Fixing A Flat On The Road To Stardom…


Trust me when I tell you that you dudes don’t miss i.C. movies as much as we do. I plan to attack the iNternets Celebrities site with a renewed vigor as soon as I get back to NYC. All this other shit I have been doing is fun, but I really believe the i.C.’s can make the world a better place.

There have been a lot of folks showing us love and prodding us to get back to doing what we love to do. Allow me to take a minute to acknowledge some folks that stay in our corner.

KHAL @ RockThe Dub supports DP and i.C. all day every day. Give him a shout. There’s is no one on the internets that will respond to an e-mail faster than Khal.

MHB @ Desedo Films always sends me the fresh links to opportunities in the advertising game. “One of the days, one of these days…” – Ralph Kramden

Rooftop Films @ has been real supportive of the i.C. movement by showing our films to their audiences during all kinds of different screenings. They find a way to get us into their programming.

And all of the iNternets Celebrities producers that have put their monies where OUR mouths are. You folks believe in our expressions in a very real way especially when we have an economy that is so…

Y’all already know.

Stay tuned in to the movement. We will pick up the pace in a few and get some new joints up on the YouTubes. In the meantime and in between time why don’t you take a look at a few of my i.C. related projects.

Rooftop Films interviews DP @

During the summer I attended a conference called InterestingNY where a few geeked out folks delivered small sermons about who they were and the shit they knew some shit about. I decided to speak about the bodega. Hilarity ensued. I also used the podium as a chance to kick some real shit to the congregation. They have a video of me speaking. Here it is if you feel like watching. Peace.

Dallas Penn at Interesting New York from David Nottoli on Vimeo.

12 Responses to “Fixing A Flat On The Road To Stardom…”

  1. Dart_Adams says:

    We used to call quarter waters “liquid crack hand grenades of Death, Doom and Despair” but nobody was tryin’ to say all that shit so they just shortened it to “liquid crack” or “liquid grenades”. Too many syllables the other way.

    *Goes back to being disappointed by the New England Patriots*


  2. The overall point that the bodega discussion always produces never fails to get me thinking.

  3. Please keep coming back with more and more hits.

  4. 150, 000 Chinese Monkeys says:

    You guys need to ask the producers for money on the regular. If I got the occasional reminder, I’d donate more often.

  5. Blackwater says:

    the bodega concept in itself is always an interesting one. you always find a way to bring out the humor and at the same time illustrate the ridiculousness of what these places offer our urban areas in the ways of nutrition

  6. LM says:

    Professor! Nice delivery.

  7. the_dallas says:

    We definitely appreciate the producers for their efforts, but we need to generate some more videos in order to secure the funding for a feature.

    Maybe IFC *crosses fingers*, maybe someone else with the kind of funds available so that we can afford to do this shit hardbody.

    Raf and I still desperately need our dayjobs. When those obligations are finished we don’t have too much time left for filmmaking.

    We gotta get our buzz back up. Tell a friend to tell a friend that we are teh shit. Yeah I said it, “Teh Shit!”

  8. Smear says:

    Been a long time between drinks…. Y’all could take over the world. CHEA!

  9. grendel says:

    Nice to see you drive the point home at the end.
    There is no more educational tool than comedy in my opinion.

    Although a nice beating with a stick makes you recall real fast.

  10. khal says:

    props on the link homey. really appreciate that, and love the work you do, both solo and with the iC’s.

  11. boi-dan says:

    you are going to go far man, well put

  12. Damon Brown says:

    Loved the subsidies point at the end. It definitely was foretold in Fast Food Nation, my favorite non-fic book.

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