Game Rebellion ‘Til The Death…


^ Respect the architects. Death from Detroit.

DEATH – ‘Politicians In My Eyes’

In the long storied history of rock music’s rebel musicians I put Game Rebellion at the top of my list. Not so much for the work they have already done but mire for their potential to change the urban music soundscape. They have all the talent of a Bad Brains and all the good looks of a Boyz 2 Men. If they were white they would be the pop music perfect storm combining teen angst with socio-politically conscious lyrics. The band also has that pop music prerequisite which is called sex appeal.

Game Rebellion has been on their grind for a minute and I try to encourage them by reminding them it takes ten years to become an overniight success in the music industry, unless, of course, you are Asher Roth, but despite all of that I stll have high hopes for the band. What are you doing tomorrow night? Why don’t you come down to S.O.B.’s and hang out with me and watch Game Rebellion do their thing?

Thursday 04.30.09

plus special guests

204 Varick Street (@ West Houston Street)
#1 train to Houston Street

$10 on the Game Rebellion guest list

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  1. chief racka says:

    Ghetto Metal night.. If I can get out, I’ll be there.

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