Back home at 6am

I should knuckle down and drop my recap of the Asher Roth release party.

I need to take a nap though.

Sleep is the cousin of death, but naps are the cousin once removed that you can stick your tongue in they mouth.

We’ll talk soon…



9 Responses to “420FTW”

  1. DirtyJerz says:

    Asleep in the Bread Aisle and Deeper than Rap (deluxe editions) will be the first hip hop CD’s that I’ve actually purchased in 5 years. You rap niggras wanted something new, and Asher is what it is. I know yall want him to be Eminem, but he aint. Rick Ross went up against rap and won, Fisty threw some powerful joints at the kid, that would ruin the average rappa dude. Rick went into the lab and cooked up a masterpiece. Know that I too, wanted officer Rick to fail, but this cat aint the average. aaaand Rick recently commenced to throwin’ darts at Em and his new video “I seen ya’ new video, seem like he lost his swag, Em call me, I can help you”. BWahahaha!

    Bawse! Ha!

  2. Jay Smooth says:

    Doin it big in the NYT!

  3. Amadeo says:

    Good looking out D. I would thank you specifically but the damn post office got me for the hook up you sent out. The bastards even took me off and sent the empty envelope. I’m plotting revenge on them now.

  4. Smear says:

    Yo Dallas…..do Rae and Ghost fit your criteria for greatest rap duos? Cos they should be right up top there.
    Nice Top 5 though
    …assuming we’re goin on rhymin duos alone so no G.Rap n Polo or Eric B and Rakim…
    Heltah Skeltah, Mobb Deep, EPMD, Clipse, UGK and M.O.P should round out the……11? shiiieettt

    Honourable mentions go to Little Brother, Smif n Wessun, Blackstar and Beatnuts

  5. Smear says:

    All I want is the Deeper Than cRap instrumentals…… rick’s whole demeanour/caricature on and off the mike just seems like satire of the highest (or is that lowest?) order. The shit dude spits just gives me the giggles [ll]. If I want some tales of coke rap extravegance I throw on some Brothers Thornton…. they kinda like a big deal!

  6. dubble13 says:

    The post office sent me an empty envelope also!!!

    Thanks anyway D!

  7. Amadeo says:

    @ dubble13

    I hate them whores. I got torn envelope. They should have just tossed the remnants.

  8. bottomlesspedro says:

    Damn, the post office did the same to me. Im thinking you sent out a bottle opener and it got stuck in the PO’s machines. Thanks for thinking of us D!

  9. Dart_Adams says:

    I gotta Mighty Healthy bottle opener in the mail. Thanks. D! Good lookin’ out, 40!


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