Rough, Rugged & Raw: Gore-Tex Euro Hiker


One of the reasons I haven’t been able to co-sign the Nike boots movement is because I am still deep with Timberlands to the tune of about forty pair. I might have two(or three) pairs of classic wheat highs alone. I also have instructions that I am to be buried in those joints. Let’s face it, Timberland classic wheat construction boots are the most Hip-Hop shoe of all time.

The pair I have pictured above are some super deluxe Gore-Tex Euro hikers. They are hands down my favorite pair. I have done all kinds of outdoorsy shit in these boots. Weeklong camping trips upstate. Construction sites. Shorts and wools socks in the cool parts of the spring and autumn. The only problem for Timberland with these boots is that they were made TOO well.

Timberland has the bad habit of making products that outlast the users desire to complete the activity they bought the shoes for. It’s like you buy a pair of hikers because you love to go camping every four weeks during the summer months and then the next thing you know you have these boots for over twenty years. Timberland has to return to designing boots for these people in mind.

You can’t make shoes for the urban consumer. No matter what race or class, the urban consumer is fickle and flighty. The heartland consumer is the person who makes consumption choices on some survivalist type ish. They buy shoes with the hope that this will be the pair they ride out the earthquakes, tornadoes and race wars with. The urban consumer just wants to be able to wear it with jeans.

I want to show you some of the boots from Timberland that I own. I have a pair that is over twenty years old. It doesn’t fit my feet any longer but I have kept them to remind me of the sacrifice I made to acquire them. They are the original Iditarod Race superboot. Most of you know them as the “40 Belows”. Just wait until you see those…

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  1. 40 says:

    Dude I’m tight I never copped the re-release of the 40 Belows last winter (’07). I truly miss my OG 40 belows. I wore the brakes off of those things.

  2. goathair says:

    I think you stole those from my dad.

  3. Grand Master says:

    hardbody for real… (written in my timms, yes, which have been carrying me straight thru the last few winters and many more to come)

  4. Polotron says:

    I beg of you….please DO NOT post the original 40 belows. It took years of rehab to shake the shopping jones. Big Horses already had a dude fall off the wagon.

    Sneakers? I can deal with that all day (please NEVER post a Bally Competition) but I think those 40’s will trigger something I have no hopes of controlling.

  5. DirtyJerz says:

    As much as I lusted for the 40 belows, I never copped…my money just wasn’t up those days. In fact, I haven’t seen a pair since those Das/BCC/Bishop in the movie, Juice days. Definitely a BK shoe. You HAD to go to NY to get a pair, cuz they just didn’t have them in NJ.

    Just like The North Faceā„¢, Timberland, Champion makes that practical indestructable gear that you can’t deny. Hip hop comes in and makes these brands fresh. Real recognize real, We respect those brands because they stay true to themselves. They’re great products without hip hop. The minute the same companies begin to get greedy and want to serve up inferior product to the hood(that fake ass fur on the North Face hood, fire engine red construction Tims with white sole, Polo Jeans Co.) they begin the slow process of cheapening the brand and losing their edge.

    Word Is Bawn! Yesterday,I peeped out the Redman video on YouTube, Tonight’s Da Night…them North Face bubbles they sellin’ nowadays? Flat as hell, B!
    I definitely look forward to the 40 Below pics, D.

  6. Gee says:

    Throw them shits up on Ebay…

    I am STILL wearing shoes, jackets and silk underwear that I purchased from Eddie Bauer over 17 years ago when I took it as a Christmas job….

    Quality never goes out of style.

  7. ovid bowsprit says:

    hey Dallas, check this out.

  8. red_not_yella says:



  9. Son, them Tex Euro Hiker jawns………..if you see em cop me a pair and bring em to ATL. I’ll pay you back……I NEEDS THOSE!!!!!!!!!

  10. Amadeo says:

    This makes me wonder…what the fuck happend to all my timberlands?!?!

  11. Eloheemstar says:


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