Hungkheys Been Pwn’t This Rap Shit…


You rapfagns need to act like you know who owns this rap shit. Black rappers have borrowed rap for the better part of three decades and now it is time to give that shit back to the people who have owned it from fucking day one.

Think of rap as a leased car that you can drive fast or slow. You can put bitches in the whip or coke by the bricks. No matter what you decide to fill the car up with you still gotta return that shit to the leaseholder and you still gonna owe some money for the wear and tear no matter how clean you kept your shit.

The only thing that Black rappers ever owned was the pots and pans that they would beat up on the sidewalk. As soon as they went to have their voices recorded they no longer had any ownership and Hip-Hop then became known as rap music. Mainly because that was the most expeditious way for the owners to monetize their shit.

When I was old and stupid and I first came to this website I thought that people of color and poor white folks that resided in the center city were the owners of rap, and the cultural movement of Hip-Hop in general. I was old and delusional then. My mind was geared to thinking in a linear direction without the perspective of three dimensions.

People of color don’t own shit in America. They don’t even own the epithets that people use to describe them. It’s time for Eminem and Asher Roth to make a collabo track called ‘Fuck These Niggers!’ Some of y’all will be mad at first, but that song will be epic as hell. When I heard the lyrics the first thing I thought was, “at least these dudes ain’t talking about me.” Ha. They was talking about them OTHER niggers. Over there.

The song talked about the fact that niggers be bragging about their Glocks and their Heckler & Kochs when none of these niggers last names is that (word to Danny Hoch). From Maybachs to Maseratis to exalting everything that exists outside of the ‘hood and merc’king everything that exists IN the ‘hood these rapping niggers that Em and Asher are shitting on are the very dudes that we have been lionizing for the last few decades.

On the track Eminem and Asher remind their fans that from day one the engineers, label owners, distributors were all “hungkheys” that let the “mungkheys” play around in the jungle just to get their kicks (literally and figuratively). It’s hard to argue with these dudes too since we all know that Rick Rubin was the mastermind behind Def Jam and Russell Simmons was simply his liasion to singing and rapping Blacks. Like a consigliere or to keep up with the car metaphor, his chauffeur.

I can hear that song in my mind now. Black folks get ethered once and for all for having the perception that they ever owned anything to do with rap music. When the strings were pulled they bounced around like marionettes to the rhythm. The Blacks slapped at each other on cue. We all laughed at the spectacle. It was far more entertaining than dogfighting. Plus dogfighting is illegal.

Whites been done pwned this rap shit. This is why you need not feel some kind of way about white rappers. The chickens are coming home to roost. And the mungkheys will have to play somewhere else.

17 Responses to “Hungkheys Been Pwn’t This Rap Shit…”

  1. Bob says:

    can you email this to the BAWWWSSEEE?

  2. Angela says:

    I know DP, I know. But I still say fuck Asher…and his shitty apology. It’s one thing to own rap and quite another for a white man to tell black folks to go save Africa, like we messed Africa up, as if we have any power to really fix the continent if we wanted to. He’s just too stupid to be the face of “college rap.”

  3. slumdog millionairess says:

    damm d. well alright.

  4. Two things, not precisely related:

    1) I was pissed the fuck off about some nonsense this last weirdly hot April Saturday and I just happened to have the first Brand Nubian album with me and… it uplifted my sweaty ass considerably.

    2) Do ya’ll know about the African Colonization Society scene of the early-to-mid 1800s? I recently discovered an amazing statement– from 1831– by a group of then prominent black Brooklyn folks that said, in effect, thanks for thinking of us but… ARE YA’LL INSANE?!?!

    So as not to appear ungrateful, they group did express some interest in a plan to relocate blacks to Upper Canada (I’m not making this up) but that a “return” to Africa (where most hadn’t been in well over 100 years) was totally out of the question.

    Crazy shit but I was awed by the strength and eloquence of old Brooklynites who refused to play along (which is part of the reason I do my best to ignore clowns like Asher on one side and knuckleheads like Saigon on the other.)

  5. napoleon in rags says:

    asher roth is pat boone.

  6. my twitter folks already know this about me

    I say FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK Asher Roth daily to keep my teeth white………..and I been saying it since last yr. when I caught wind of the initial marketing plan and how they were going to use “bloggers” “sites” and “credible” artists to blow up some random white kid who never needed to pay dues, only pay offs. I laughed and said yeah right at first, but then I started seeing the shit unfold before my eyes……………………………………………………….

    As a kid who wants to acknowledge talent and who has had a lot of racsim in my life I’ve dealt with, I always saw Roth as mimicking and mocking more than being an actual artist bringing something actually to the table. Remember folks and those inexperienced with how the ‘Ti’s get down……which bamboozled played on a lil bit…..The white kid can act “down” but can switch back and be white at any time…….Roth brings to the table, the white kid not having to even acknowledge ANY people of color other than talking down and cracking “jokes” about them…………….I went to schools up close to where he’s from and I totally know where he’s coming from and how these kids think and act away from the limelight…………he almost let YOU ALL KNOW TOO, before his handlers got a hold of him and told him he has to curb his true self a little bit longer because they haven’t fully pulled it off yet.

    The reason so many bloggers and site owners are defending him so crazilly is because they have invested in his success by supporting him and helping to push his brand and NO ONE LIKES TO WAKE UP WITH EGG ON THEIR FACE.

  7. 911 says:

    I shall champion this post. II.

    daps to my brother.

  8. sangano says:


    I LAUGHED at the Rutgers comment

    I APPLAUDED his black rapper comment


    Asher WINS

    like DMX said….’the preachers telling the truth and it HURTS’

  9. universal truth says:

    I don’t own the car, I just give it direction.

  10. Mike Jordan says:

    Damn, I got to the 3rd parag, and had to stop for a second…

  11. Mike Jordan says:

    Damn, again.

    But we, as black folks, almondys, half-cracks, and yellow niggas, have creativity and style. We used Hip-Hop to promote ourselves very well; so much that the powers decided that the only way to stop the economic upheaval was to make CD burners, CD-Rs, Napster, Rapidshare, etc…

    But it’s obvious that we have the market cornered on (fuck, I hate saying this) swagger. Does that mean we’re properly compesated? Fuck no. What it means is that we need to put that creative shit to use and not only come up with the new answer, but put that pen to paper and own whatever it is.

    This is why you’d have to think there was some reason why Oprah, Bill, Bob, etc., don’t unify their resources. They must have been told, “That’s the only thing we won’t accept…”

    Still drunk. Might be getting drunker; I’ll know for sure when this next glass is empty.

  12. fats says:

    see…………but THAT’S YA MANS AND DEM…………..

  13. Smear says:


  14. VEe says:

    . . . I do my best to ignore clowns . . . -Willis Still Sunsweet -cosign!

    I’m just wondering which future artist will represent the transition where rap becomes jazz? When it becomes more difficult and cost prohibitive to market and promote acts like the Clipse, Wu Tang Clan, Gucci Mane, Ludacris or Outkast? But very easy to market another novelty act like a young Alan Grunblatt or Greenspan from Connecticut with really witty, nerdy or perhaps sexist rhymes that would be considered shockingly progressive and ironic?

    So how about that new CD from Buckshot & KRS-1?

  15. mercilesz says:

    Uhhh haven’t been here in a while….but speaking as a black(african) person we definitely own the word nigger. NGR is the root of all language in the world since it is in the ANKH formation. It is the tying together of all thing on earth(and space) and is the reason why the Euros shouted it at us as we were being burned/lynched/raped/enslaved etc….The Ankh symbol is that of a woman and man and child. the circle reps the woman the line reps the man and the cross is the union that bears the child. NGR esoterically means Woman/Matter/Mother/Water in Union with Ra/Male Spirit/or The Sun…This is why Arab women wear Burkas and also why Jewish women cant be in the room with a fire place…The men dont want the sun/fire to impregnate their wives imacculately…ha ha…anyway I digress. ANKH means union of the two gods and is very African and very ancient. since im dont feel like writing all this right now im gonna copy and paste something I wrote before……..:

    Chuck D is totally incorrect by saying Nigger is not an african word. NGR is the ankh formation which comes out of nubia and forms all of the tying together words in the “western world”. NGR means black in french and spanish.There are no vowels in Meroitic,Egyptian,Hebrew, or Arabic.(the 1st languages of the world). The Hebrew L is the egyptian R which is why the foreigners call the Nile the Nile. The G is an I and a J and last but not least a K. The CoNGo is named NGR the NIGER is named NGR Negro Is named NGR NOIR is named NGR. These words are all influenced by the AFRICAN who created WORDS.Now the ANKH is an Ancient Egyptian symbol which means to tie things together,more importantly mommy daddy and child. This is Y King is written in the ankh formation.King is the master of all things tied together rather the material world and the knowledge about it.King in Zulu is NKOSI. The word Join is in the same formation as is neck ankle knee knife anchor angle knot ….I can go on but u get the idea.THIS IS THE ANKH FORMATION WHICH FORMS ALL JOINING WORDS AND EXISTS IN ALL LANGUAGES ON EARTH.IT WAS NUBIA BEFORE EGYPT AND IT WILL NEVER LEAVE BECAUSE LANGUAGE ORIGINATED IN PLACE AT ONE TIME.BY THE WAY WE ALL BELIEVE IN THE SAME GODS WHICH ARE THE SUN MOON AND STARS SO STOP SAYING DUMB SHIT ABOUT WHICH ONE IS REAL. THEY ARE ALL REAL BECAUSE THEY WILL BE HERE WHEN U DIE AND THEY WERE HERE BEFORE U WERE CONCIEVED.sorry for the rant.LOve the Interview though. Peace

  16. mercilesz says:

    that should say 1 place in one time….sorry typo.

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