have no right to complain when their white counterparts use it against them. The meaning of a word doesn’t change depending on the colour of the person using it and it never has, so that false logic and is simply a throwback to slavery. The slavers used the term against the slaves and the slaves (having their identity near beaten and rough housed out of them) adopt the language and mannerisms of the slavers. Like “Stockholm Syndrome” the captive is assimilated by the captor – and this too is wrong.
    In order to move away from the word one has to recognize the fallacy in trying to adopt it as a positive and see it for what it is. Until people do that it will always be a lodestone around the necks of many.

  15. Billy Sunday says:

    You are still mistaken. Race in America is so much easier a tactic for dividing people than class. When I tell you that people in Nebraska have more in common with people in the centre city of Detroit you can’t connect to that fact.

    Carnegie/Rockefeller/DuPont/Rothschilde > rest of Americans.

    When white finally realizes their niggerdom that they always had but were able to ignore because Africans/Mexicans/Indians occupied that place maybe then the word will be terminated.

    The nigger is not IGNORANT as much as he is EXPENDABLE. There in describes the pain and frustration in the use of the word. It described your value to humanity. Chattel slavery was a brutal institution that was put into practice by a group of men that had experience enough with the marginalization of people.

    Do the knowledge on the original neggar – the German feudal serf. Do the knowledge on London’s chimney sweepers.

    Class dismissed bitches.

  16. alkebulan says:

    This was one of the worst explanations I have heard loaded with crap. All of you are a bunch of fuckin idiots especially the crackers!!

  17. alkebulan says:

    Oh yeah dallas penn obviously does not know shit!

  18. david perez says:

    Okay hispanics call black people morenos but more commonly they are reffered to as negros (not talking out of my ass i am Cuban). Nigger came from the word negro because American slave owners mispronounced the word negro from the Spanish slave traders they bought them from. Keep in mind the Germans had very little to do with slave trading early on.

  19. the_dallas says:

    I know people that were educated in Cuba and they tell me that America consists of a single continent. To them there is no such thing as North and South America, only the American continent. Cuba needs to get their weight up on the education tip.

    Moreno as a term for dark skinned people, not the color black, but DARK SKINNED PEOPLE, comes from the Moors invasion of Iberia (Spain and Portugal, since they prah’lee didn’t teach you that in Cuba either).

    Say negro to yourself… The word ends in a vowel sound doesn’t it?

    Lastly, the Dutch employ a Germanic language, as compared to the Keltic British. I’m pretty sure the Dutch that had just finished decimating the indigenous peoples over here along the eastern coast were the ones that called for their indentured servant neggars to help settle this place.

    When the time and conditions arose that a large amount of manual labor was needed for agriculture (America’s first industry) that’s when moves were made to bring the Africans here, particularly the ones that were expert rice farmers.

    Please do the knowledge… white was the first neggar and you can’t handle the truth.

  20. Brokeham says:

    they cant handle it DP. gone.

  21. titman 5-04-07 says:

    The word nigger is a bastardization of the word negro when used by the southern female aristocrats. It sounded a bit nicer for them to say nigra
    and as time passed the male population found it easier to say nigger,and so there it is. The mountain men in later years called most indians niggers.
    Poor white peoplew in the south were called white trash or white niggers sso whats the big deal? Im a coonass from la. and proud of it. Lets give it a rest and quit sounding like real asses by saying the “n” word. what does that mean nubile, nuts, not so hot, noisy, or whatever? Theres a skillion words that staart with n either say it or dont but quit pussyfooting around the black people . what are they the only people in this world that is called by something other than their name.(if they ever make up their mind what they want to be called let me know.

  22. Billy Sunday says:

    ^^ A Black apologist for the word NIGGER?!?!

    How about you do your job Southern coonass and call white the ‘N’ word every chance you get and maybe then we will be through with using the word as a society.

  23. Lozthetabby says:

    I love this debate, proving the dichotomy of the human race – how many people does it take to make an argument? 1!

    And when there are more people involved and the subject is as emotive as it is historical, what is the chance of agreement?

    Is it the origin of the word that is important? Or its use or it’s meaning by the person using it .v. the person hearing it?

    If you are the one using the word, take time to understand all possible origins, as well as the effect using the word has on others (and yourself!), this doesn’t mean you should or shouldn’t then use the word, but at least have a better understanding of the potential impacts it can have.

    If you are the recipient, or over hearer (as some above are) learn why you are reacting in a certain way and try to understand in what context the word is being used.

    Languages, meanings, spellings all change over the years, we only have to look at texting in the past decade to prove this, I don’t think this is a reason to use or not use a word anymore, this only engenders a fear of language itself, and like any other weapon is not responsible for it’s own creation and only becomes dangerous in the hands of a human!

    So what is the value of what’s happening here? Too me it is a further sharing of history’s (there very rarely is one version), the chance that someone with an extreme view can see an alternative, which may create a softer version or in fact a hardening of their views but with a better understanding. Greater awareness of the world around and how something as seemingly innocent as a small 2 syllable word can have such a massive impact on so many. The fun of debate and the realisation (possibly) of the futility of racism (look up what it means and thereby what I mean in its use).

    Ok, as some will have realised there wasn’t much of a personal opinion in any of that and by my own explanation I shouldn’t have a view unless I share it…and further the debate.

    We are a tribalistic race. This over the millennia has manifested itself in one group wanting to dominate another, to show worth, strength, the ability to dominate, a sign of affection (strange perhaps, but true). Africans enslaved Africans long before any white man came along! The white man did the same, pick any colour group you want and this has been the case at some point in history. We should try to look inwards as to who we are then who we want to be and start slowly to change that before justifying actions that are wrong in any setting.

    I am a white Jew from central European roots, who’s family was decimated in the 1940’s and yet I have as little time for Zionist extremists who want to dominate their neighbours just to expand a border under the lie of protecting their own as I have for the Fascist regime that slaughtered my kind for the same reason.

    Equally I have no lesser feeling towards Egyptians or Italians, 2 of the peoples who enslaved Hebrews in their past for the same reason, as we did to other tribes in time gone by and it could even be argued are doing so to the Palestinians today? (That should start another argument!).

    He who is without sin….. (As 1 good Jewish boy is purported to have said) and First seek to understand before you are understood (anon) are some of my life motto’s. Try it, see if it fits for you… or argue against it!

  24. Sat Hanuman S. Khalsa says:

    I agree with assessment and origin of the word: Neggar/Nigger. This is the firs time I’ve read this on any website. I just had this conversation with my 10 year old grand-daugter today. I told her about my theory that the word originated from the German word for Plowman-Neggar. I figured that over two hundred year ago, there were 7 million German speaking colonists in NY, Pennsylvania, NJ region. That white that immigrated here from Europe traveled down the eastern sea-board and brought this word with them. The Neggar word would be a synonym with “slave” That word used to drive the ‘blackman” into submission had four hundred years to sink deep into the American psyche. It debases a segment of humanity. There never was a ‘black’ person. They may have been dark brown,
    Scwatz-brun as it were, but to associate the word Nigger with Niger or Negro is simply not strong enough a negative connotation. Neggar is the true origin. I once ran this theory by a retire US History teacher who happened to be African-American. She agreed with my then theory.
    I also sent this theory to the Harvard professor that wrote the book “Nigger”. He thought it interesting as well.
    Even the Irish early immigrants were called “Irish-Neggars”! Why, they were from Africa or Black? This is because there would be a servitude group that would be subservant to the British, German, French who ruled America.

  25. Sat Hanuman S. Khalsa says:

    Neggar means plowman-slave….never owning his own life, not a freedman because he was subhuman, not human, a neggar. Not all came from Niger. Even though the word for Black is Negro, what does that have to do with subhuman. If one was a ‘slave’ to his master, he or she was a Neggar. The word was used from the North (north of Mason-Dixon line-Maryland/Pennsylvania line) right on down to the deep south. Wherever the white European thought himself superior to the Irish or African.
    Its interesting that most American music -Bluegrass, Country, Folk comes from the Irish while the American music of Blues, Jazz and Rock ‘N Roll comes from the African.
    Not bad for peoples who came and built our railroads, ran our police departments, fire departments, toiled in the hot sun to plow our fields, pick our crops were all Neggars. They endured depravity and rose to become he second most affluent segment in America and the most powerful political block.

  26. jakk Crakker says:

    Hey der niggers, soun layyk to me dat awl yu niggers iz stoopid an even dem crakkers

    uh nigger an a crakker da same thang, we awl stoopid

  27. Daniel says:

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article , but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  28. Ashley says:

    Can you show me an actual translation of this? Both the german and dutch dictionaries I checked didn’t include this as the translation. In fact all I’ve been able to find is der Pflüger as the translation of Plowman. I would just like to know the sources before I accept this as fact. Thank you!

  29. Dani says:

    Unless you are 200 years old, you didn’t take any whips. So stop acting like your life experiences are someone elses. Grow the fuck up, and quit whining about your life just because somewhere in the past someone that had the same color skin as you had problems. And everyone on here, crack open a book instead of searching online and believing everything you read.

  30. ercc says:

    i hate that word

  31. fitguy677 says:

    I don’t think the word should not be used by anyone except for educational purposes only, which is something that is a rare tactic being use these days, instead I see a lot of name calling and put downs. This continues the on going use of the word. Who would want to actually listen to someone who is calling them “cracker,nigger,spic,etc etc?” even if there is something there that has fact and is vital for growth it will get discarded in a fit of anger. Please people lets at least try to be civil there are some great points on origin on these word on here. Check it out, do the leg work and then come back with your findings. Now you will be able to spark someone mentally and they will be inclined to spark you back. Thus create a healthy, learning, positive, growing atmosphere. EACH ONE TEACH ONE IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET RID OF THIS WORD!!

  32. Sat Hanuma Singh Khalsa says:

    First, the word for black in German (Dutch) which is really Deutch/German is Schwartz/
    Neggar (Nigger) means plowman in Austrian and probably Germanic languages as well.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger told Arsenio Hall on his show that his name mean’t “Black Plowman”.
    A plowman is a field worker who is yoked to a plow and toils in the hot sun. Words sometimes are used by cultures to debase or refer to others- the list is endless and some have already been used.
    I am just not of the belief that referring to someone disrespectfully using N-word is linked to being from Africa. Slaves are slaves. Europeans (German/Dutch/French/English settled this country.
    Interestingly even some Jews refer to Blacks today as Schwarza as derogatory but its code for Neggar which if they said it aloud would be obvious. Its just my opinion so you no one has to accept it.

    • Gary says:

      I think he’s correct for the most part but another post was also partially correct.

      I mean take a look at some of these words and you decide if it was possible that the word Nigger was maybe derived from many other words associated with the slave trade since the words below are all related in some way. it isnt a far stretch to assume it was possible for slave traders and owners to use a name that describes their human livestock but didnt necessarily mean for the term to be derrogatory. Example:

      Negre = latin for black

      Negger = plowman

      Nego = black person

      Niger = a river in Africa

      Nigeria – a country in africa

      If you look at these words, tyou can kind of imagine that traders and owners that didnt speak very good english could have came up with a dirivitive of these “NON DERROGATORY” terms and the word Nigger stuck. I do not think it was meant to be derrogatory. It would be the same as like:

      “Hey Jethro, unload that truck of cows into the barn so we can clean them up and feed em”.


      “Hey Jethro, unload that truck of Niggers into the barn so we can clean them up and get em fed.”

      It was merely a term to use to call them something that distinguishes them from non slaves.

      I think the word is only demeaning because blacks do not understand the meaning or the history of it. They just hear that word and think white man enslaved us. PERIOD.

  33. Jak says:

    After consulting various Latin, English, Dutch, French and German dictionaries and etymology lexicons there is no doubt that the word ‘nigger’ originally comes from the Latin ‘niger’ meaning black. The Dutch/German/French/English derivatives all come from this Latin word.

    Of course the term was initially used to describe a person’s skin color but, with the sentiments toward darker-skinned people, it quickly devolved into a racial epithet.

    In other words, the word ‘nigger’ should not be used toward any person or as a description of any person. Because of it’s history, acceptable usage should be limited to scholarly papers/discussions and literature. That is just my opinion.

  34. Billy Sunday says:

    you lose Jak

    1) Latin words used to describe shit end in vowels. Check the word negro as the Latin term for the color black.

    2) Word to Zwarte Piet that the Dutch called their own indentured servants niggers before the chattel trade with Africa even began. When the Dutch began extracting farmers and plowmen from Africa they named the region after the resource they exploited. That is how gully the Dutch are. They don’t want there to be any confusion on why they are in the building making shit all fucked the fuck up (see Ivory Coast, etc).

    3) Until white is once again calling other white nigger as they originally did the word should remain in usage. And that is my opinion.

  35. Nicoals Lehmann says:

    Billy boy’s a dumbass.

    apart from “neggar” or “negro” being the true orgin, America is a continent. There is no north/south american continet? So stop hatin’ cubans. By the way, I am from Germany and in Old Europe nobody is known to be more uneducated than Americans. (Oh I thought you came over the great bridge to America…)

  36. Billy Sunday says:

    You my friend are a simpleton shitbag. Germans are the niggers from the Netherlands. The Dutch and then the Swiss used to put plowyokes on your backs and make you work in the fields next to the Rhine.

  37. niggers_smell says:

    Did you know they stink?

  38. Billy Sunday says:

    They do. I thinks its from all the bratwurst that secretes through their pores

  39. ra says:

    In reference to the word nigger;negus negast is an african term meaning king of kings.IN the zulu language negwaamandla means I am free;amandla means freedom.In the congo ,negaste negaste simply means head healer or chief healer or king of the healers.In haitian and kryol language neg means person or people.In englisg kryol nega means person or people.All these languages predate any german language by thousands of years.The last name of the exiled mayor from adis ababe ,ethiopia is Nega,that is not a german influence.Nega means king and was used to mock the thousands of kings and queens and thier royal courts that was captured and enslaved in the west.

  40. the_dallas says:

    “Nega means king and was used to mock the thousands of kings and queens and thier royal courts that was captured and enslaved in the west.

    ^ I wish people would stop the shit talking like everybody out in chains was a king or queen. These were Africans dude. AFRICANS! And you failed to mention the Negas that sold my grandparents to the Euros.

    Nigger belongs to the Euros, they started that shit and even called their own countrymen that shit. When America became an industrialized country that no longer RESPECTED the agrarian worker is when being a plowman meant that you were a lower class.

    Do the REAL knowledge. We’ll still be here waiting for you to smarten up Nas

  41. ra says:

    the dallas;all you say may be true,i wont dout it.But which tradition is older?TheZulu traditionEthiopian tradition,the Kongo tradition, or the German tradition.You must deal with the African perspective even if its new to you.Trust me, its not shit as you say.Kebra Negast,Glory of the Kings is a real book documenting over 3000 years of traditons.The euros must have came across this in their earliest of interventions in Africa or Africans earliest interactions with europe.Continue to look for African words in Europian languages and you’ll find then.Isis for paris.RA for Ray.AN for BEN or Van .Names like Sandra,Jeffery,Jeffers,Rafael,Benjamin,Israel,IS RA EL.THese are African traditions long before Africans were called Africans.Long before someone thought of calling Africa Africa.How many girls in Europe are called Sarah after the Zaharan Desert, two more African words in your vocabulary.Agriculture was a skill brought to Europe by Africans mellininias ago, ages ago and linguist will confirm this.I will tell you one more thing; Ras Tafari being Negus Negast meaning King of Kings in a tradition that is older than europian civilization itself ,how can these words then be german or autrian;words like Ra and Nega st.You are right,an agrarian is a respected profession,these skills were distributed to the people by high priest and kings ,therefore a plowman is related to this tradition,This is a highly apreciated skill,a plowman or farmer,this meant survival.I can also see a relationship with these to different meanings but one must be older, one has to be the root and the other the stem ,branches or leaves.Respect.My argument is that nigger, nega, neg,negus,negast,ngungu,negro,negras; all these are not bad words.What must be bad is the hatred intent of the user.WE all are children of the first Negus,we know this.Rastafari

  42. the_dallas says:

    Respect due to your knowledge. We fail ourselves with words all of the time. I shouldn’t use the name Africa to describe the cradle of civilization since that is only a recent nickname but I do.

    The point of this drop is one that we have both made in that words have no meaning unless we assign such. The disconnect that has been sown (pun intended) from the skill of nurturing the Earth so that it bears fruit is all part of the plan of those that curse the mother.

    You speak of high priests and ancient kings and that is where you and I are separated. Kings are relatively recent developments in civilization. Man had to respect the land even before he would kneel before some king. Man had to respect the thunder, lightning, rain and the Earth before he could even claim a kingdom.

    If you want to go back, then go WAY WAY WAY the fuck back. Otherwise you need to understand that the word NIGGER that is used TODAY is from the word used to describe the people that understood and respected the mother Earth. Not their skin color, but their occupation.

  43. ra says:

    dallas my point is,its not a german word.Germans can use it how they wish.this word nega is african;ancient african up to the current african.I simply must bring this to your attention,america and europe’s attention.

  44. the_dallas says:

    Sorry holmes, but you put my ass to sleep with all that “King of Kings” shit, and all the “kings” that was taken from Africa shit. Your shit would hold more water in my mind if you gave Africa some phony ancient name like Nubiantaertica or Falahseemo or some other shit.

    You still my nega my nigga

  45. ra says:

    dallas; the definition of the word ‘king’ is this;that person who would put themself last so that the needs of a whole collective is met.By definition a king must meet the needs of all his people before his are met,thats the concept.Its not all the wealth and power and dominiun one person can mass,its the opposite.The word ‘king’ is made up of two parts ‘ki’ and ‘ng’.We know what ‘ki’ means.The hyroglythics for this word is the very key you use to open a door.What follows next,’ng’. obviously meaning person;key person.The curoption of kingdoms is another matter.The intent is clear,for example,a father to his family.The father is the sacrifice ,the father is the key person, the father is king,key nigger.The sound is more important than the spelling.Germans and Austrians have no script,the greeks and romans brought scprit and word sounds, and technology to them directly from africa where they were schooled. Get it from the source.

  46. ra says:

    ng=nega=niga=nigger=neg=negro=negra=nigre=negus=negast=negaste=persons that are selfless in fulfilling the needs of their family and larger communities.What is more you can here this sound,spelled in various ways all around the world;africa,asia ,europe.The world ‘angel’. ‘an’ ‘ng’ ‘el’.We know these three words are from africa or from the south if you prefer;’an’ as in sudan or ‘sud an’ or south of an ,as in golf of adan or edan of the bible story.The ‘an’ or ‘ank’ is a womb,a mother’s womb,or the earth’s womb which produces life as a mother.”Ng’ ,not just the plowman,the selfless plowman.I think he knows more than plowing,he knows whats to be planted,he knows herbs,medicine and food,he knows what it takes to survive.’EL’ is the universal heavenly god of the southerners,as in ImanuEL and israEL an such.But if we dont question,and search,’angel’ will just be another nice,pretty english word.Words like,angus,negus,baael,rafael,fara,sudan,iran,jordan,we can notice their common ancestry in ancient times.

  47. ra says:

    Also;Ng=ngo=ngu=ngwa=ngwu=ngwo.These variations form parts of words that are names of places,people and gods all over africa,middle east,india,china,vietnam-all over asia.You are right dallas when you say man had to respect thunder forinstance.The god of thunder in africa is Shango.Here again you will notice ‘sha’ and ngo.In vietnam Ng is a very common last name.Places like hong kong,ho ng ,ko ng;kongo,ko ngo;shangai,sha ng ai.All these are linguistical relationships,linguistical evidence off african influence all over the world.One woman can feed her family with a hoe,but a plow is a highly technological advancement.You will first have to domesticate the cow,which we know africans first did.Not even the tractor can do without the plow,hence the plow is still with us.Africans called themselves as well as heavenly bodies ng ,ngo,ngwa,nega and so forth.Respect

  48. German Speaker says:

    Schwartzen = black
    Egger = plowman
    Feel a little less ignorant now?

  49. Ruby says:

    All of people new year might be brighter after reading this post!

  50. Obie hammed says:

    Thanks feel better now.

  51. wow secret says:

    I like to check out your site a couple times 7 days for new readings. I was wondering when you’ve got any other subjects you decide on?

  52. dw26tt27jcfd says:

    why must we be reminded of Boy George??? If it wasn’t the much beloved Snorg, I’d be a bit Twitterpated here

  53. Mallymal says:

    who really cares since its clear nothing positive comes from the word at all.about we realize yesterday is history,tomorrow’s a mystery.the reality of the matter is that if you are a living,breathing human being,all we have is the present this day lets all agree to label each other……”BLESSED BY “GOD”,how about that?

  54. MC says:

    Nigger’s a nigger’s a nigger, PERIOD. It’s a fucking word. Has ZERO meaning except for those who need it to – i.e. race baiters and race pimps like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc. and dumb-fucks like yourself.

    As for those claiming “WE” were slaves and “WE” are owed reparations – FUCK YOU, NIGGERS. You’ve never been a slave, never known a slave – your nigger ass has it better in the US than anywhere else in this world! Shut the fuck up and enjoy your lazy nigger lives. You wouldn’t last a fucking second in the REAL world of your motherland, Africa! And no, you’re not owed a FUCKING THING, except maybe a fucking slap upside the fucking head and a lesson or two in learning respect for others.

    As for this dumbass explanation of the word – dude, you’re totally fucked in the head. Fucking neggar – what the fuck ever. Stupid fuck, the word doesn’t even EXIST in defined explanation ANYWHERE except maybe your head and “Urban Dictionary”. Go back to school and learn something and then come tell us worthwhile information. Dumbfuck.

  55. MC says:

    OH and PS – for all those who are all “I’m owed this and I’m owed that” and “Call white people this and call white people that” – fact of the matter is, you’re a nigger now, a nigger then, a nigger tomorrow and you’ll ALWAYS be a nigger. Sad, isn’t it? Can’t change the color of that skin, no matter HOW fucking hard you try. You’ll ALWAYS be what you are. LOL

  56. Fuck the technicalities . A word which is just one trick in a giant bag of tricks the elites use to divide, conquer and control the people of the earth. If White , Black, Yellow, Red, and any other group all got together and marched on their capitals those who rule would piss themselves. I’m ashamed that I can be motivated by a word. In fact all I have to keep me in the world is hope and familial obligations. Remember the comic “We are all niggers on this bus”. Well, the elites with their stock of magic words have divided , deceived and conquered us all. They keep their homes and monies and pass them to their progeny while we are lucky if we manage to pass anything to our children save perhaps our debts and social condition. Its why I pray for That asteroid. Its the only power that will break them unless we all somehow manage to stand up and march together, the magic words will keep us apart and powerless. Hell , I think ‘THEY’ even agree on when and where to have wars ; to profit from making the weapons and get rid of ‘excess populations’ possibly dangerous to them.

  57. Just a Voice says:

    A few interesting ideas and views. Let me give my two cents in about my thoughts. I agree the word “nigger” should not be used unless it is being used at a scholarly level explaining the history in America. I think it is really stupid for Black American’s to be calling each other this derogatory name. When we hear the word we don’t ask our selves, “does he/she mean to call him a god, or plowman or is he simply calling him a name in a derogatory manner?” Come on man! It’s derogatory!
    Also, every time you fill out some type of paper work when they ask you your race, why does it have African American for the black people and white or caucasian for white people. One is a color (white) and the other is a race. I have never heard of a race called caucasian. Additionally, my heritage or family is from England, why not English American. To settle this why don’t they just put American’s, thats what we are. I have not been to England to visit my families country and I know 80% of African American’s have never been to Africa and the same for the rest of the races. We Are AMERICAN’s! If you were born and raised here in America than it is safe to say you are American. If you were born in a separate country and then moved here then that is cause to note African/Asian e,t.c. American on the paper work. We are all brothers and sisters in the eyes of the lord and color has nothing to do with it! Remember that people!

  58. billyZ says:

    You truly are a dumb ass nigger

  59. billyZ says:

    And I don’t mean a black plowsman. I mean the real terminology. A ignorant black man with his head up his ass. Oh yeah and there shouldn’t be such a disgrace as black history month you fucking dumbasses haven’t achieved a thing other than learning how to murder each other and steal. You niggers are the plague of America and you’re driving it down. Look at Detroit the first black run city in America its been destroyed by greed, embezzlement, corruption, and scandal which are synonymous with niggers. Obama is the king of niggers and he’s on a mission to destroy America and its values just like what the niggers did to Detroit.

  60. billyZ says:

    Question: why are there only 2 Paul bearers at a black funeral?

    Answer: because there are only 2 handles on a garbage can.

  61. billyZ says:

    You mother Fucking niggers should be paying the white folk reparations for all the damage you filthy niggers have done to America with all your hate and violence. I think the white folks should be able to hunt niggers kill them and skin them to get a little justice and peace back in this country starting with the nigger residing in the white house.

  62. the_dallas says:

    I like that you said PAUL bearer. You must be one of those monkey descendants from Jamestown who ate his own children. If I am a nigger, you are a monkey

  63. billyZ says:

    No you’re a disgusting silver back that should be caged and sent back to the jungles of Africa

  64. billyZ says:

    By the way do you know where black people came from? Well let me inform you. Blacks are direct descendants of Cain who was cursed by god for killing able. For black people only know murderous ways. They have hearts as black as there skin and do the devils work. Theirminds are filled with envy, lust, hate, jealousy, rape, and murder. For they will turn and stab the white man at anytime to get what they want. The blacks (aka Niggers) are animals and should be rounded up caged and sent back to the wilds of Africa where they belong. The niggers are not fit for a civilized life style like that of America. For the nigger is of the devil and does the devil’s work thus sayeth the lord god Jesus. The only niggers are black and we don’t have them in Germany so your theory is bullshit. The with nigger came from slave traders jackass.

  65. billyZ says:

    I would have to say you probably look more like a monkey or perhaps a chimpanzee than I ever could…….lol

  66. Ruby Perkina says:

    I am glad to see the truth. I am black and I know my people have and still are offended by the name Nigger. Knowing about the country named Niger in Africa and the origin the German word Negger(plowman). No matter what people have been led to believe blacks and whites have been Neggers. It is a title of a work title and the name of a country. I repeat this in order for my people to heal. Webster and any other white that wrote the definition of a person that lies, cheats or steals is a Nigger are the true liars. It is a ploy to mentally make blacks feel inferior. Now who is the true liar, theif and cheater. Do not misinterpret me. I love whites as well but the truth is the light. This country is based on murder, greed and theives that starved and killed the people that already occupied this land. What does make me angry is that people of the white race still use their color and words to make themselves feel superior. One major idiot was Hitler(white German-European) who had true mental issues. How can that be superior. God has shown my black race time after time who the Devils are and the other races, Indians and Mexicans could see it . Now with this info and knowledge every black person should exhale and thank God for the truth.

  67. billyZ says:

    Blah blah blah your words are useless and boring and have no value to me. The truth has been spoken that the black race is indeed a direct descendant of Cain and for his sin of murder he and his descendants are cursed with black skin and black hearts and the blacks are a soulless race walking the earth to do the work of Satan himself. I don’t know why or how Hitler got involved in this debate but I think you’re are just trying to point the finger and divert the truth and attention else where. Spoken like a true nigger. I’ve seen that nigger obama use that tactic to fool the liberal media. And yes the blacks are inferior due to their attitudes of self entertainment. America owes you nothing and the whites of America owe you nothing so stop looking for a free ride all the time. Get up off your black ass and do something with your pathetic nigger lives and make a difference for a change in a positive way then everyone will feel different about the black community.

  68. billyZ says:

    Ruby you sound like a sweet person but it doesn’t change the fact that you’re ignorant. 90% of all violent crimes are done by blacks and our countries prison system is filled with useless niggers who are draining the tax payers and economy of this great country. Most black people fell its the white man holding him down but the truth is the man isn’t the one telling him to kill and rob. It’s his own black heart . Most blacks don’t want to accept responsibility or accountability for their actions they would rather put the blame elsewhere like on the police but the police have every right to fight back. Kill or be killed. So remember that the next time you watch the news and see another slain nigger.

  69. the_dallas says:

    I found a picture of you online…

    I knew you were a monkey

  70. billyZ says:

    Dallas I’m watching you swirling around my toilet bowl right now. You have dark skin, peanut eyes, and white pieces of cotton in your hair. Yep that’s you a real piece of shit.

  71. billyZ says:

    Damn I ripped on the whole nigger race and that’s the best you can come up with? Wow what a loser! What a true nigger!

  72. billyZ says:

    Go to the back of the bus sit down and shut your cotton picking mouth like a good boy.

  73. the_dallas says:

    billyZ is a monkey throwing his poop.

  74. billyz says:

    Niggers are born fom the devils ass thats why theyre dark brown. Niggers are peices of shit that fill up satans toilet! Dallas youre the biggest peice of shit that ever came out of the devils ass!

  75. White Guy says:

    billyz you are the biggest hipocrite racist fairytale believer I’ve ever heard and you give intelligent white folks that want to live in a better world a bad reputation. You are too stupid to understand that racism begets racism. How dare you invoke evil from your own interpretation of the Bible? Is that what Jesus taught you, so much hate? Please stop watching Fox News for one minute, take your racist head and shove it up your racist ass. Folks of all creeds and races that want a better world like I do, please do not judge all white people from this bull shitter’s racist rhetoric. I’m White Guy and I discredit billyz if he calls himself Caucasian. Is it not clear where the evil troll lurks on this web page?

  76. Patti says:

    I was born in 1964 and my mother told me the word “nigger” was a curse word. I can remember my sister having to eat soap because she used it. In our white family it was a dirty word that would justify washing your mouth out with soap.

  77. Mike Q says:

    Every ethnicity has been a slave at one time or another. There have not been ANY slaves in this country in over. 150yrs. This means about 5generations. It MAY would be a persons great, great, great grandparent. But plenty(likely most) off blacks lived in the north or have come since slavery ended . The most recent people treated bad in this country were Japanese in the internment camps of WWll. As far as making this country? Some was purchased while the rest was won in war. If it was the desire of the originators the USA would cover the entire western hemisphere. I’m part Cherokee Indian but I realize Europeans won. The bottom line is all ethnicities have good, bad and scumbag. The key is take responsibility for yourself and don’t blame others. It’s likely they have a tough life also and never did anything to you or your family. It’s likely they could put blame to you if allowed to go back far enough. People say they want equality but then want extra laws. Be truly equal as possible and live within the same rules and laws for everyone.

  78. kimwal says:

    You, people, are funny! Can we all get along?

  79. kimwal says:

    For real…it really doesn’t matter what anybody thinks, especially billyz. You’re not define by what they think of you. Life is too precious for all this foolishness. The conversations on this forum is valueless. Trust me, it has no power to make or break you. At the end of the day, you will have to live with youself. So Billyz…call us what you want. We are black and beautiful. While you’re on the other side of the world talking all that mess, calling us all kinds of name and defining what we are, we still have the power to change our world. We still have opportunities that we can take advantage of. We still living live the “American Dream”. You can’t stop us! People…you hold the key to your future. Don’t cave in to the foolish thoughts of angry people. Clearly they don’t have a life so they want to make yours miserable. Bump that and be YOU with your beautiful self.

  80. Kala says:

    All I have to say to anyone who says we were getting beat and tortured for over 200 years. For one when slavery ended a lot of people chose not to leave where they were kept slaves. Two it may not have been good food and you may have been worked to death, but you were always fed and had shelter. If you want to hear someone complain ask an American Indian what they when through. How instead of being brought to a new land and taught basic skills besides reading to be able to make money in this country they’re mother land was stolen from them. And instead of watching they’re family members get whipped they watched them all slowly die off due to small pock infested blankets that were given to them. Assuming it was a kind gesture. Oh an I forgot do you ever hear them complain? Do you ever hear of them trying to get the term wet back banned? No bc they got the fuck over it it was years ago. The people it happened to aren’t around any more. Or what about the Jews? Holocaust? I’m pretty sure that was also a little worse than slavery. Get the fuck over it

  81. Dan says:

    All i have to say is anyone still living from when slavery was an everyday thing?? Fact 1 white people were the first slaves. Fact 2 slavery is so far in the past every one can say “my people were slaves”. Get the hell over yourselves. Were you a slave? here let me answer that for you no you were grow up and move on nobody owes you anything…

  82. hector69 says:

    Hey..To all you billyjobobs out there, get off your sister, and quit humping your ma’s leg. And go out in the barn and hang yourself, do the world a favor. I am white and black, and i dont like that word. Anybody who uses it, has a shoe size IQ and should not be taken seriously. And to all you racist assholes, get in line to lick my brown ass.

  83. billyz says:

    Shut up you fucking stupid nigger. stop raping monkeys and goats you pile of shit. Thats why your skin is the color of shit ……because youre shit……..hahaha fucking sambo nigger piece of shit. Shut up and get to the back of the bus boy.

  84. billyz says:

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  85. billyz says:

    Your words bore me.Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  86. Commenters please keep billyZ around and entertaining like the busker monkey he is.

    Remember that they found cannibalism remains in Jamestown Virginia. This is where dude comes from. He is a descendant of cannibals. The same people from the caves in France who also ate humans

    You are getting to see an animal that is caged in his own mind so he is scared and witless. Observe this dude. And understand that while billyZ is a bigot, he can NEVER be racist. He can have racist beliefs but he will always be a servant or a butler or a chauffeur or a furniture mover for real racists.

    Don’t be offended by his inane comments. If his father wasn’t a nigger than billyZ would be somewhere living the lifestyle that wealthy whites imagine for themselves. Instead he here at a website because he’s a keyboard coward.

    Thanks billyZ. Stick around awhile

  87. Cracker says:

    Why should I as a white person living in America have anything to do with paying reparations to to anyone. Are you fucking kidding me? My anscestors did not enslave African people. African people enslaved African people and Europeans transported and sold them.
    I have been paying reparation for 40 years now. It comes out of my paycheck in the form of taxes. A portion of that goes to social programs that support poor black people, some of which have been on welfare for generations. Also there is affirmative action, there are quotas on numbers of minorities that are appointed to police depts and civil service jobs. There are some colleges that have to certain amounts of minorities, even if the entrance exams are not passed. Come on man reparations! You got reparations, you just haven’t used them to your full potential. You squander your opportunities.
    In the black communities I am the white devil, the oppressor, and the reason in the minds of many blacks that they can not be successful.
    And when one does become successful, he is called an Uncle Tom or an Oreo. Why, because it proves that a black person can make it if they really try.
    I am much more in favor of giving a hand up than a hand out.
    Black people talk about racism as if they are immune to it. They teach their children to hate us and expect and then complain about racism. A really weird paradox.

  88. Will says:

    What goes it matter where the word comes from? If your ignorant , uneducated, on welfare then UR a ducking nigger and should be shot. And all white trash that follows the same should be shot

  89. BIGG CHIEF says:

    @ dallas Guess when these crackers get to finding out they’re part monkey they’ll go ape shit. A white people y’all come from the Nederland mountainous regions where one of y’all’s ancestor participated in beastiality with a monkey. Y’all are the sub human race, the abomination walking the face of the earth. I’ve often wondered why movies like planet of the apes made so much sense. Well if y’all look into y’all’s sick history you’ll know why. Also movies like blade, you too want to be a day walker but y’all are allergic to the sun, hence the need for sun screen. You know y’all get shit like skin cancer, sun burn, sun glasses…… yeah skin flaking and peeling and shit, jus nasty in general just a natural weakness to the sun. Did you know if you have blue eyes your a mutant? Yeah that comes from extensive inbreeding, and also is gene related to growing (yellow) blond hair. That all happend around the Black Sea over yonder. So that would make the blue eyes a super inbred part monkey part human species. And Dallas was right y’all did eat y’all’s young. Has it occurred and or ever crossed y’all’s mind that white people are the only race who can’t produce skin pigmentation? It begs the question. And the answer is that they are humanoids. That means ” something like a human but not quit”. And if your a red head it’s plausible that your monkey gene is real strong. It tickles me to hear white supremacist say shit like the “pure white race”,because there is no such thing lmao…… We all started from the mother land, it’s just y’all strayed in y’all’s own special way with the part monkey part human cross breed hybrid. And for that ignant ass talking about America, he is undoubtably perplexed with the notion that being born in America makes him an American. First of all American is a race, he’s simply a European hybrid neandering these lands of the indigenous formally called the United States. I say all that to say this, it is important to know ones self. So in truth I hope you don’t believe this small text and believe I’m full of shit (you fuckers think the worse of me any way) simply because curiosity kills the cat or in this case a monkey….. To help you along your journey, I’ll give you some direction, you can look up the race you fall under and find just where you come from. Here we go, search mongoloid, Wikipedia will do the rest. Search Carl zimmer you tube video the red headed Neanderthal its funny hearing this guy try to disassociate himself from the rest of the white people in the room… Hilarious! Then search scientist all blue eyes are related…. These can help open the doors to your past, so you can truly know just who and what you are. In conclusion Ill leave you with this I’m no longer your burden barer, you will have to carry your own past transgressions henceforth. I am free from your lies and deception on who and what I am, because I am the original man a human…… Peace

  90. ezra.earl says:

    SO many dumb ass Replies :

    Most of the slaves were sold by their chiefs / kings into this venue !

    Most of their families today remain a slave as do I ( a white man) !

    When they figured out they could profit better by charging the slave for his room and board , typically in excess of what he could afford …they did!

    When they put a pen to it for women to get equal rights ,,If a home has two incomes they could retrieve twice the tax per household , weather or not both spouses were employed or not !

    When they base the cost of living off of the same formula ,,, your household should pay a higher rate of electric ,water ,property tax , food costs , sales tax ,gas tax , state tax ,city,tax ,county tax ,phone tax and soon tax on the air you breathe !

    If the city runs low on funding ideas they issue tickets to fund the game ,,, Not because they make the monies on it BUT rather It is job security to keep the lawyers and judges and lawmakers employed !

    Now today they are monitoring your internet browsing and contacts !

    This information feeds back information to corporations as well on buying patterns and interests !

    Everyone knows it but what can be done !

    I do not like to pay for a cable service that shoves commercials down my throat , as well as the twisting and spinning of politics trying to get me to choose sides when both side are crooked !

    But they will all protect us from the boggy man (terrorist) and crime,
    in the name of letting them control things ,,,including kickbacks and lobbying monies (graft) …Who spends 100’s of millions of dollars to win a job that pays 400,000 a year ….. ? ? ? ?

    I would be a happier salve if they had a 15% flat tax and were on a budget like we all must live on ! ! ! @@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

    Just because my employee goes to the casino and loses 10,000 a night doesn’t make me the employer responsible to cover the idiot’s loss’s !

    In this instance The government being my employee ! YEAH RIGHT !

  91. BIGG CHIEF says:

    Barter And tRADE, the way OF THE WORLD.
    PerMUTATION on the subject…Not today MONKEY shine.
    Lineage is the topic pertinent to the origin of this DISCUSSion.
    YOU sLICK coy DEVILS you. Nice try!!!
    I think that makes you a “SpINNER”

  92. Butterfly says:

    I have to say that the old world and the new world its all in the past book of history,we all have to be focuse on the present problems, racism is alive and well, I don’t believe that in this day and age people of color are still screaming discrimination, we gave them mutual rights, Holliwood has made sure of their presence in our Globe of network and last but not least, We gave them a Black President, hello if this is not equality then I don’t know what is? For African Americans being so oppress in the past they sure love to oppress other people! White people can not pass by a black neighborhood at night but a black person 99 to 100 0/0 can go by a white neighborhood at any time and nothing will happend. This is not about the Martin Travon case, that was completely different people have to learn facts! Travon was not there by coincidence, no one has really answer what is a ” boy of 17″ doing out late at night, with a 3rd suspension from hight school and in a neightbor hood that the family claim he knew someone, yes that may very well be, but that wasn’t the case, he was not there to see the people the family knew, if that is the case why didn’t they came forward to say anything good about him! There are claims Travon
    was looking at windows! This is ecxausting all this black talk, and riots!
    How much more are we going to give before they are completely happy! Why don’t we just give all,the African American tickets to go back to Africa! I think they’ll be happier there, with no whites on site.!!!! Lets see how much happier they’ll be, without the great country of America that was built on sacrifice, different cultures and all kinds of people from all over the world. Who are the blacks to take claim on suffering, there’s people from all over who has suffered just as much as they have! Please let’s all be civil, be people be good neighbors and most of all good Americans!

  93. BIGG CHIEF says:

    What you mean ” we gave” monkey girl?……Please. If you don’t like The truth go back to your European cave heffer. Yo ignant ass still don’t have a clue, in the hood your money is a commodity which means you’ll neander unharmed. Your unfortunately disillusioned with that anything that’s happening and or has happend comes from a monkey beast subhuman humanoid with the worst track record ever, cut it out. The natives of the Americas, welcomed your sickly disease ridden starving rott mouth having ass and you thanked them with a sneeze, the worst case of genocide ever recorded due from being the most vile unclean dirty despicable bacteria infested “thing” they had ever seen. They gave y’all crops y’all built forts they gave you land y’all made borders. Y’all could escape your oppressor but jus couldn’t escape your oppressor’s monkey ways (y’all’s monkey king and monkey queen). The things good in modern America come from a variety of people, not you.
    I understand its convenient, to make that Lil boy out to be some super thug to suit your agenda, but the facts are the facts heffer. That Lil boy only had some candy and a drink he bought No “crimming tools” no weapons “gun and or knife” jus the balls to protect and stand up for his Lil brother at the house waiting for him against some stranger he didn’t know who was following him and chased him….. Simply more of a man than the coward who shot him.

  94. Lebron says:

    Just wondering, how many of you know what it was like to be a slave, how many were whipped? How many had a Maser. Maybe it was your parents? Oh so none of you? See my wife’s family never owned a slave, I was never whipped, my mothers family were mostly killed on the trail of tears, my fathers family sold his African brothers to the Europeans and Mediterraneans. I myself refuse to be a part of the victim movement also known as the Civil Rights Movement of today. It did serve a purpose, but there is no such thing as getting even when the people who beat and enslaved are dead and so are the people they enslaved. If you want reparation lets start by giving it all back to the Native Americans. But, oh no, then there would be nothing to give anyone else. You see we all have to look ahead, less we stumble on the task at hand, while looking back at our past.

  95. Heinz_57 says:

    Racism will never die. It’s the only way for there to be inequality in this country. Equality is stagmentation. We all want better for ourselves. Well if we are all equal what’s the point in achieving greatness, power, or wealth? It wouldn’t mean anything.

    I have a rare last name. I’m English according to I, as far as I know, am “white” and Native American. But look up a phone book from Alabama and if you find my last name, the owners of that name WILL be black. Did someone in my family own slaves? I don’t know. Honestly I don’t care. I don’t own any. Those people in Alabama who share a last name with me should have no reason to hate me if I had a relative 200 years ago that owned a relative of theirs 200 years ago. I am not that person. The “ownership” gene didn’t make it to my bloodstream. And maybe me and the black people in Alabama are related… Fine by me. Maybe that’s why I like fried chicken and watermelon. I don’t honestly know. But I know this. I’d gladly set down at a dinner table with them. If they owned a farm, I’d go work in the field right next to them.

    As far as the Native American side of me… Again, what’s the point in getting mad at the white man? They’re all dead!! So I should just walk around hating the white man without a specific person to point my finger at? Besides, I’d have to hate myself. I got other and better things to do with my time.

    My last thought for you is this: people like billyz, the_dallas, and all the other people who want to blame crime and poverty on race, and call names back and forth about inbreeding, monkeys, cannibals and whatnot, are only making themselves look like equals to one another in a desperate attempt to superceed the next.

    If you want to hate someone, hate them for who they are now, not what their relatives did 200-2000 years ago.

  96. david says:

    To all my freinds, family , and the good people out there quit giving power to 6 letters. I have had several college students rent from me that were from Sudan and other areas of Africa and they laugh when they hear some one use or get enraged. When I ask them why it doesnt bother them it was their decendants also they simply say thats along time ago and its just 6 letters.

  97. dainty39gm says:

    Hello, y’all. Wow, there’s some passionate conversation going on here. Even though I haven’t read ALL of the comments, from what I’ve read thus far, I can honestly say that you guys have very strong opinions and facts. IMHO, I don’t believe that its wrong to be a racist or to use racial slurs. Simply b/c of this: a racist is someone of any race who feels as though their race is superior or better than other races. There’s really nothing wrong or bad about that. Superior doesn’t have to mean perfect or rich. It just means how a person is and how they relate to others. It’s having HATRED for other people b/c of their skin color, accent, and/or whatever else. Everyone has the right to like and dislike but when you take that hate and commit a crime(s) against others that makes it wrong. There may be something I don’t like about a person but it doesn’t give me the right to run them over w/ a vehicle nor hit ’em over the head w/ a baseball bat. You have to admit that people of every race can be a nuisance and cause misery. There are whites who commit crimes against other white people. Indeed, there are blacks who commit crimes against other black people. Same as Mexicans and Hispanics. But this wave of black-on-white crime MUST stop. NOW!

    Blacks such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP, the Black Panthers are the ones who have been teaching black people to hate the entire white race. They’ve been using slavery and racism as excuses for over 100 years. Many black people weren’t even actual slaves. Slavery ended in 1863 I believe. WHITES NOR BLACKS born afterwards can not be blamed for slavery. Those civil rights activists have overloaded our brains w/ racism and slavery that I’m surprised we all haven’t went crazy. Every situation IS NOT race-related, but folks like Jesse and Al will turn it into something racial. There are black and white people (thank God) who are sick and tired of Jesse, Al, and the rest of those race-baiters. Look at

  98. dainty39gm says:

    how much of an uproar happened b/c of the Trayvon Martin incident. The world didn’t even know who Trayvon was. Its unfortunate he lost his life at such an early age. But w/ Jesse and them drawing so much attention thru the media, it has given black males permission, if you will, to go out and assault/shoot/kill whites and Hispanics. That is so wrong and against the law. When these white and Hispanics defend themselves, and I’m sure they will, then when these black offenders get injured or kill, no one will be able to blame it on racism. In a court of law, it’ll be declared self-defense. B/C thats what it is. And guess what? Jesse nor Al won’t have any grounds to do anything about. And another thing: I don’t know if anyone’s noticed or not but Jesse nor Al are present when black-on-black crime occurs. I forgot which year it was but 41 people were shot in Chicago between Friday and Monday morning. Thats Jesse’s hometown and he did or said anything. Wanna know why?` Jesse and his half-brother Noah, who’s serving life, were members of the El Rukn gang in Chicago. Jesse still has a relationship w/ them. It doesn’t bother Jesse (a so-called black leader) in the least that a black-on-black crime wave has been going on for at least 40 years. Doesn’t that seem odd to you? Decent, hard-working citizens of any race shouldn’t have to put up w/ unruly black males who have nothing better to do than terrorize others. Damn right, whites and Hispanics should protect themselves. Black people have been dealing w/ these hoodlums for years.

    Did anyone know that an openly gay black man has filed a sexual discrimination lawsuit against Jesse Jackson? You can goggle/search it online. I know you guys remember when Jesse called black people ni**ers. He called Obama a half-breed ni**er. And he said that he wanted to cut off Obama’s n**s. That’s the REAL Jesse Jackson.

    Take care and God bless.

  99. dainty39gm says:

    Now about this word nigger. The mayor of a small town in Texas tried to ban it. Anybody heard saying the word would receive a $500 fine. A town meeting was held and people (both black and white) raised some interesting questions. A young white woman wanted to know what if a black person called her cracker or honkey, would she be fined if she was overheard calling that person a nigger? Contrary to what blacks believe, words such as cracker, honkey, and whitey are indeed just as racist as nigger. A black man said he didn’t want the word banned b/c he’s been saying/using it his whole life. Another black male said that he calles his homies niggas everyday. He asked, “So you expect me to pay $500 everytime I holler at my homies?” Certain blacks have embraced that word in such a way that they use it in everyday conversation, in music, and television. Many males and females refer to their own sons as nigger. THAT’S NOT THE WHITE RACE’S FAULT. These blacks have placed the blame on whites b/c they used/said the word during slavery. Slavery was over a long, long time ago. You want any excuse to use the word b/c you praise it. You say it every minute of the day. Besides nicknames, you call each other nigger more than your first and last names. Whites (or any other race) has called you nigger to your face in years. What you blacks do is imagine that whites are calling you nigger without even hearing them say the word. Something else you do is PRETEND that offends you when a non-black says it the word. You’re not really mad. You PRETEND that it angers you b/c it keeps whites in a racist light. You don’t like it when non-blacks aren’t racist. You’ve (and your brains) have been programmed by the likes of Jesse to view EVERY non-black person and EVERY situation as racist. Even when it isn’t, you’ll cry racism. That’s one of the main things holding blacks down. It’s been a heavy burden you’ve been carrying for years. But to admit it now means that you’re

  100. dainty39gm says:

    admitting to being wrong and it clearly makes Jesse and other activists/leaders out to be liars. And they are liars.

    Jesse and other black leaders have been saying/using nigger and cuss words since the 60’s. Probably since grade school. Jesse finally got caught on national television when a live microphone picked up his conversation. I think all he did was apologize. Where was the rally/protest? Why didn’t the media make a big deal out of it? Hell, where were the rest of the civil rights activists/leaders and clergy? Since he’s reverend, you’d think black preachers all over America would’ve held Anti-Jesse rallies in every major city. That’s what would’ve happened if a non-black said nigger to Jesse. What he said about Obama was beyond ignorant and sickening. Jesse’s very jealous of Barack Obama.

    Jesse tried running for president back in the 80’s. I heard he ran for the oval office twice but it doesn’t matter b/c I refused to vote for him. No way. And I’m so thankful that the majority of US citizens felt the same way. Us (the public) did something great for us by not voting for Jesse back then. Anyway, he’s jealous of Obama b/c Obama’s the FIRST black (or half black) president. Some folks like Barack, some don’t. Thats your perogative. But Jesse’s seething w/ jealousy and anger b/c he assumed that HE was gonna be the first black president. Jesse doesn’t qualify for the presidency no more than I do. I’d make a better president than Jesse.

    At least I wouldn’t go around disrespecting people and calling them niggers.

    There’s a couple of books out that expose Jesse for the scam artist he is: SCAM by Jesse Lee Pederson and Shakedown (sorry but I forgot the author’s name). These two books and the info online will reveal to you the REAL Jesse Jackson and others. They’ve been lying to us and pitting the races against one another.

  101. Scott Oliver says:

    To “Big Chief”:
    Well, if all of those interesting facts about our skin and our hair and our eyes are all true……why do you guys seem to want them so bad. You’re an idiot, and judging by your little moniker( I’m guessing you aren’t Native American), you probably have nothing better to do than to draw your welfare check, smoke weed, lounge around in your fuckin’ house shoes, and pollute the Internet with your stupid fucking ghetto ass opinions.

  102. Paradox 01 says:


    “Wrong! The word Nigger originates from the country Niger (Africa) where the first slaves were brought from.”

    You stupid fuck. Niger is a landlocked country in western Africa…the first AFRICAN slaves were collected from the African coastal countries (on the west coast) and the whole concept of slaves predates WRITTEN HISTORY.

    And oh, by the way, you want to know the origin of the word “nigger”? Look it up. Both the Spanish and Portuguese words for “black” is “negro”, descending from the Latin “niger”. Hell, in the early 1800s, anyone with a dark complexion (including Mexicans, French or – gasp! – Anglos) was referred to as a “niggur”, and the meaning was similar to today’s “guy” or “dude”. It wasn’t until the 1900s that the word “nigger” became a pejorative.

    Cut to 2013: Why can only black people say “nigger”? Because it used to be used as a bad word to refer to black people and they’re trying to own it? Fine, I get that, but if they truly want to get rid of the negative connotation, let everyone else use it. “Hah, that nigger is crazy!” “That crazy nigger…” “Nigger please!” “Nigger say what?”

    That way, it’s like every other curse word. “Hah, that shit is crazy!” “That silly bitch…” “So this motherfucker says…” “Say the fuck what?”

    And of course the opposite would still hold true. Use it a different way and it means something completely different. Context is everything.
    “Fuck you!” “You dumb nigger!” “You stupid fuck.” “What a cunt*.”

    *By the way, the “C-word” is to British as “nigger” is to black people. So if you’re offended, Eff you.

  103. dainty39gm says:

    Check this out:

    This dude is DA TRUTH!

  104. dainty39gm says:

    I’ve been reading some of these comments, and BillyZ made an excellent point about Detroit. The city resembles Iraq. Rich AND poor niggers ran that city into the ground. The mayor (and Lord knows who else) is serving 15-20 years for exactly what BillyZ said: embezzlement, corruption, scandal, and greed. And I don’t even wanna get started on the drug dealers, drug addicts, and other criminals. They all ran that city down to the ground. And yes, BillyZ is correct when he said that niggers refuse to accept responsibility/accountability for their actions and behavior. Its like that in every town/city where niggers outnumber decent, hard-working people of any race. Now, the city of Detroit is pissed b/c the gov’t is giving more money to other countries and cities. Those who caused all that destruction are angry that other Detroit residents won’t financially help them. Hell, those citizens work everyday and take care of their families. Had dealers and addicts not ran amok none of this would’ve happened in the first place. In this predominately black city niggers ruled the streets and look where it got them. The mayor embezzled $840,000. Thats almost a million bucks. So his paycheck must not’ve been enough to provide him w/ a decent living. He, his wife, and dad (yes, his dad was charged also) were too damn greedy. They wanted to live high on the hog. Plus, the mayor was having an affair w/ his chief of staff. I forgot her name. Anyway, this dude became mayor at 31, and at the age of around 38-39, he was behind bars. I don’t feel sorry for people like him. I can only imagine how many other gov’t officials lined their pockets w/ big money. I’m gonna goggle “corrupt gov’t officials” and see what comes up.

  105. BIGG CHIEF says:


    He he he he lmao, poor little monkey soul. Hurts don’t it. The truth is a doooooozy. I’m sitting here smiling thinking to myself should I respond to your weak ass response, because in fact your no challenge. So I’ll make it very easy for you. So easy in fact, a caveman can do it.
    First, if anything I say in any of my text is false, and or is an opinion as you so eloquently put it challenge it. Get on this forum and prove me wrong, you got the rest of your monkey lil life to do so.
    Second, the truth is I can’t judge you and or your ancestors for their past transgressions. Got the BiG man for that, but what I can do is tell the truth. A personal attack on me won’t change what has been proven by science.
    Third, your negative overview on what you think I may be is the foundation on which my innate thirst for knowledge when it comes to race is built upon. Funny I listen to all these different “shows” and the perception monkey people like yourself and others attempt to portray us humans as, but while you have the audacity to point your crookedl lil monkey finger at us I choose to question three pointing back at you. Amazing the things they won’t teach us in school, and amazing the things they willingly lie about….. BIGG CHIEF AND I GOT DOWN

  106. glitch says:

    The word nigger refers to an uneducated individual. Nothing to do with color or race. Unfortunately, none of the slaves had a formal education when they arrived here. Therefore…

  107. the_dallas says:

    ^^^ WRONG!!!

    The neggar was very knowledgeable about shit like crop cycles and keeping the land arable and healthy. THIS is why the nigger was exported from NIGER (central Africa). These hebrew farmers were EXPERTS in growing and cultivatiing land.

    The fact still remains that American landowners and lawmakers benefitted from over 200 years of FREE LABOR. This is a fact the semantics of language can not deny

  108. BIGG CHIEF says:

    I remember as a child, I had pets growing up. I can recall every now and then talking to my dog as if he really was truly coherent and knowledgable of the subjects on which I spoke. I now wonder that if somehow I was able to teach him language would he have the same humans rights as these ape men of today. I mean, would have Mike Vic been charged on a grander scale simply because of the voice and emotions other enlightened k nine?…. I wonder. As a youngster I was led to believe John Wayne was the man, but RECOGNIZE it was all an act….BTC

  109. Johnny says:

    “The indigenous peoples of America were little interested in helping the settlers and were actually more likely than not to slit the colonists throats while they slept. ”

    Wow. Just… wow…

    Sad to see someone of an oppressed race spreading such lies. Your history is twisted, dude.

    As to the genetic origins of all men, genetic markers and tracing those markers (by scientists who study this type of thing for a living) show that we ALL originate from a black race of people in Africa and migrated out of that continent over hundreds of thousands of years. (Anyone believing the Cain and Abel story also probably believes in Tinker Bell, that’s a myth that was borrowed by ancient Hebrew writers of the Torah from a story told throughout ancient history by the Sumerians and others.)

    Bascially: We’re all niggers.

    Both genetically and philosophically.

    Other than the “entitled” 1%, BELIEVE me, we are all under the thumb of the man and are all niggers. Some of us deal with it better than others. Some of us choose to strive and educate our selves and work for everything we’ve got. Some of us choose to get by with working as little as possible and taking any kind of hand-out we can get, BOTH whites and blacks.

    I have a neighbor that is on disability. She supposedly got this from a “bad back” and she’s out there doing what anyone else can do, zero bad back. She takes and takes and takes from the government, pays almost zero taxes or any kind of healthcare. She’s a fat, lazy idiot who thinks there’s “too much government” but is the first in line to take from that government.

    That fat old bigoted narrow-minded white woman is the biggest nigger I know.

    So, spark up, sit back, relax and remember: We’re all niggers.

    Who is it that said “The woman is the nigger of the world” ????

    That’s right: Yoko Ono, and I think she’s about the wisest person alive on this earth.

  110. Eric says:

    @Dallas actually the slave owner did not benefit from free labor anymore than the slave received free room& board.

    Slaves were purchased from other blacks who had political and economic power and were a way to rid his land of undesirables. Slaves were purchased to do labor and the cost of purchase against the labor plus the cost to feed, house and clothe and hire a supervisor to oversee, discipline the slaves and such were costs, slaves that ran away had to be tracked down so as to not lose out their investment and not to set an example of others being able to escape labor. Slaves were treated as draft animals that were more useful but also often more willful.

    The origin of the name was not a slur, nor is there a german word negger meaning plowman. The name Schwarzenegger breaks down to Schwarzen meaning dark or black and egger meaning tiller or harrower. So basically it can translate to something close to Black plowman, but Arnold Schwarzenegger may speak German, he is not a linguist any more than the millions of Americans who speak English know the etymologies of various words in their own language.

  111. BIGG CHIEF says:


    I hear you, I do brother…… No doubt about it. Contest the facts not the emotion. You couldn’t possibly believe that some sickly monkey man who sailed on a boat allllllll the way from Europe got here to Turtle Island and had a sworn enemy who sought to destroy him upon arrival on his front doorstep…….That is preposterous. A monkey who’s source of a meal was eating Leather boots….. come on stop it. It is well documented that the natives helped, hence thanksgiving day Thanks for the Givings…… The trips back to Europe with the natives OMG I digress.
    What a waste of time!! I apologize to my self SMS…ignant ass

  112. youlookinatmeasseyes says:

    alkebulan: your an idiot! the word “cracker” designed for the white man was created due to the sound of a whip cracking in the air when slaves were tortured and beaten. Oh, and if you want to talk reparations? Just remember there were white slaves too!

  113. American-American says:

    I know a great deal of Black people. All were born in America of Parents that were Born in America. (I will assume they are all citizens) None of these people were ever owned, chained, beaten by masters. All of these people make issues over race when no other race in the room do. All of these people are sensitive to segregation as if it is a bad thing. Each of these people prefer to be referred to as “African American”.
    The Jewish friends I have don’t make an issue every time someone says “It’s so hot, I’m burning up” or the words oven, Nazi, or camp. The Jews Were Treated worse and killed, and today they don’t make all of society alter their speech just because distant relatives went through hell. I guess they are just a stronger people.
    Jet magazine, BET,, Black News, United Negro Fund, and on and on and on. Don’t let me hear you wine about segregation when you segregate yourselves.
    When the Government ,funded by tax paying citizens, pays your mortgage, utilities, Grocery bill, or schooling, you are an ungrateful P.O.S. not to be proud of the country that gives you life and defends your freedom. YOU ARE FREE SO QUIT BITCHING AND HAVE A NORMAL LIFE WITHOUT BOTHERING OTHERS.

  114. Ken says:

    All thin “nigger” name calling would go away if, blacks would speak clear English, work hard when asked, stop complaining, dress appropriately, treat woman with respect, stop stealing , selling drugs on street corners, leave married women alone, stop blaming whites for their misfortunes , get off welfare and work if able , get off the streets at dusk, and stop getting tattoos and piercings every where. And thank God your ancestor got caught and put into slavery because that was the best thing that occurred in you ancestry. White people don’t care what color you are only if you behave civilly , use manners, and raise your children to be productive kind humans. Then you will be accepted as a decent human being and not an animal. Try it it works, so far you have made all the racists warnings come true. When you stop the above bad actions you will be welcomed .

  115. joan says:

    Ken your wrong ^^^ Not all african American people act in that manner. And you have no say so if they are welcomed or not. Son if you had any common sense you would see that if the way our ancestors treated the African American race were any different the outcome couldve been different. What really has me stunned is that you feel that they beg for our approval. Your post is a disgrace and you would think that in this time of life you would banish racism from your home. Its your ignorance and people like you that keep racism alive. Your just as selfish as our anceators were and you may want to watch that what goes around comes around we all serve the same God and hes watching us. May God Have Mercy on Your Outcome.

  116. the_dallas says:

    I just want to thank all the undereducated trolls who continue to breathe life into this blog post. It’s not even the case of you folks being shit for brains as much as it is seeing you live in a world that endorses your ignorance. Thanks dumb asses

  117. Darryl says:

    Interesting thread. I had read somewhere that “negger” was a Dutch word, derivative of “negro”, first used by the aristocracy to describe field workers who were burnt by the sun. It later became associated with the role of ploughman or farmhand, and was initially used in the slave trade as a description of what the person did, not who they were. It then became synonymous with slavery, and one race in particular regardless of profession or liberty, because of hatred, fear, and racism.

    Incidentally, I do call “rednecks” n*ggers, the two words kind of derive from the same idea (burnt by the sun), and it fits their slavish mentality.

    I agree that the USA was in large part built on “free-labour”, and some parts still rely on it (the prison industry), but I don’t think reparations is feasible. Money is nice, but it’s also a vice, and education and opportunity are better in the long run. I say teach a man to fish and then accept his invitation to go fishing. Then again, if you could identify the direct descendants of slaves and those of slave-owners, and brought a class action lawsuit, I could get behind that. (I only came here 40 years ago, and I don’t want to pay for something I had nothing to do with.)

    This must be one of the oldest threads on the Internet, by the way. Thanks for keeping the discussion going, despite the lack of sense and decency displayed by too many.

  118. Kim says:

    The German word for plowman is pflüger… This is pure idiocy.

  119. Kim says:

    The German word for plowman is pflüger… This is pure idiocy.

  120. Dallasmms says:

    Dallas, I have read most of the replies and yours. The post was very interesting. As a white man living in DALLAS TX. I can say that everyone is racist – just pick a color and you will find that person. You say to call white people niggers, well I have been calling my white friend that for years now, and it’s considered jovial and a term of endearment. I have a black friend and we had this talk 2 days ago about the word nigger and nigga. He said he never uses the word nigger for reason people express. He is from Detroit, I on the other hand grew up saying nigger, and to change that will be hard since the word is inculcated into my vocabulary.

    Ever since I hear Richard Prior come out slinging nigger all over the place it had seemed the word was acceptable – like REDNECK. But as white people embraced the word redneck, racist black people (Al Sharpton) come out saying how it discriminates solely against black people.

    Even your own finding purports that is not true, whites have been hating other whites for centuries – pick a war. All the minions that were indentured had to go fight THEIR BATTLES. With that logic we are all niggers white and black. So if a black person were to call me a nigger. it would be considered a term of endearment. Plus since my family is German, Irish (mother side) and American Indian, Irish (father side), I know for a fact none of my people every owner a person or a nigger.

    Now your post is enlightening, unfortunately you seem like a racist, when you end the post with REPARATIONS NOW your accusing me that I owe you something and I sure as FUCK don’t. That is the one thing that keeps the ongoing argument, certain people feel they are owed something from a WHITE MAN, when you don’t have a fucking thing coming from me.

    90% of Americans that originally came to America were dirt poor, since only 10% were RICH, THEY BOUGHT/OWNER A SLAVE. So your condemning the masses over something a few did by asking for reparations.

    Here is the sad part, you were never beatin or whipped, but act like you were… BY ME or my family… Thats fucked up BRO… I can’t cry about how my family was fucked over in history and the Indians here were really fucked over, but I never heard my dad bitch about it one time…..

    As far as the word goes, I think we should use it, accept it, and move on. I don’t see people calling for banning the word BITCH or BASTARD, funny we just accept it and move on.

    When people grow the fuck up and start treating other as they would like to be treated then it doesn’t matter what we call each other because we will all accept it as a term of endearment.

    Don’t worry your still my nigger….

  121. Naef Basile says:

    The overly complex historical references to the 18th century meaning/use of the words niger, negre, negro, etc., are useful only as proof that people in general are enthralled with their ability to look up irrelevant information.
    Do you want to know how the word REALLY came into the American vernacular? You won’t succeed by reading about the European origin of words that mean “black”.
    My Mother was a southern belle; the real item. Born in 1919 at the Southern tip of Georgia, (Thomasville) she and her Mother were documented Daughters of the American Revolution. She was a Methodist W.A.S.P. whose maternal side of the family (McQuaig) had been traced back to a captain whom had fought in the American Revolutionary war during the 1700s.
    As a boy, and all the way through my twenties and thirties, we would go to Ocala, Florida where she grew up, to visit her Mother and Stepfather, or we would go into a swampy, hidden area in Manor, Georgia, to a small Methodist Church to attend family funerals. The little graveyard was dotted with
    tiny worn-down tombstones from the early 1800s. Many of them had McQuaig chiseled into them. My “ancestors”.
    Now, although my Mother, (Mavis), her Mother (Maude), her stepsister (Mildred), and her Sister in-law (Melba) all spoke with the soft, genteel voice of real-life southern belles, there were times when they, and all of my Grandmother’s friends would do something which natives of the deep south have done for a couple of centuries. They would mispronounce a lot of things, constantly. For example, they all pronounced the word “upstairs” as “upstayahs”. A popular grocery store chain having the name “Piggly-Wiggly”, was too complicated to be bothered with pronouncing. It was referred to as “Piggy-Wiggy”. I grew up pronouncing the word “penny” as “pinny”. The nun at my New York grade school could not figure out why I was unable to pronounce it as “penny”, humiliating in front of the class by making me try over and over to say it correctly. It was futile. I could pronounce only “pinny”.
    I mention all of this so you will understand how the word nigger came into use during the twentieth century; (and NO, we did not have it passed down to us by Europeans of the the 1700s, regardless of whether they used the word niger, neggar, negra or negro. Where the n-word really came from was a lazy form of mispronunciation, in which white natives of the deep south developed during the 1800s. Just like anyone else, they knew that the correct word for a colored person was “negro”. But they didn’t say it that way. Why? It’s hot down South. Not the kind of hot that one experiences at a Florida beach that has a steady breeze. Inland, the deep south can be stifling during half of the year. My Mother’s generation walked slowly, pronounced words in ways which eliminated work, and enunciated those words with the characteristic drawl. The word “police” was pronounced as PO–lees, almost as if some extra iota of biochemical kinetic energy had to be generated in the “PO”, so that it would carry them to the “lees”. The word “negro” had long-ago been allowed to degenerate into “nigra”, and later, “niga”. Even the r in “nigra” was too much bother in 85-degree, humid heat in April, getting into 90+ degrees every day by June. You may notice that I spelled “niga” with one g, not two. The reason is that although all of these genteel, congenial southerners WERE racists, they were not trying to coin a new word such as “nigger” that would require two gs in it. They were saying “niga” simply because it was the easiest way to get around having to say “negro”. The truth is that in the late nineteen fifties and early sixties, they rarely saw the “colored” (pronounced “cu-lud”) in Ocala or around Manor in Georgia. The African-American residents lived in secluded rural areas, in shacks that would make you think they were still share-croppers and payed no money. Well, separation between races begets ignorance, and when I was eight years old I finally heard my Grandmother say the word nigger, because I had asked a question about a rather ragged black man whom we had just passed in the car. I was taken aback because she pronounced the word with vehemence, pronouncing the “-er” at the end of the word with hostility and telling me that “They pee in your house!” “They sneak into your house and pee on the floor!”
    You can’t make this stuff up. Reality really IS stranger than fiction. I will never forget how instantly angry she became. It was surreal because a moment before, she had been calm and composed.
    Although that bizarre outburst had brought forth a hatefully-elocuted “nigger” from an elderly southern belle, in retrospect I know that her suddenly-sharp pronunciation of the n-word had burst forth from absolutely irrational thinking. It was the first and last time that I heard her say it.
    In general though, going to the trouble of pronouncing the
    “-er” at the end of the word was not within the range of comfortable enunciation for these people. They had already dispensed of the r in “nigra”, so pronunciation of the n-word in a calm state of mind simply yielded “niga”. Adding the
    “-er” required someone to become cuckoo and advertise that he or she was a racist. The “-er” allowed them to objectify the already-segregated black people. It is horrifying that they really saw them as sub-human, but then, you already know that.

  122. Amy says:

    BIGG CHIEF and Billyz are the same as each other besides their skin color
    Ken is just as ridiculous

    To spend the time and energy correcting this type of thinking, this kind of rhetoric, is futile and a monumental waste of time because people who think like this can never see the light, or make room in their small, hateful minds for others’ opinions or even the objective facts of a matter

    For example, to propose, as Ken did, that blacks are the only ones who have sold drugs, that as a rule they disrespect women, that the majority of them are on public assistance (there are actually more white people on public assistance than blacks in this country–think Bible belt. Some of them are milking the system fraudulently while others are in a really bad spot and reluctantly accept government “hand-outs” on an interim and temporary basis, with no other choice if their children are to eat and have shelter, as they search desperately for work. Both races have welfare recipients in each category)

    The most preposterous of Ken’s comments though has to involve the allegation that blacks are piercing and tattooing themselves excessively and thus do not deserve respect. I haven’t googled or researched the stats on this particular demographic breakdown, but without doing so I’d be willing to bet $ that percentage-wise, whites are more tatted up than blacks here in the “melting pot”

  123. Kingfish Saffie says:

    Wassup, my niggas?

  124. GregSki says:

    I found some useful information, along with some humor here. I really got a good laugh at the REPARATIONS NOW comment. Anyone with half a brain knows reparations were made long ago when blacks and whites began attending school together. Now that we, as a nation, (yes, there ARE some exceptions) have become more enlightened, it’s easy to see that the plight of the modern black man is CAUSED by the modern black man. We all have the same opportunities growing up. If you choose to throw away those opportunities, you reap what you sow.
    In other words, if you gonna act buck-wild and not pay attention in school, you ain’t gonna get far.

  125. Gary says:

    I think he’s correct for the most part but another post was also partially correct.

    I mean take a look at some of these words and you decide if it was possible that the word Nigger was maybe derived from many other words associated with the slave trade since the words below are all related in some way. it isnt a far stretch to assume it was possible for slave traders and owners to use a name that describes their human livestock but didnt necessarily mean for the term to be derrogatory. Example:

    Negre = latin for black

    Negger = plowman

    Nego = black person

    Niger = a river in Africa

    Nigeria – a country in africa

    If you look at these words, tyou can kind of imagine that traders and owners that didnt speak very good english could have came up with a dirivitive of these “NON DERROGATORY” terms and the word Nigger stuck. I do not think it was meant to be derrogatory. It would be the same as like:

    “Hey Jethro, unload that truck of cows into the barn so we can clean them up and feed em”.


    “Hey Jethro, unload that truck of Niggers into the barn so we can clean them up and get em fed.”

    It was merely a term to use to call them something that distinguishes them from non slaves.

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  127. Skorpio says:

    Plowman in German is:


    Morphological analysis is Schwarz-en-egg-er. Egg is an Upper-German (i.e. Southern) variant of Ecke = corner, cognate to English edge. Here it carries an older meaning: a mountain-peak, -edge or -slope. An Egger is someone who lives there. Schwarz means black, schwarzen is an accusative or dative form, though the inflected form might be just schwarze in which case -n- is a kind of “glue” letter without meaning; both analyses are possible, you can’t tell and it doesn’t matter.

    Hence, a Schwarzenegger is someone who lives on a black mountain-peak, -edge or -slope.

    • Free Black Gay Woman says:

      I’ve never heard of a black mountain before. I’ve heard of a broke back mountain though…

      You all need to get a life and forget about the origin of the word and focus on the end.

  128. Tylin says:

    I thought the word or name whatever came to term was because of the not so smart southern slave owners couldn’t properly say niger the place where the slaves were said to come from?

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  131. tony says:

    Wow! I have never seen so many misinformed idiotic people in one place. I am a white Southern boy who worked the fields, but my God the majority of you guys are fucking idiots, and a disgrace to the white race. When I read these comments I see toothless fucking idiots that got their history from their granddaddies Uncle sister brother. fucking disgraceful.

  132. Lisa Victoria Hall says:

    This is true yet those looking at etymologies opposed to it’s origin in context. When people research they tend to look at Wikipedia and claim it truth. All entries repeatedly state “no matter its origin”. Now if that doesn’t ring suspicious. No nonBlack would admit that the word was used to describe them or those other than Black based on class & not etymology. Jews commonly called the poor Irish who lived in “ghettos” which is a Jewish term for what we know today as cluster of impoverished living together. People will believe what they want. If you look at “negger”, it’s German. Historically, who had interaction? Germans & Jews. Later, the interaction with the poor Irish

    • Lisa Victoria Hall says:

      This is true yet those looking at etymologies opposed to it’s origin in context. When people research they tend to look at Wikipedia and claim it truth. All entries repeatedly state “no matter its origin”. Now if that doesn’t ring suspicious. No nonBlack would admit that the word was used to describe them or those other than Black based on class & not etymology. Jews commonly called the poor Irish who lived in “ghettos” which is a Jewish term for what we know today as cluster of impoverished living together. People will believe what they want. If you look at “negger”, it’s German. Historically, who had interaction? Germans & Jews. Later, the interaction with the poor Irish afforded them the moniker, “nigger” as what was afforded to African POW or slaves as most refer.

    • J. Heinreich says:

      The word is “Neger”. You should really be able to spell the words, you are writing about. Germans use capitals and double g is not very german.

  133. olann says:

    One thing to say
    Chink, spick, bog trotter, honky, nigger, yellow-nigger, white-nigger, green-nigger, wop, gook, red sink, towle head, cracker (rural person who cracks a whip to drive cattle), ritz (cracker with alot on money), feather head, camel jockey, goat fucker, blue-eyed devil, yank, coon, slant eye, sand nigger, queer, seimen, fag, talking pussy, and last but not least paddy.
    Get ov’r it ya lot of bleeding cunts


  134. The Real says:

    While “nigger” is a word that is claimed by many to have certain origins, the most commonly accepted, knowledgeably described, ORIGINAL derivation of the word “nigger” is based on a pronunciation of an Egyptian word meaning “god,” transferred to the West, when Egyptians were indispensably helping to form the nation-state of Rome from a scattering of villages in the area. That was before “Germans,” per se, even existed. While one can trace usaGES from many different points in history–and perhaps claim the one that is most convenient and that makes one feel most comfortable as “the real origin”–most are simply incorrect, including you, Dallas. However, at least you know it doesn’t originally derive from Latin, as people most think it does.

    I should have known, when I read “… Abraham Lincoln has a born day on the 12th,” that I was reading the words of a person who claims to be telling a “true story” but is actually a person who can’t speak English and likely doesn’t know epistemology, for shit. “A born day.” 😂😂😂😂😂 😝

    • J. Heinreich says:

      Unlike you I learned latin and niger is a latin word. So stop your mindless lies about latin and your racist attack on roman history and history falsification.

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  140. Freddy says:

    I have a solution maybe since we hate so much we should release the nuclear bomb (funny N word) so that all the stupidity ends people need to stop hate and learn from our past so that we grow and our children grow i have seen children kiss and hug one another without hesitation they don’t care about color, religion or gender we as adults can learn from our children. When are we going to judge a person by the who they are not the by their religion, gender or color. we all belong to one race the human race. i could go on and on and bore you to tears. I love all my brothers and sister we are unique and can teach one another so many things so next time when we judge do it with an open mind and heart love to all

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