After The Show, And Yet Before The Afterparty…

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There is a nebulous area in entertainment between the show and the afterparty. It is called the parking garage. This is where entertainers wait for the horses and carriages to chaffeur them off to the the next thing.

If you hang with 40 Diesel then you will have access to this place that even your press credentials couldn’t provide.

Take a few minutes to enjoy the dialogue we shared with some of our favorite rappers and entertainers who entered the zone otherwise known as the 2008 Vh-1 Hip-Hop Honors Aftershow Parking Garage Party.

Okay, my bad that was ridiculously long. I hope these clips aren’t.

Featuring Wyclef Jean, Michael Rappaport, Ahmir ?uestlove Thompson, PMD, Fat Joe, BizMark, Dave from De La, Fab 5 Fredddy and the unstoppable, irrepressible obama eliminator, 40 Diesel.

20 Responses to “After The Show, And Yet Before The Afterparty…”

  1. Marvelous Mo says:

    40, I’m so mad at you for what we spoke about in the Lobby about Star.

    I’m still trippin off of that. seriously. trippin like i smoked bad weed….

    lmao im so serious !

  2. 40 says:

    I’m sorry…. Its all love Mo!!!

    I didn’t mean to be the source of any contention love!

    BTW… It sucks when you’re a foot taller than your favorite rappers…

  3. YSL says:

    Enjoyed the video footage in between the awards ceremony and the after party.

  4. Robbie says:

    I can’t tell if Plug 2 was bored or just blunted?

  5. Marvelous Mo says:

    40 its all good. I’m just trying to figure out out of millions of black chicks in NYC how you found out it was me! lol

    that’s hot!

    That DP spaceship is not to be slept on, yall!

  6. DirtyJerz says:

    Word is Bawn! Mo, I luv ya’ like a likkle sis, but ya’ lookin’ like a plate of straight fiya! Do ya thing, girl!

  7. CAKE says:


    the answer is blunted, he’s hittin a backdoor here in lon-don, and he often has that look about him…… “stunted and………..”

    [fyi – she’s as dull as dishwater but has a ‘back door’ like gianna michaels] !


    sorry dallas but ostensibly, you caught the vapors, singin some BIZ shit…and i knows ya gotta profile a little….trust me negro, ive done it……

    but on the really real?

    that’s on some kids stuff…. hold up yer head fella, get grown !!

    im celebratin, not hatin, seriously, and many many thanks fr some choice schnorr-fest footage

    peacey-weace from london

    be well


  8. Soundwave says:

    Dallas you are doing a fan-fucking-tastic job. From Do Crime Productions to Good looking on those crispy whites. Rod Laver…classy man classy.

  9. Um, Cake? it sounds to me like you’re jealous that its not you getting “backdoor’d” by an American Boy.

    PS. when you say “profile a little”, is that a code word for sucking a d*ck? you mean, you’ve done that? word homie? you nasty.

    PS2-What in the RuPaul kinda salutation is Peacey Wease?

  10. rafi says:

    Damn, I should have come out of mom’s basement.

  11. CAKE says:

    FAO Peacey Friggin Weace from Cali

    You obviously have difficulty in rendering ebonics from another era of Hip-Hop, either that, or it is yourself that is a big lady-boy

    ‘Profile’ :

    ‘Peacey Weace’ is in actual factual, a Cali term, it’s from a PUTS track off OST

    Keep up kid….

  12. persuede says:

    Wow! From Quest to Biz to Fab5…what a fantastic set of videos! DP you’ve outdone yourself….

  13. Mr. Cake, lets put aside all the “tender” references-(profile, backdoor, peacey weace), the fact that you would go out of your way to use “ebonics” and a hip hop slang dictionary(!?!?!?) to talk to anyone, is downright disturbing.
    At any rate,
    Peacey Weacey, my Greacey Neacey!LOL

    BTW- P.U.T.S. suck

  14. Dart_Adams says:

    Damn, that looked like it was one hell of night all around.

    The student can’t be greater than the teacher © 40 Diesel

    40 was speaking real words at the conclusion of the night’s footage.


  15. DirtyJerz says:

    Word is Bawn! It looked like the parking garage was the blind spot for vh1 staff, made for great footage tho!…wish I was there,B.
    Funniest part—>40 Diesel pollying all night with a stack of like a thousand Hip Honors Cups. Nice!

  16. jdotnicholas says:

    Man, that’s what’s up. Keep pushing for greatness.

  17. CAKE says:

    yer right Peacey Friggin Weace from Cali,

    PUTS are pretty wack yeh…so

    oh, btw. your ability to comprehend/ recognise Rap slang was the reason for the usage of a DICK tionary….

    go play on the motorway little man !

  18. Gina says:

    * bowing * I’m not worthy…You owned that. Michael Rappaport has been down since his first Spike Lee Joint and I respect Y Clef ( and his comrade, Matt Damon )for feeding the needy in Haiti. More needs to be done, but congratulations to you!

  19. Gina says:

    My main man Fab 5 Fredddy! He was paying YOU respect! You the man, DP!

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