Please remember that when we at the website say Mexican we are referring to all peoples that speak spanish INCLUDING Castillans and some Portuguese.

Mexican women are hell’a sexy. From SALMA HAYEK to CATHERINE ZETA-JONES, from JELLO, to CHARO there is no one that you would rather munch your dingleberries than a Mexican woman. Sure they’re crazy and likely to set your apartment on fire when you don’t give them enough attention, but the intensity of their love is worth the price of that bottle of penicillin.

My biggest piece of advice would be not to talk bad about your Mexican woman’s cooking because that will cause her to give head to one of your homies. Also, if her age doesn’t end with ‘teen’ she is prah’lee washed up.

pink jello

6 Responses to “MEXICAN WOMEN RULE!”

  1. HELL-TO-THE-NAW says:


  2. MrPR1987 says:

    Both pictures are of PUERTO RICAN singer Jenifer Lopez! Not mexican! You just look like a uncultured idiot by saying all people who speak spanish are mexican! Thats like saying all Asians are Chinese! Or all white people are Germans! Seriously, theirs a MAJOR differance!

  3. YOU-2-STUPID-2-KNO says:

    I agree with MrPR1987. You just so dumb it’s embarrassing that I AM A MEXICAN and YOU don’t know the difference. E M B A R R A S S I N G!!!

  4. YessicaHernendez says:

    Idk if you’re IGNORANT or just plain STUPID.. Jlo is Boricua (PUERTO RICAN) NOT Mexican you stupid ass!!. And no it’s NOT the same thing.. You white people think that ever give with a lil bit of color (melanin) to them skin, and speaks Spanish is Mexican. WRONG. There are all types of Hispanics besides Mexican. There’s Columbian, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Columbian, Cuban, Argentenian, and Plenty of more

  5. MonaLisa says:

    Saying that Mexican women rule is cool and all, but maybe next time you can include a picture of a woman who’s actually Mexican ??!! Jennifer Lopez isnt even Mexican.. She’s Puerto Rican.. You Stupid ass.
    That’s like saying all whites people are Irish. I can’t believe his IGNORANT YOU are

  6. KylieRosario says:

    Also, to say that anyone that speaks Spanish is Mexican is the most IGNORANT thing to say.. Couldn’t be further from the truth. I can’t believe the extreme level of stupidity and ignorance

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