“Cuz I’m A Motherf@#&n Gay Fish”

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South Park vs. KanYe West = instant classic.

Watch it before the haters pull it down.

*dies a thousand depths*

Kanye on SP
by yardie4lifever2

8 Responses to ““Cuz I’m A Motherf@#&n Gay Fish””

  1. CeeZDieM says:

    Ha. Totally.

    I cringed a little when they started with the gay jokes, thinking they were basically just gonna do a retread of the “trapped in the closet” episode. but clearly they were skewering his ego, and the fact that he takes everymotherfuckingthing so goddamn serious.

    They even had leopard pants in the house!

    and i hate carlos mencia too. Great episode all around.

  2. Candice says:


  3. VEe says:

    I peeped that this morning.

    I’m sure Ye will eventually respond via ALL-CAPS blog post or something of that nature. Eventually he will get the message that throwing public tantrums is the equivalent of a fish eating fish-dicks.

    It’s safe to say that Carlos Mencia is widely disliked by many comedians and writers.

  4. Gee says:

    I kill my husband with the number of fish that died for their “dicks”
    that is a taboo food in my house, lol!

  5. DirtyJerz says:

    I cram to understand man’s affinity to LV. Them little purses that cats have hanging off their belt stinks of sissy! It’s like men are looking for the most expensive thing in the store to show off…who cares if in Women’s Accesories? And the above kicks? somebody stepped Pepto!

    I gotta give it to Ye though, many a truth is told in jest, and for Kanye to see his faults and take ownership is some grown man sh*t.

  6. Amadeo says:

    I was dying. I’m just glad dude didn’t come back like a moron and proven even more how correct they were.

  7. F says:

    hilarious as usual, Mencia got it MUCH worse.

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