After Kaiju, The Pardon Me Duke BBQ…

pmd bbq
pmd bbq
pmd bbq

The party doesn’t stop this weekend as the family puts it down in Flatbush.

Bring your own bottle Brooklyn.

3 Responses to “After Kaiju, The Pardon Me Duke BBQ…”

  1. O-Easy says:

    East FLatbush, brah. Please make that correction.

  2. Mr. Hurtz says:

    Dallas, O is right but at the same time that night the whole of Brooklyn will be represented. Bring out the Burden Clothing fam, and I already know Dallas will be wilding out.

  3. […] So our annual Backyard Bashment is coming fast. If you’re trying to have a great time for FREE this is where you need to be my Dukes. I know a certain internet Celebrity x UMA Winner will be there too. So get your fresh cut, do and what not to bumboclaat. This one yah sell off!!!!!!. And in celebration of Usain Bolt and the rest of Jamaicas track x field team winning I will be busting the “Nuh Linga” at BB4!!! […]

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