iC’s Not Fucking Around…

birds n beetles

All the overnight bodega brethren in Newark New Jersey can catch up with me tonight Weds. 4/22/09 at the Newark Museum of Art. The iC’s video collection ‘We Left Our Mother’s Basement’ will be played in its entirety.

I’ll kick it with you after each film or at the end of the run or in the middle. I don’t know but they have a microphone so I will host at some point. It should be a fun evening to catch a late night movie in a museum.

The Newark Museum has been celebrating their centennial anniversary by doing all kinds of cool shit to welcome folks to their facility. Take a look at the remaining schedule and partake of the indoor events if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

So are we clear on what is happening? Wednesday, April 22, 11pm. Newark Museum of Art. 49 Washington Street Newark New Jersey. iNternets Celebrities DVD screening + DP in full effect. FREE for DP.commenters, well truthfully, its free for everyone.

birds n beetles

10 Responses to “iC’s Not Fucking Around…”

  1. Are folks not reading or just so jaded that an ELEVEN pm gig at the NEWARK MUSEUM OF ART isn’t weird enough to be hype worthy? Maybe Rah Diggah will be in the house!

    If it wasn’t for the got-damn Holland Tunnel toll coming back I’d be very tempted to drive out from BK; these are tough times for museums and libraries too so peops should show support for those institutions they care about.

  2. alljointsleadto... says:

    take the metro

  3. alljointsleadto... says:

    its earth day month

  4. a-one says:

    smokin on a blunt in my own restaurant

  5. For those of us who are Brooklyn-based… Even with the toll its cheaper than round trip subway fare + round trip PATH fare. After midnight, I could rock door-to-door Newark to Red Hook in… 30 minutes, barring incident? Taking two trains including ass-pain transfer PATH to subway… it’d take a LONG time. Now, if I was sleeping over in Newark…

  6. DAMMIT wish I knew about this earlier or I’d be there. Hope you have a great evening though!

  7. mercilesz says:

    I live here in NWK…ssooooo….Im there…alot of people in my city need to hear Dallas’s point of view when it comes to Urbania. Very fresh this is happening in my backyard.

  8. Polotron says:

    Wait a minute…there’s no NYC shuttle bus? Damn. Nwk is a tough sell on a Weds. Anyone got a spare dent pulley?..

    if you’re whippin, I got the toll. That Jersey gas is cheap. And any librarians working that late are mackable for overnights…

    Win/Win Bigger?

  9. Wish I could go. Glad you’re getting some garden state love (no mcgreevy).

  10. king blair says:

    I can not confirm or deny. Bawse

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