CAMDEN is Rated Most Gully U.S. City

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For two years in a row the city of Camden takes the title as the most dangerous place in these United States. For the last several decades Camden, New Jersey has beeen a picturesque town for the blight that is the result when manufacturing engines vacate a region.

I feel bad for Camden because I know good people that come from that town. The only problem with Camden is that it is a rather small city with a big city crime rate. I blame the jigs from Philadelphia that cross the river to New Jersey just to kill and rape folks. The list for the rest of the ‘most dangerous’ U.S. cities is as follows…

2. Detroit – I have been to the ‘D’ and it is hell’a fucked up. At least the jig mayor passed legislation for an official ‘KILL WHITE TEE!‘ day in honor of ANGELA DAVIS.
3. St. Louis – The ‘LOU’ is part of the top three and I think that the St.Louis Cardinals baseball team is responsible for the town’s bad vibe. The Cardinals choke in the playoffs every year and this just sets the example for the high rate of domestic violence in this city.
4. Flint – I think that Flint should be the actual #1 or #2 most dangerous city because of the violent acts committed per capita residents. There are only about 100 people still left in Flint and it turns out that ALL of them have arrest records.
5. Richmond – Apparently, ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ is the theme song for this city.
6. Baltimore – All you need to do is watch the first season DVD of ‘The Wire‘ to know how gully Baltimore is.
7. Atlanta – A whole lot of jigs move to the town = a whole lot of motherfuckers getting stabbed and shot the fuck up. Any questions?!?
8. New Orleans – Don’t sass a police in front of your own home, even if you are a 65 year old man.
9. Gary, Indiana – Where the hell is Gary, Indiana?
10. Birmingham – Forty years after KING preached and marched through this city the jigs are busy beating the shit out of each other on the regulack. I HAD a dream!

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