When I first heard this term ‘euthanasia’ mentioned it was in relation to the practice of mainland Chinese parents terminating their newborn female children. In my mind I think I ruminated on how hard the ‘youth in Asia’ had shit.

Here in America we like to perform abortions in the 90th tri-mester. Some call it capital punishment. I call it adult abortion. What do I know?

Here’s what I do know. The New York City police are still kicking people’s asses for no money down. Black cop is getting his licks in for real now. Just like in slavery times when the African couldn’t wait to get his hands on the whip, the NYPD’s African Americans are cruising for a bruising.

Take note party people, in 2008 anything that is Black can catch a bullet. Bears too. A Black bear in Minnesota had to get merc’ked since the wildlife officers only had bullets instead of tranquilizers. Would a polar bear have been smoked as quickly? Not so much. My favorite line from the cops is the term he used for clapping the bear’s wig – “dispatching it.”

Yep, the bear was simply sent to the land of Yogi and Boo Boo re-runs.

29 Responses to “GHETTO EUTHANASIA…”

  1. Amadeo says:

    Resisting arrest is the worst most loosely defined and easily applied charge ever. If you grab my arm and twist it behind my back my natural reaction is to fight it. Plus black people ain’t trying to get to central booking…most of the time by the time we get that far we’re fucked.

  2. Ernest Paniccioli says:

    Malcolm X said it better than I could; ” in Slavery days there were two types of slaves, the field nigger and the house nigger. The one in the house felt superior to the one in the field and loved the master more than he loved himself and the one in the field hated the master and prayed that him and his family died”
    The cop in the video is nothing more than a modern day House Nigger and I hope someone recognizes him and puts his name, address and phone number on the internet for some “peoples justice” Ernie

  3. Combat Jack says:

    video effin broke my heart. black cop went eff the eff off. wonder if dude has no remorse. surprisd though, that the cops stay allowing people to videotape their ill deeds.

  4. Enigmatik says:

    Why the hell is the video called “alleged cop beating”? Do they need another set of eyes to confirm that ol’ buddy got his legs beat in? Blue on Black crime is never wassup and neither is Black on Black crime.

    • Stormy says:

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  5. Vee says:

    I know that location!! It’s right by the entrance of the Williamsburg bridge and a couple of blocks down from a Fire and Police Department. That area has a heavy police presence. He beat that man’s leg like he was a disobediant child.

    ^Amadeo, that’s the crazy part I don’t think most people realize, without a handy video camera, resisting arrest can possibly be anything.

    The video actually says “ALLEGED COP BEATING”!?!
    alleged -adj
    1. declared or stated to be as described; asserted:
    2. doubtful; suspect; supposed:

    I wonder which definition is implied?

  6. khal says:

    Jesus Christ, what kind of shit is that.

  7. old boy got ‘dispatched’ too! smh

  8. but hold up, dont crucify me for this, but if you are under arrest and there are two cops standing over you with sticks and guns, why are you laying there with your legs sprawled out hands all far apart? in a cop’s eyes, he’s asking for an ass whoopin 🙁

  9. Enigmatik says:

    those two cops couldn’t pick his ass up though? i’m sayin…beating his legs like a pinata wasn’t necessary.

  10. Ernest Paniccioli says:

    Whoa, those fucks are trained over and over on the proper way to handcuff a suspect (what was he suspected of? Having a cold beer on a brutally hot day? What the fuck?” even a heavy suspect that (in their bitch ass opinion) is “resisting”. And who wants to spend a summer weekend in the filthy, overcrowded, hot as hell jail/court system on a bullshit ego (on the part of the oinkers) dispute?

    To quote our West Coast brethren; “Fuck The Police

    Respect to those that earn respect and deep, big money lawsuits to those that violate our rights and treat us as less than human. I want to see the loud, greasy, processed man and the other House negro RUN JESSE RUN react to this. And if our beloved Congressman Charles (give Harlem to the Whites) Rangel had anything to say from his two dozen rent controlled apartments in Harlem I have not heard him. Ernie

  11. Marvelous Mo says:

    @ Maestro:
    “but hold up, dont crucify me for this, but if you are under arrest and there are two cops standing over you with sticks and guns, why are you laying there with your legs sprawled out hands all far apart? in a cop’s eyes, he’s asking for an ass whoopin”

    they were twisting his arm like they were doing the human version of Twizzler candy. i don’t know how possible this is, but if your arm is being twisted before its going behind your back and then as they pull towards your back to cuff you the twisting sensation feels as if your wrist & forearm are going to snap, I think i would cry and separate my arms as well.

    I’m just saying…

    Those cops are going to get away with it…as usual. Where’s Gov Patterson on shit like this. Bloomberg obviously don’t give a rats ass, maybe Patterson can shake the trees now.

    @ Vee:

    “The video actually says “ALLEGED COP BEATING”!?!
    alleged -adj
    1. declared or stated to be as described; asserted:
    2. doubtful; suspect; supposed:

    I wonder which definition is implied?”

    you forgot 3. doubtful unless done to white.

    in that case, #3 was applied to the video.

    @ Dallas:
    funny you posted this video up. i was in the mirror last night getting ready for bed and I took a one good look at myself wondering how different my life would be if I lived as an enemy of the law: getting arrested for being at the wrong place at the wrong time, getting assaulted & abused, having no one BELIEVE my innocence, better yet, having proof I’m innocent, having the law still rule in favor of the cops, and then still catch hell for fighting for my rights as an innocent woman.

    I had to thank Da God J. C. that I haven’t been in that position.

  12. 40 says:

    I feel sorry for dude… Even though I don’t know what created this situation, from the clip dude didn’t look like a major threat (unlike Soulja Girl on the train in ATL, who could have used a few wallops), and caught the brunt of that cops “bad day”. But I’m not gonna give this ninja his Mother Theresa pass just yet. Having caught a billy club once or thrice in my life them shits hurt, and those were the hardwood ones, this guy has the telescoping metal shit. Plus them Charlie Murphy type shots to the legs ain’t nothing to fool with, looked like something out of 60’s or 80’s South African archival footage.

    But this also leads me down another path, the tenuous relationship between police and people. I find that relatively innocent people become the victim of overzealousness (especially in the plain sight of day like this) by po-po, because its like this is how they establish their fake ass street cred in their precincts. Which to me isn’t proper policing but further blurs the lines of cops and the criminals they’re supposed to apprehend. Whereas the NYPD (and other PD’s) love to say “They thought they were a big gang, but we’re the biggest gang in the city!” they’ve also shameless maintained the same tactics to inflict their will. This just as problematic when police activity hurts Average Joe standing on the periphery, just like when some innocent gets victimized ala “stray bullet” from gang activity.

  13. Combat Jack says:

    Why the hell is the video called “alleged cop beating”?

    Thought the same thing. Regardless if ole dude is guilty or not, we are supposed the be “innocent” until proven guilty. Getting yer limbs tenderized by poh-lice aint showing no deference to the law or to this man’s humanity. Even if dude did some crackheaded shit, I hope he sues the shit outta the NYPD.

  14. khal says:

    Maestro aka Mr. 3 Peat Says:

    July 31st, 2008 at 11:02 am
    but hold up, dont crucify me for this, but if you are under arrest and there are two cops standing over you with sticks and guns, why are you laying there with your legs sprawled out hands all far apart? in a cop’s eyes, he’s asking for an ass whoopin


    are you serious? if they seriously thought he was a threat (although i’ve seen crazier arrest resisting on COPS without a nigga getting beat), why not pull out the mace first? the one cop throws down the club, so the darkskin PICKS IT UP AND BEATS DUDE IN THE LEGS? his arms were twisting, yes… when not hit his arms? or why not do like the other cops do and scream STOP RESISTING! STOP RESISTING. Nah, they roll around with dude and start busting his kneecaps? COME ON!

  15. Ernest Paniccioli says:

    Imagine if the man getting beat and beat and beat and beat go to Federal court on a civil rights case. Wins. Gets a multi million dollar settlement.
    Imagine if he sues them in civil court as well (takes this shit PERSONAL) and wins.
    Imagine if he uses the money to take out a contract on the “Slugger” and has his legs broke, not once, but twice.
    Imagine this is called JUSTICE.

  16. Vee says:

    ^Maestro aka Mr. 3 Peat,

    I just say this. We did not see exactly what happened before his arrest and “alleged” beating. We do not know exactly what he did. If we’re informed that he attacked and attempted to molest or harm a 10-year girl then I imagine there will be little to no controversy.

    However, if their goal is to get the alleged criminal to stand up, why would the police officer attempt to disable the culprit’s legs?

    Either way you interpret the video, that police officer will eventually offer an explanation to his superiors and maybe a judge.

  17. Tony says:

    Holy shit, looked like it hurt. And what the hell happened to the guy in the first photo? Looks like somebody treated his face the same way they did the guy’s legs in the video clip.

    And the bear reference . . . Fucking funny and ironic considering that global warming is doing its best to take out the polar bears . . . Makes you wonder.

  18. the_dallas says:

    I got my ass kicked by police on some medieval shit one night right before they arrested me. True story is that I made four detectives chase my ass down to get me in cuffs. They could have just as easily shot me since I had a rucksack on my back filled with steel tools.

    We don’t know what happened prior to the ass whooping but I suspect that ol’ boy had his chance to go quietly. Most, not all, but most Black cops wont get all terrordome on you if you just be easy. Suck your teeth to a jig cop and you will feel the wrath.

  19. henry says:

    wow dallas, didnt know u got down like that, i can see u and rafi on cops

  20. the_dallas says:

    That was a loooong time ago

  21. Marvelous Mo says:

    yo Dallas,

    I just peeped that old drop with the vintage pics… It’s hard to believe you were into that sort of lifestyle now that you have all that “jigging love” around your torso. Those vintage pics tell me that you could have ran 1 mile with 30 lbs on your back and still out run the cops.

    and you look so different with no facial hair, b. I like the “bear” look anyway.

    kudos, meng.

  22. Marvelous Mo says:


    I’m not calling you a jig, but i meant to type “jiggling.”

  23. R. Diddy says:

    wow…i been waitin forever to hear that story about how u did ur bid…always obeyed the code of never asking so that link had me tuned in…u were right, your homies shoulda have ran..three different from cincinnati so shit running would def be a quick way to have your life story wrtten on an obituary…good writing chief

  24. Damn, Detroit is seriouisly FUCKED… I was watching this youtube video posted on DailyMotion and had no idea the city was reduced to rubble. It’s literally in ruins. A Tour Of Detroit’s Ghetto 2011

  25. John Patrick says:

    I was wondering if the OP could tell me what’s the name of that site which offers unlimited criminal background checks? I know for sure it’s not net detective, I have previously tried them and it’s better than that. I know I had an account with them like four years ago, but I guess I just forgot the website. I’m pretty sure it costs under $20 for the lifetime membership. If anyone knows what site I am referring to, please let me know.

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