Okay, Player…


Play on player. ^ That’s your boy right there SHAMZ from OKayPlayer.

Village Slum put in superior lenswork at the Roots $10 Jam this week.

The Jam was another classic session of talent and energy.

Video clips featuring Dice Raw, Truck North, Mickey Factz and Grand Puba.

2 Responses to “Okay, Player…”

  1. mercilesz says:

    damn these Puba tracks are old enough to die in Iraq but not old enuff to buy a drink in a bar…isnt it ironic…dont ya think

  2. Johnny Sagan says:

    Amazing footage, Dallas! Hilarious comment, mercilesz! “Highline is you with me?” Damn, Black Thought really does know the words to countless rap songs. Grand Puba is one of my favorite rappers ever.

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