I watched a little video featuring Hot97 personality Peter Rosenberg give his opinion on who the web’s content creators were. Rosenberg says “bloggers” are fat cowards living anonymously. That we are fat is a point of note seems incredulous to me since Rosenberg is hardly the body beautiful[ll]. Rosenberg also attempts to invalidate the internets information bringers by remarking as to how we don’t partake of culture in realtime real life. WTF is he talking about? The only reason Jim Jones or Sean Combs know this dude is because he is a liasion to the gatekeepers. Not because he was a trrendseting deejay who broke records and could create blends and mixtapes.

Rosenberg uses the term “blogger” the same way people had originally used the term “nigger”, as a perjorative class distinction.. He is trying to say that the information and opinions of content creators on the web isn’t valuable. Conversely he is also devaluing the viewers and commenters of internets based information. What Rosenberg and others like him fail to see is that bloggers are the writers AND the readers on the internets. There is no passive population that just accepts the bullshit a corporation decides to feed it. People that do the blogs demand more from life and actively pursue the avenues to attain it. Being a blogger requires more than just turning on your radio. As a matter of fact, internets turn off your radio. Turn off that bullshit.


Thirty six hours ago I did a classic DP fail and I lost my handycam on the subway. Blame it on the alcohol. My homey from forever Boo Brown sent me an e-mail invite to some ad agency obama on East Broadway. Being the admitted alcoholic I went to the party after just having drinks with the StapleCrops family in the Village. On the way home I fell asleep on the benches and when I jumped up to get on the train that had arrived I was unwittingly lighter. The subway doors closed and that was the last of my handycam. I’m upset about losing the video recorder because it had been a surprise gift from Chocolate Snowflake, but I’m even more upset about losing the two hours of video footage from me at MarvelFest 2009.

There was this little chick dressed up in a Venom/naughty maid costume along with the requisite fishnets who was flirting with me for real. There was also a thick chick who painted herself green and was favoring the She-Hulk costume during John Byrne’s stint. Homegirl had Bahhhdy! The jewels on my tapes were the minutes I spent with my heroes Chris Claremont and Neal Adams. I praised Claremont for the Dark Phoenix saga and I complimented Adams for all of his works and especially his trailblazing techniques. Neal Adams was totally gracious. He is the GOAT.


So with no digital cameras right now(as of last week the Cybershot is only ‘shot’) I am back to documenting the city with only my pen game, er, actually the Blaxberry for this drop. My little sister from Bklyn Tech JULIE BURGOS hollered at me the other day to make sure I would be in the building for the launch party of CHINO BYI and Sacha Jenkins new graphic graffiti tome ‘Piecebook Reloaded’. I expected the party to be a dope writers re-union but I didn’t expect to see as many heads from Brooklyn Tech HS.

RAB CAC was in the building and more importantly in the book. DOC TC5 was deejaying. RAE ONE, my classmate even made an appearance. RAE was a writer from Red Hook Houses who rolled with CHINO BYI since way back in 1985. He didn’t graduate from BTHS either. Just like me he had bitten off too much of the Big Apple to be caught up in the confines of a school. New York City held too much adventure for us. It still holds endless adventure for me even to this day. The city never sleeps so neither do I. But I do fux with naps.


The next spot to rush was the Nokia Theater to catch a show featuring Devin the Dude, Redman and Method Man and headlined by the Doggfather. This would be my first time ever seeing Snoop perform so you already know I was hyped. On my walk to the ‘A’ train I spotted some young white wearing Oakley ski goggles on their heads. They were hipster types that would never pay the pricepoint for those goggles so I immediately knew they were swag from some event. I asked the girl where the Oakley party was going down and then she apologized to me and turned to her friend. He said he didn’t know also. I was heated. Those fuckers knew and I needed to know too.

I have a couple of pairs of Oakley ski goggles in my archives but they go back to 1995 before Oakley was putting the zigga zigga mirrors on the lensplate. I saw some other white holding their goggles in a box so I asked them where the party was at. “Thompson and Watts” is what they offered me. Ha. The Red Bull Space. I was on it. I scurried up to the venue and I tried to finesse my way inside OG style which wasn’t working with Lindsay at the door. No dice and no plutonite goggles for the kid. From this point on I am no longer calling white girls ‘Becky’. They are ‘Lindsay’ from now on, and they have no love for my Black bullshit.


I got to Nokia Theatre just on time to have a drink with Cool Dave and Drew Ski. All the Raekwon shit I have been doing this year has been through them. Drew had me in the Raekwon interview and Dave put me into the EMI rooftop concert as well as the Santos show and the SOBs victory lap homecoming. Rap labels need to follow EMI’s lead in using the web to promote their artists. EMI gets it enough to let Dave and Drew call the shots. I appreciate that Dave and Drew call on me. You already know what to expect from a Snoop Dogg show and his set didn’t disappoint me one bit. Snoop is clearly one of the top 5 emcees alive in Hip-Hop today. He never spit the illest rhymes but he crafted hits that go way back to ‘Deep Cover’. Snoop did all of his jams too.

For some of the sexier numbers he pulled out a group of dancers that could pop it and drop it like it was… Hot. Snoop was animated and confident when he saw that he had the room in the palm of his hand. He talked his shit while telling us to smoke ours. And we did. The EMI crew threw me an extra ticket so I let my nigga Blaze from the day job rock out with me. I call him Blaze because, well, you should already know. The internets were in the building hardbody for this one. I lost my handycam the day before and there I was winning at my first ever Snoop D-O double gizzle show.

Losing FTW


Pics courtesy of JulieBee x LeeLo

22 Responses to “LOSING FOR THE WIN…”

  1. khal says:

    what kills me is that Rosenberg did all of that talking about bloggers, but he had just gotten done explaining how he got his fame off of doing those youtube videos. Without those, ebro wouldn’t have picked up on him.

  2. Ivan says:

    DP keeps it realer than most (I know you’re feelin’ it!)

  3. dmitry aka brooklyn jew says:

    yo fuk paul rosenberg. hes just a hater and i dont like wat he said to combat jack on da fone.

  4. Polotron says:

    Sadly, Rosenberg is playing on the ignorance of the masses. I was there once: How can these dudes be online all day AND in the streets?..or know anything about anything? Then I found out D was gettin’ it in online.

    “Yo D, you fux w/ the iNTERNET?”
    “Oh, I FUX w/ the iNTERNET!”

    What??? Ok, I gotta check this out…..Chea!!

    Who is this Combat Jack he keeps alluding to? Dallas isn’t going in w/ any worthless cats. Gotta be ’bout somethin’…..Whooaa! And what’s this BlogRoll????…Whooaa!

    Said to say, biggups to the IC’s, you individually and collectively are the straight truth.

    (the radio too.)

    RAB NOCAC in the building. Damn, missed one.

  5. 40 says:

    Paul (Bunyan) Rosenberg is man. This other guy, not so much. Ironically this cat failed himself since he’s just running his yap in the booth more than he’s in the skreets. I’m tired of these folks. I’ll gladly trade the demise of the American auto industry for the fall of the rap industry.

    PS I keep a Killer Wasp Lindsay in the rotation. They’re the best weed carriers.

  6. djfranchise says:

    as an individual, that personally know peter – i think we might have lost him to brainwashing of hot97 and its ensuing fame. khal, you ready for the KTL/RTD podcast with Dallas & Combat Jack?

  7. khal says:

    ktl x rtd x dp x daily math? internets ftmfw


    thats insane. Dallas, you are one of the few people who is absolutely everywhere, and report it on DP.com to share what life has to offer to the world who
    A) may not have an opportunity to experience these things
    B) have no sense of self
    C) need encouragement to get up offa their comp chair and experience LIFE.

    To categorize cats such as yourself as nothing but a “fat BLOGGER” is extremely CORNBALLISH. What i respect about you DP is the fact that you can run around talking about how many corny cats there are in NYC, because you LIVED it, but you choose not to. I know more about your history from street cats than i even learned from you, YOURSELF. Seeing cats like big Ruck aka SEAN PRICE bow his head [II] and salute you as an OG makes me question how a status such as your own is synonymous with nothing but a “blogger.” It’s dudes like yourself, Eskay and even CombatJack who I rely on for up-to-date info on what i love, because its Y’ALL who have made my MONTHLY anticipation for epic magazines obsolete. Making them niggas seem damn near archaic. Guess you “fat bloggers” make it all possible for us at the expense of an exchange of nothing but our time, cuz y’all only take naps. Thanks DP. CORONA.


    btw, i feel the pain on losing that cam. I left an $800 HD Canon camcorder (that i borrowed from school for a project) on the 7. Now thats coming out my pocket =/. U ain’t alone fam.

  10. the_dallas says:

    Solace what up ‘Lo fam, thx for that note. I don’t feel too bad about losing my camera now. Not too bad.

  11. Tony Grands says:

    Rosenberg is a douche, & he’s looking for attention. This is his feeble attempt @ getting cyberspace to keep him in their mouths[||], again, like he stays doing.

    I can’t speak on a lot of ‘Netheads, but I don’t consider you a “blogger”. You write experiences & share them (Pause to me patting you so toughly on the back). Cats appreciate that niggas may take about New York, but you’re in New York. Without the filler, bullshit & disrespectful mud that other dudes sling @ each other.

    Shit, Rosenberg actually wasn’t talking about you, except for maybe the weight issue, but as long as your cholesterol & C.S. Is good, eff Rosenberg’s homoerotic temper tantrums.

    As far as the camera, a thousand words is worth one lovely as picture, so you still win!

  12. $ykotic/Don McCaine says:

    F*** Rosenberg & his fame. That man is heated that y’all do what he can’t achieve which is capture the love of the people.
    The cam issue sux. Watch how one will drop in your lap soon(Camera sponsor????).

    Man you be @ all the spots I used to be at on the regular so it’s easy to come through here and show my homies on this side the sights & kick them some NY memories.

    Can’t do that with a camera in a Hot97 studio with sh*tty music on rotation.


    Did I 4get F*** Rosenberg? Wanna make sure…


  13. DirtyJerz says:

    Word is Bawn! I can’t stand when a cat think he’s official because he’s on Hot97. This clown ass thinks because he sits down with rappers, on some Inside the Actor’s Studio bitin ass sh*t, that he’s allasudden official.
    Hot97 personalities and Hot97 rapperdudes try to discount this side because it’s way too real. You see how they talk about it, “…I see you niggas out there, wit ya lil blawgs” like they halfway read ’em….dafukouttahere, b. You will respect these here internets.

    A ghey dude is always the last one to know that he ghey. Just like i’m sure OJ the juiceman thought he was on some hot shit before he stepped up in BB Kings.

    As far as the camera goes….It’s all a sign, get to writing that book!

  14. El Gringo Colombiano says:

    check Dallas’ twitter page. Dallas straight GRAYSONNED Rosenberg.

    Damn Rosenberg stays getting pwned by the internets, CJack & Byron already ethered dude

    BTW, “graysonn” is my new slang term to sonn/ether someone intellectually on some policy/current events/socioecon issue. Which applies here as Dallas broke down Rosen’s classism bias. Named for Rep Alan Grayson, a Progressive Dem who stays ethering ReThugs on their own shyt (the House floor).

    Pls reuse the “graysonn” slang if u dig it.

  15. Dave Lucas says:

    DALLAS! You kill me! Don’t EVAH stop blogging! (And Happy H’ween!)

  16. Dari, these clowns like Rosenberg talk a lot of shit but who or where were they back in our days? I can vouch for you being a tastemaker extraordinaire and fuckin’ genuine ill nigga since the EARLY 80’S. You’ve forgotten more about being relevant than that clown will ever ever ever be. Dudes like that used to get the dogshit beat out of them for evenb opening their mouths back in the day. Keep doing what you do Black!

  17. Corona in Hell's Kitchen says:

    I luv how U intellectualized the Rosenburg BS.

    I’ve always called the ‘Lindsays’, Susie!

  18. gstatty says:

    i’m not even gonna spell that fools name right, rosenthal is an ignorant idiot, hot 97 be playin that garbage and power 106 be playin that garbage, none of my ledge comes from the radio, all of it comes from the internets, unkut, dp.com and daily math be holdin it down, only thing radio is good for is payola, i’d rather eat a crayola, rosenblum should krav maga his self in the face

  19. Peter Divito says:

    Fuck Rosenberg!

    All those who do this ish for free get all the respect in the world. Bloggers have no boss. Nothing is realer than that.

  20. JuliBee430 says:

    Eff yo’ commercial radio. Eff yo’ TV.

    Thanks DP! You get nothing but love from me & Lee Lo!

    Dirty Jerz is right, “As far as the camera goes….It’s all a sign, get to writing that book!”

  21. Cars Script says:

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