‘Ye Tudda Lets His Soul Glow…


Okay, so I don’t totally feel a kind of way about missing the ‘Rock The Bells’ show this past weekend. That was my fault anyhoo for not securing my tickets months ago.

I wasn’t really pressed though because I knew I was going to see ‘Ye Tudda at Madison Square Garden for the NYC leg of his ‘Glow In The Dark’ tour. I’m sure that ‘RTB’ was definitely some historic shit too, but after seeing Cons 2 The Quence, Lupe Fiasco, N.E.R.D. and Mr.West all put it down I am ready to buy a ticket to the encore performance tonight. It was that good. KanYe was that good. [ll].

Before I recap the impressions I got from the show I wanted to do a drop with some of my favorite pics from the night. I can’t remember the last time I was at the Garden and the energy was this sky high. It was like a Knicks playoff game, except there were hell’a more sexy women, including the lovely C.S. I usually take her out on Tuesday nights to the free movie that her Optimum Rewards card gets us. We sneak some Chipotle into the theater and watch some shit like ‘Step Brothers’ or whatever. Last night I took my lady to a first class show. Complete with front row tickets courtesy of Universal Island Def Jam Roc-A-Fella. Did I say Interscope too?


Really real front row sonn!

A whole lot of folks were in the building to catch this concert which has been buzzed about as one of the greatest Hip-Hop shows of all time. Whenever I hear someone give something that extra hyperbole I always get skeptical. I’ve seen a whole lot of Hip-Hop shows and for a show to be the greatest it has to bring that shit from the beginning to the end.

This show brought it. And then some.

Okay, okay, let me show you some pics first…


The original Retro Kids. Yeah, that’s an oxymoron, but you get my point I hope. Props to the high top fades a/k/a the Negro Mullet.


Mr. Bentley gets slowed down a bit at the Will Call window. If only Fonsworth had fucked with the iNternets Celebrities concert etiquette video he would have known Concert Rule #1: Make sure your shit is on the list.



Hipster rap douchebag phenomenon Double-O a/k/a “I ain’t dead motherfuckers!” a/k/a Ferrrrrrnando. Dub-O is a funny dude who loves Hip-Hop and doesn’t take his stardom too seriously. His group, Kidz In The Hall, is poised to be the next thing blowing up from the Chi.


Oh Shit Alert! Maxwell cut off his damn hair.


Wale is my nigga. He just returned from a quick tour overseas. I asked him how he liked it and he said, “over-rated”. I have to ask him more about that since he is Nigerian and there is a shiiteload of folks from Lagos living in London. I wonder if his countrymen didn’t have no love for the kid. No matter, I fucks with Wale [ll].


Guess who got himself a new sippie cup for those long hours of blogging in his mom’s basement? It’s me bitches!


The Air Max Griffey in the Blu Cheez colorway. Still only my second favorite sneaker at the concert. ‘Ye Tudda sported two different colorways of the Air Yeezy. After I copp those I will officially retire from the sneaker game.


My second favorite picture from the concert is of Skateboard P’s earring. That shit cost more money than the car I drive.



My favorite moment of the night… During the N.E.R.D. set I tried to get in a pic with Bussa Bus. Dude gave me the “SHHHH” sound and told me to “pay attention to the show”. Busta is truly out of his mind so I took the pic anyhoo. Then Busta realized that it only takes a second to make a new fan.

Come back here in the afternoon for my concert recap.



25 Responses to “‘Ye Tudda Lets His Soul Glow…”

  1. monique r. says:

    wale the bulldog!

  2. Dan Love says:

    Nike NEED to retro the Griffeys asap. Love those kicks.

  3. 40 says:

    The comedy of Bussa Bus telling you to “SHHHH” while he’s wearing a Bluetooth at a frickin’ concert…. N!&&@$

    Interested in the recap… I loathe Loopy, but I’ve heard from multiple people in different cities that this was a great concert/tour.

  4. I’m just glad Busta didn’t ‘roid out on you.

  5. Vee says:

    Man, my night was sooo much better. I went out for drinks after work then went home, started drawing a little bit and fell asleep because of the earlier 2 dirty martinis. My night was exciting!! 😐

    Damn, I keep hearing about that concert! Yo D, yeah you better be careful because Busta may truly roid out on you for general purposes.

    How was the extravagant light show?!?

    Man I hop Mad Max drops a new joint soon with his backing band Muse.

  6. CeezDiem says:

    Goin tonight! And lookin forward to that shit like a mug.

    Didnt bring my camera though. oops

  7. Patrick says:

    lol thought Busta was gonna blank you, he’s been known for that shit..

    i got nosebleed seats for GITD tour in the U.K, and i still went crazy for every song..

    Did you get any video footage?!

  8. Marvelous Mo says:

    oh snap, Kenny was there (Retro Kid)?

    Oh Snap x 2, you got the best pics! cant wait for the recap!

  9. the_dallas says:

    Yeah, Busta was ready to black out after I took the first pic.

    His bodyguard/handler had the look like “damn sonn why did you do that?”

    I guess big homie’s anger management classes have been working.

  10. Cashus Clay says:

    I caught the GiTD back in may here in Montreal and it was absolutely insane Also daps for having the Balls to snap a pic with The Roid Macine known as Busta

  11. Enigmatik says:

    I’m surprised Busta didn’t try to choke you out in the second pic…you know, “accidentally”

    Dope pics, D.

  12. Grand Master says:

    i was gonna give you props on GP for takin a pic with bussa, but i don’t have shit to say that these dudes aint already.

    shame too, bc you coulda been that next man cakin off a rapstar in the courtroom… nahh.

    shit, you really effin with the A-list now… as opposed to effin with the ‘a’ list if you get what im saying (pause).

  13. 40 says:

    LOL @ Dallas…

    We’ll have to try that next time we’re out… Even if its you taking the picture of yourself…

  14. Candice says:

    You were THAT close to Maxwell and you didn’t throw him in a damn burlap bag and ship him off to your homegirl??????

  15. Big Homie says:


    Much respect to him and his hustle and getting DC on the map. Hands down this show was bananas. I saw the joint in DC back in May and Kanye puts it all into his performance. Got to give the man his props. Glad you made the show DP. Cosign this post to the fullest.

    LMAO at the picture of you with Bentley.

  16. Zilla Rocca says:


    Those Griffey’s are niiiccee! They’re more relevant than his old ass gimping around in CF for the White Sox

  17. LL says:

    great show..I was there and mad I missed my chance to meet Mr. IC! :(……lol, when Pharell said Busta here, I was looking around hoping he would get on stage!

  18. DirtyJerz says:

    DP, that ni99a Bussa need ta’ grow some dreads back on his Donkey Kong ass neck….I think thats whats makin this dude such a jerk….thats not a bluetooth, its a device that sends tiny molecular steroidal electrodes straight from the ear to the neck. It also curbs violent mood swings, and thats why he opted to take a photo with you rather than choke you the f*ck out.

    And the Griffey’s were Hardbody fa’ realla!

  19. DirtyJerz says:

    Ayo DP, is that a cottonball in ya’ ear, B? Hey, safety first!

  20. the_dallas says:

    The sound up front was reeeeeeederkulous. I took them out for KanYe’s set though. If I hadn’t put them in my ears from earlier my head would still be ringing.

    Zilla Rocca, Dan Love,
    Maybe we should petition Nike to retro those Air max Griffeys? Them shits is def more hardbody than the Neon Deions.

  21. Enigmatik says:

    ^that’s a funk spore from the potatoes collecting inside his ear

  22. R. Diddy says:

    Yea, co sign to just about everything written..when do those yeezy’s come out? Might keep one on ice and rock around Sunset in the other…good photography YO…close

  23. Mari says:

    The comedy of Bussa Bus telling you to “SHHHH” while he’s wearing a Bluetooth at a frickin’ concert…. N!&&@$ –I AGREE

    THISSSSS NI**A!! eigth Dollas

    It ONLY takes a second to make a new FAN and a new Dollla.

    Nicca this aint no LIBRARY–this tha livest show on earth!!


    cool blog thanks 4 sharing


  24. master cheef says:

    i wouldnt take a pic with some lame that had his collar popped either.

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