World Series ’08: Philadelphia Is Burning…


So I have to wait until next year to see if JIMMY ROLLINS gets beaned.

Philadelphia housewives rejoice. You’ve been given a reprieve from your annual ritual domestic abuse sessions that usually followed the Phillies late season collapses. Just in time for the end of Domestic Violence Awareness month also.

The ass whuppings will commence again beginning during Thanksgiving as the Eagles fall to last place in the NFC East division.

The only Philly I fucks with is Philly’s Most Wanted…

‘Please Don’t Mind’

9 Responses to “World Series ’08: Philadelphia Is Burning…”

  1. Oh no, you didn’t just bring that song back.

  2. And I propose the idea of the only Philly that I fucks with being the cheesesteak.

  3. Candice says:

    My husband was gloating talking about the William Penn curse being broken. Not in FOOTBALL. LOL

  4. mek dot says:

    philly’s most wanted: the clipse that never were. shit i got this cut in my ipod.

  5. Gina says:

    LMAO@ that photo…
    Iwould fux with a cheesesteak if I could…I always liked that song.

  6. Damon Brown says:

    Suckas Pt. 2 ft. Beanie Sigel was pretty amazing, as was Cross The Border. The rest of the album = asscheeks.

  7. the_dallas says:

    DB you ain’t neva lie. My HD has only three PMW tracks. The one above, Suckas and Suckas pt.2

    I have begun to ask myself how was it that the Neptunes had rap music production on lock so hardbody for those years they were in charge. All their shit sounds monotonously mediocre. They got a few hits, but they recycle their beats more than brown paper bags

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