The Clone Wars Saga Continues…


When the economy is failing and job opportunities are diminishing there is still one industry that is looking to accept applicants.

Military academies see applications jump

The sinking economy has become a defacto draft. Impoverished folks see the military as the only possible avenue now for upward mobility. I remember reading a story back when the war in Iraq broke out that immigrant soldiers were using the military to gain access to expedited citizenship. It blew my mind that people just wanted the American flag draped on their coffins.


I’ve been watching the OG Star Wars flicks on DVD all this week. The Galactic Empire spent too much gotdamned money on those Death Star projects and not enough on Sith outreach if you ask me. Who was going to hold things down after Sidious and Vader had gotten out of the game?

House OKs $106 billion war funding bill

^ What is this going to cover? Like two months in Iraq?


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  1. Amadeo says:

    Reminds me of those old school movies where people get a choice of jail or military.

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