Slaughterhouse Is The Fantastic 4 Of This Rap Shit…

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A few weeks ago when the Slaughterhouse collective touched down in New York City there was a buzz surrounding their performance like one I haven’t felt in a long time. Slaughterhouse is a rap fan’s dream come true on paper. It’s like having Manny, Vlad, Pujols and Santana all on your fantasy baseball team. Who in the world is gonna stop these superheroes? No one on Earth. Not even Galactus, and Galactus is a bad ass motherfucker.

Dr. Dre is like Galactus for this analogy because he has more or less had a hand in shaping all of these dude’s careers. More or less I said.

Let’s hope that Slaughterhouse does better with the fans than the Fantastic 4 movies have done in the theatres. I think these dudes can be that powerful as a collective too. Just take a look at the parts…

Crooked I = The Human Torch
Crooked I can heat up quick. He is definitely a firestarter and he proved that recently with the freestyle he spit flames on while up in the studio.

Royce the 5-9 = Reed Richards
The veteran of the group that has been to the mountaintop and battled alongside the Spider-Man of this rap shit. Royce can show these dudes how to do it on the biggest of stages.

Joe Budden = The Invisible Man
Budden makes himself appear and then disappear into thin air amd he could do the same thing to a rapper’s career if they don’t beware.

Joell Ortiz = The Thing
Joell is a beast, but since the Beast is part of the X-Men (and the Avengers, Defenders & X-Factor) we will just have to call this young lyrical monster the Thing.

The two issues that could derail the Slaughterhouse movement are egos and work ethics. Part of the greatness of rappers is always their hubris filled self-images. We love our rappers to be haughty by nature.

Slaughterhouse has done well to compliment their fellow members in the press, but when the crowd is in the building and the microphone is hot will they still show the deference to one another that they expressed in their interviews?

The largest concern I have for the Slaughterhouse collective is their work ethic for the project to succeed. All these rappers have individual movements which they must continue to nurture and feed. Will they have the courage to stick to the script (shouts to Statik) even though the rewards are in the longer term?

All I can say is that for these answers and more you just need to keep your internets browsers locked on the same Bat-channel, same Bat-time.

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  1. Mark Dub says:

    Hell…I was just amped about the four of them getting together on one track. But a whole album? I can’t wait, and me hopes they can keep it together long enough to make it happen.

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