I Blame HIP-HOP…

state prop1

By looking at this dude shopping in my local supermercado I should suppose that wearing leg shackles as ankle bracelets will be cool next summer. I know some of you own a piece or two of State Property clothing. All homeboy did was take it to the next next level by leaving his home in a jail suit. The only problem was that the next level that he went to was in the cellar instead of the penthouse.

We are chasing the lowest common denominator because we can no longer imagine anything better for our lives.


At least he is making sure that he eats his vegetables and fruits (no homo).

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  1. (required) says:

    See I figure it this way.. homeboy was with you at Notre Dame while you were copping some rare steps and he thought .. well fuck this… I’m bustin out my jailhouse rocawear when I get back. Not only is it rare like the didas, but its also a political statement that robs the garment of meaning; but most importantly… immediate hood status. Think I’ll call up Spiewak and get myself one made up.

  2. Is that guy SERIOUS? OMG…hey I sent u email…u didn’t hit me back…

  3. BILLY SUNDAY says:

    You think that the garment is robbed of meaning by HIM wearing it?!? If I see some acne faced chinese hindu skateboarder wearing the jumper then I will agree that the garment has been ‘robbed’ of its meaning. I would prah’lee sooner see a cipher of white punk rockers calling each other nigger.

    Clothing does not make you into something your not, but it does speak volumes about how you perceive yourself and what your ambitions in life are. When I see a kid wearing a collegiate varsity jacket I imagine that the person values themself on par with that institution.

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