M.S.G. Is The Land Of The Loss…


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Here’s how I get down. I fucks with baseball hardbody until the last game of the season ubless the World Series is some corny shit like the White Sox, Devil Rays, St. Louis or Philadelphia. Otherwise I shift to football in the Fall and Winter. I don’t start really fucksing with the Association until the NFL Playoffs. By then it is late December and still fairly early in the season. Most teams let their rosters have a few months to gel before the midway point in the season and the trading deadline looms.

The NY Knicks have another new head coach to begin the season with so I assumed there wouldn’t be anything too much going on with them until January or February. Guess what? The Knicks get on some back page hater shit and try to rip the headlines from the Super Bowl champ Giants and the improbable Jets by trading their two(2) best players. Huh?!? How did this happen? Isn’t ISIAH THOMAS off sleeping away the million dollar migraine that his angry lesbian assistant socked him with? Who the fuck pulled the trigger on this deal?

the mgmt


No matter who the Knicks have sitting in the top spot there is some bad judgment being displayed. JAMAL CRAWFORD and ZACK RANDOLPH were the only two Knicks with game on a night-in, night-out basis. Who the hell is going to score the basketball for these guys now. The Knicks are going to have to lead the league in field goal attempts at 200 per game if we want to get into the playoffs this year.

No one on the team except cheezburger DAVID LEE is shooting better than 50% from the field. As a matter of fact, our latest acquisition AL HARRINGTON is shooting better from 3pt. range than he is from inside the arc. That is NEVER a good thing even if you were LARRY BIRD. I can’t see why LeBRON would even want to bother signing with the Knicks as a free agent? He can get the same endorsement money from the Italian league and way better pasta at 3am.

starbury x ja

NY Is 4 Losers

I’m sorry that Starbury didn’t have the triumphant return to NYC that we had all hoped for the lil’ big skull boy. It’s time now for dude to go into one of those pylon portals and transport himself to another dimension or maybe just back in time, when he was really good, and NY basketball was worth watching.

CHA’ KA says
Damn! That fool skullpiece is jurassic.

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  1. 40 says:

    This team needed blowing up years ago, yet no one had the balls to use the term “REBUILDING”. The Knicks have been a travesty to watch for years at $100M worth of salary, as someone understanding the long term (a whopping season and a half to go) this trade was a great move and I don’t think we’re done with getting rid of these pork barrel players who all got retirement deals with the Knicks. We’re now setting ourselves up not land 2 major FA’s in ’10… For now if you want entertainment D’Antoni should just implement his fun and gun uptempo style with a bunch of dudes from 155th to fill in the roster… Or you can listen to that steaming dung pile of a Kanye album as another option…

  2. big rils says:

    I have to disagree with you here – I thought these moves were fantastic. They freed up about $30 million in cap space for 2010. Add in the fact that they should have a couple more high draft picks (Donnie Walsh has proved to be a capable drafter in the past – see Danny Granger), and that they have some decent young talent on the roster (Lee, Nate Robinson, Wilson Chandler, etc.), and they might have a chance at signing a big name free agent. LBJ might get a $50 million bonus from Nike just for signing in NY, and if it’s not him, dudes like Wade, Bosh, ‘Melo, and Amare could all be free agents.

    Either way – Randolph and Crawford were not the answer for the Knicks. Randolph is an overrated player who plays zero defense (KG proved last year how valuable that is). Crawford has some game, but he shoots a poor percentage and was overpaid.

    In the end, their record will be no worse with the new roster and they have much more roster flexibility going forward, which is the main thing that Isiaih did not understand about running an NBA franchise. The Knicks are looking good for 2010 and beyond.

  3. Nattiez says:

    I know this is all about the future and us hardcore fans having dying slow for a while. I hear all of the good shit people have to say and i agree but i also agree with DP. Jamal and Zach filled it up every night and played with heart. I love Quints heart, he is doing better but still looks a little plump after that back surgery but he plays with smarts and heart. I wondered how we were going to get point but as i watched on friday, they just all chuck it up, PERIOD. its apparently is going to be by volume scoring. I know this is about the next couple of years but seriously we have been getting gutted emotionally for too long to really get excited. I think i remember the Bulls cleaning out all kinds of cap space and ended up singing Eddie robinson or some dumb shit cause noone wanted to come and play there. People look at Boston but the Knicks dont have a Paul Pierce to build on.I hope there is some other shit besides HUGE CITY TAXES and the shitty dirty city we will have after bloomberg gives all the money to his rich boys and leaves the rest of us to battle it out in the street.

    In the end, i hate it, because we have been sitting here since the Horrible Ewing trade trying to give a shit. A few years of LJ and spree helped but in reality, its been shitty since they wouldnt just let Pat retire. I dont have any more patience for whats coming. Im was sorta amped for this year, if only to rebuild some pride and a team that mans up. we didnt have time to feel that. now its back to the mix up mash up, wait for next year shit and I dont think i can watch. I think im packing it in until next year. It hurts to say, but i cant take it. I wont be a bitch and change up teams, but i just cant take watching right now.

    I let my season tickets go last year. I couldnt spend anymore promise money.

    Im done till these rich S.O.B.’s figure out how to put a product on the floor that us po’folks care to give a shit about.

  4. 40 says:

    The fact of the matter though is that we had to destroy to rebuild this team. I’ve been waiting for his slash and burn for a while but we just never had any thing that anybody wanted… We had a $100M payroll and was getting 26 wins a season – what part of the game is that? Hey at least now I got a better understanding why they won’t be world beaters now. The Knicks were like Wall Street – all this money flash and glitz with no results other than their bonuses. But unlike Wall Street, Walsh ain’t handing out economic bailouts, he’s tightening the belt, making moves and gonna build this from the ground up. The Knicks weren’t winning anything this year at all so with the season a wash why not make a move?

    BTW – lets not forget a Paul Pierce led Pistons also went 20-62 before they got Ray-Ray and KG. Also remember the big knock on Boston going into last season is that they mortgaged their bench for the sake of the trades… Shows how much they knew. I don’t need one winning season, I need the tradition returned to the Garden, and if this means a season or two of mediocrity after the last 7 then I got no complaints. For once we have in place in the Knicks front office what we haven’t had in years – A PLAN OF ATTACK.

  5. 40 says:

    *UGH – Celtics not Pistons

  6. Ghostnyc says:

    only reason Zach and Craw were playing so well was b/c D’Antoni and Walsh put them on display in order to pique interest. they were never going to stick around

  7. LM says:

    With 40 and big rils all the way. These moves needed to start happening a long time ago; even Isiah should have recognized he was headed down a dead-end street.

  8. Marvelous Mo says:

    I got amped when I saw this daily news sports page, but Ron Mexico clarified that the Knicks made room to acquire star players and didn’t get James.


    I’ll start to care about basketball again if Knicks acquire King James. But until then, it’s about Jets & Giants kicking ass all the way to the finals.

  9. Nattiez says:

    No doubt 40 and LM!!!!!!!! you are correct. it just hurts. i know we all have to take our medicine. I ache for the days of getting on the train and having Knicks convos with strangers. there is nothing like it when they Knicks are playing well. not even the Yanks have the same kind of love. I hear you on the Wall street think and will take it further, its WALL street that allowe us to get so shitty. the Garden had become the bar for Wall street dudes and their nut riding boys. the only true knick fans were those of us stuck in the top level in our same seats. the rest were suits who were making deals and never got off of their hands to cheer or anything. as long and Punk assssssss Dolan was getting money, we didnt matter. fake ass sell out and people still wanting to go to a knick game. That ran out last year. I said fuck it and people i knew stopped asking. Sadly it took this to happen for anyone at MSG to give a shit, but that wall street money and people paying for tickets they didnt use allowed for Dolan not to care cause he still has Cablevison money and i think i read that the Knicks are less the 1% of the cablevison budget so he doesnt give a shit.

    I hope real life begins to apply to the Garden again and their shitty execs cause the street has stopped caring and more important, stopped spending money on that bullshit.


  10. the_dallas says:

    The Knicks don’t have two years to rebuild and they shouldn’t have to wait until the next decade to be competitive. They brought in a coach that likes to run and gun, they had players that love to shoot, what was the problem?

    You are telling me that in two-three years I have to wait for this team to possibly make the playoffs?

    We’ll continue this conversation around the All Star break.

  11. Dart_Adams says:

    In order for this to work you need to make it so that the franchise doesn’t look completely clueless and inept before you try to bring in star players. You also need to have a semblance of a strong foundation in place to lure big name talent to a city.

    The Celtics had a great player in Paul Pierce, a defensive stopper in Kendrick Perkins and a defensive stopper and a mulitalented lead guard in Rajon Rondo plus a bench loaded with young talent and an excellent coaching staff that just needed players. When Boston got Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett they were able to go out and recruit more veterans to join the team. One year later, they’re regarded as one of the best defensive teams in recent NBA history and they raised number 17 to the rafters in the only Garden in the NBA that matters.

    We need New York back for the NBA to be “right” in my opinion. New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles (Lakers) should stay competitive because they’re all major markets.

    Too bad the Knicks brass is lookin’ like a gang of retards right about now.


  12. 40 says:

    Dart You Beaners (as in Bostonians) are so delusional… LOL.

    Foundation? You mean that 20-62 debacle you guys called a team? A fan base who was convinced they were ordained to get the #1 overall pick and Greg Oden and was seriously deflated when you wound up with the #5 pick? The best thing that happened to the C’s was NOT getting the #1 overall pick for those moves would have never happened – TRUE STORY.

    Lets not be revisionists now that some moves and a little luck (and the undeniable will of Kevin Garnett) got you guys a chip. (I love KG so I’m far from mad and was glad he got his). The fact is going into the season there was ALOT of trepidation of the Celtics Faithful wondering if trading away its depth and future talent for this team. No one had any idea what Benzino’s pin cushion, clueless Doc “Ubuntu” Rivers, and The Wild Mormon Danny Ainge was gonna do with his “Brain Typing” moves. The C’s front office cluelessness was only overshadowed by Isaiah “OD” Thomas gross ineptitude. I’ll give you Beaners the Pats front office genius (and as Jet fan that hurts to say) but to call current Knicks retarded or as you’d say “re-TAH-did” with out seeing the final picture is premature, as you as Celtics fans should know.

    But with all that said I do agree with you Dart that for a viable NBA you can’t have teams in cities like OK City and not have meaningful franchises in the major media markets and original teams.

    AND YES DALLAS YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT… Hell we’ve waited this fuckin’ long.

  13. LM says:

    If Lebron played home games at the Garden his supporting cast immediately would be as good as he has in Cleveland right now.

    40, you’re right about Celts fans’ trepidation before last season, but to your earlier point, while Ainge’s GMing hadn’t been distinguished before summer ’07, he had at least not run up the tab like Isiah did. His hands weren’t tied by the salary cap like the Knicks’ have been for the last four years.

    DP, easy… this is a step forward, not a step back. No Florida Marlins 1998.

  14. Dart_Adams says:

    @ 40 & LM:

    Sure there was some trepidation because the team was crap but Ainge had 3 straight excellent drafts and had acquired several players that were viable bargaining chip with every trade either because of their talents or contracts. With NONE of Boston’s deals were they ever in danger salary cap wise, either. Doc Rivers ALWAYS knew what he was doing, he just didn’t have the caliber of players to execute it. He convinced Ricky Davis and Antoine Walker to actually ball back in ’05 don’t forget. He didn’t have any viable talent on the squad after they were shipped off/let go and Paul Pierce became despondent once he was alone again and it strained his relationship with Doc and management.

    Bend don’t break…NY’s management is more like “Yeah, it’s broke but I ain’t bleeding that much!”


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