Brooklyn We Go Mars….

WM flyer

This might be the weekend that you need to land on the planet of Brooklyn.

For the panel discussion on Thursday the event is free but the space in the auditorium is limited to 200 seats so please RSVP here if you plan on attending. I’ll be there by 6pm for the art exhibit beforehand. Holla at the kid when you see him on the streets and we will chop it up for a minute.

All these events PLUS a KeiStar party on Saturday night.

KeiStar Productions: SOUL SUPREME (III) – 50 Years Of MOTOWN

WM flyer

2 Responses to “Brooklyn We Go Mars….”

  1. 1969 says:

    Can’t make it but I can absolutely drive around Philly listening to my custom made Spike Lee cd! Thanks DP!

  2. jayskillz says:

    yo DP, I’m RSVP’d up so you already know how its going down thurs.keep it coming!!!

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