DUNKxCHANGE – ATL 11.29.08

dunk xchange

Saturday Nov. 29th, 2008
12pm – 430pm


Comes to the ‘A’ for the first time. This is an all ages afternoon event. Come thru and copp a limited edition SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE! fitted cap from me.

The Loft
1374 West Peachtree St NW
Atlanta, GA
(404) 885-1365

2 Responses to “DUNKxCHANGE – ATL 11.29.08”

  1. uggghhhhhh got me a lil aggy I’m missing this jawn now………..it’s all good tho’ even tho it’s happening on my born day…I’m coming back wit a vengeance,plus may have found a lil spizzot out here for them SB’s(we’ll see what my brova is gonna get me into)muwhahahaha…..Im here wit the fam enjoying Thanksgiving watching the LockDown(no Kanye) marathon on MSNBC about the wildest prisoners across the country……….yo!!!!!!!!!! it’s a dude making graphiti murals in his cell wit feces and this cat is shadowing and outlining every letter wit mustard…………..anywho hope yours and everyone elses meals is pleasant.

  2. P-Matik says:

    Anyone phux with SB’s at all? Those blue and white Zoom Tre’s are tight. I’m late as hell though.

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