2 Sides To Every Can…

watermelon soda

My cuzzo hit me up with the image on the left telling me that we needed to take the crackers to task for promoting a racist product like the Watermelon flavored soda. In the context of that image almost everyone would say that was a racist product.

I told my cuz to be easy because I drinks that soda whenever I am in Florida or the Caribbean. It’s quite delicious in the curious sense of a sody pop still being flavored with actual sugar. My cuz called me a supremacist apologist.


Listen, just because I have an affinity for snowflakes and 1980’s new wave music that is no reason to revoke my “proud negro” membership card. I told her the other side of the can had a white kid on it.

Cuz wasn’t buying it.

The internets never lie.

Who the fux doesn’t like watermelon anyhoo.

Even the most virulent racist couldn’t be that stupid.

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  1. Is that Haitian soda? Don’t recall seeing that can but I used to rock a Church Ave Haitian joint (since closed) that had a NASTY selection of sodas– food was great (my kingdom for kabrit) but you were wise to stick to beer, juice or water.

    Also, ever see a Junior Parker (’50s Memphis R&B into ’60s blues-soul) lp called

    “You Don’t Have To Be Black To Love The Blues”

    that had a Chinese kid chomping on a big slice of watermelon on the cover? Oh wait, here it is–


    That was a parody of the old Levy’s Rye bread campaign, “You don’t have to be Jewish to love Levy’s real Jewish rye”–


    Truth & Soul!


  2. bananaclipse says:

    racist shit aside. I NEED this watermelon soda in my life

  3. the_dallas says:

    BananaClipse what up?!?

    Willis Still Sunsweet,
    The soda is from Ecuador if I remember right. Listen, talk about racist beverages and I will tell you that I drink more Tropical Fantasy than any other middle class aspirant. Doesn’t the Klan make that shit to kill the ‘hood? Yeah, killing us with deliciousness.

  4. the_dallas says:

    btw, thanx for that link to Mulatto Diaries

  5. Tony Grands says:

    “killing us with deliciousness”

    Hey, you have to figure if “they” go through all the trouble of putting 2 liquor stores juxtaposed to every church across America, why not provide some tasty treats to wash down the genocide? I don’t know if you smoke Dallas, but that Watermelon joint probably goes great with Newport smoke, & I can just imagine it chasing some chicken (fried, fuck grilled).

    I respect blatant racism; don’t spit in my face then point @ the clouds. That way I can assess the situation. Black people are just as racist as white folk, but I still watch BET & Tyler Perry Movies [||].

  6. the_dallas says:

    Here’s my story on Racism.

    Blacks can’t be racists, and 99.9% of white ain’t racist. We can all be bigots tho’.

    To be a racist you have to control the production and infrastructure that promotes racism.

    Just like capitalism, how a broke mofo gon’ call himself a capitalist? If you ain’t regulating the distribution of capital then you ain’t no capitalist.

  7. Combat Jack says:

    where can I order them shits? really.

  8. CungPhooMasta...Cheef says:

    Dallas, just for argument’s sake, racism is defined as the BELIEF

  9. CungPhooMasta...Cheef says:

    whoops. racism is defined as the belief that one race is superior. so, by def., you dont have to take action, all you have to do is BELIEVE.

    you don’t have to distribute, to BELIEVE in distribution as a system.

    Grand$, help a nigga out, what does FTW and LCD stand for?

  10. Tony Grands says:


    FTW-for the win

    LCD-idk, lol.


    Point taken, but I believe that a racist judges by race. Hence, “racist”. A judgment isn’t tangible. All one needs is the ability to perceive, & formulate their own judgment. I agree that bigotry plays a roll in racism, but to classiy, stereotype & judge one clearly based on cosmetic features &/or actions is racist. So, everytime a Black comedian makes a “white folk can’t dance/jump/fuck right” wouldn’t that be a racist remark? Just like assuming we want that watermelon soda so much that they saw a need to put “us” on the can. They could have easily put a nice picture of a watermelon vineyard on the can. But they opted to play into the racial judgment that niggas like watermelon. No?

    I don’t think all things can be broken down into commerce, ownership & superiority. I know homeless dudes that hate mexicans. How dare a homeless guy hate anything?

  11. CungPhooMasta...Cheef says:

    Tony Grands FTW (ha).

    bigotry can be hatred and intolerance based on a number of different things, such as religion or politcal party affiliation.

    Racism specifies that you discriminate against any race you believe to be inferior to your own.

  12. LOLz…..remember last time you was in ATL I got you oneof them shits hahahahaha ran in to get a Dutch. I think u wanted a Mountain Dew, but I thought this would b more appropriate.

  13. the_dallas says:

    Here’s the deal fellas…

    Just because I may believe in capitalism as in economic system doesn’t make me a capitalist.

    Just because someone subscribes to the tenets of racism doesn’t make them a racist. The actual racists WANT you to believe that there are more people in their set then there actually are. Meanwhile we stay blind and sleep to who is racist.

    White came to this country from Europe running from disease and famine. The Blacks that were imported to America were skilled rice farmers and plowmen. Back in them days you made a living in agriculture. Can’t you imagine how much intermingling of culture there was as poor Europeans learned to farm and cultivate from these African slaves? The last thing the racists wanted was these disenfranchised white to find commonality with the Africans and Native Americans.

    Hence LAWS were passed that forbid these unions. The people that controlled the means of production and distribution made it socially unacceptable for the Euros and Africans to associate. By threatening the white with continued disenfranchisement the racists were able to give bigotry its power. Without these laws and the pressure to follow them we might be living in a different country today.

    I’m not trying to remove the stigma of bigotry from anyone or lessen its destructive power but I understand who put the wheel in motion and who is simply just along for the ride.

  14. Master CHeef says:

    “Just because someone subscribes to the tenets of racism doesn’t make them a racist.”
    so what do you call someone who subscribes to the tenets of racism? you’re taking away the word. The word for the elite class that controls society and holds down others based on social class and race, but not race only, is oppressors. Nobody’s denying that what you describe happened, but if the top .01 % of white people oppressed the majority, then it clearly wasnt based on a hatred of their own skin color.

    if we can’t go by the definition the dictionary provides, then what do we have to agree upon?

  15. Master CHeef says:

    I’m with you on the point you’re trying to get across, and cosign to the fullest; I full just feel like we’re disagreeing on the meanings of words here.

  16. Kiana says:

    Can I interrupt for a second to say that I hate watermelon? Tis all.

  17. Master CHeef says:

    ^idk how, Kiana. tasting watermelon is the equivalent of your mouth having an orgasm,… but it is a pain in tha arse to dispose of all the seeds.

  18. Tony Grands says:

    I got you, dp. No arguement to the initiation, but that doesn’t necessarily change the objectivity of the word “racist”. My great grandmother was french, never knew english, so I know a lttle about the “intermingling” process.

    Okay, @ it’s core, I’ll say that there’s a percentage of people (mostly blacks) who a racist by response. Still racist, but as an obvious backlash to the treatment they’ve received & still do to this day. That doesn’t make them less/more racist, it’s just a knee jerk reaction. Because their value system (or lack of) still revolves around the notion, good or bad, that their “race” is superior.

    If one set of individuals judges & condemns/undermines another for the lone factor of being diferent, than that’s losely racist. May be piggy-back racism, for the fact of not knowing it’s true origin, but that person(s) would still apply such misbeliefs to their life, & force it upon others.

    A racist.

  19. the_dallas says:

    Racism works against white as well.

    My dad told me that the ‘Wigger’ wasn’t a white that dressed Black, or hung around with Blacks, or listened to Black music.

    The wiggers were the white folks that couldn’t afford to move from a heighborhood once the Blacks moved into it. They were the ones who lacked the economic mobility to keep up with the rest.

    White has to work his ass off just to avoid being around Blacks when he rests his head at night, or when he goes grocery shopping or when white goes to a hospital. The racists have used supremacy to create a class structure. A skintone caste system where white has to grind his ass off to stay afloat.

    I mean, we don’t have to agree on anything I say, but I see this shit with such a broad lens that it would behoove you to close the dictionary sometimes. Like when I’m talking.

  20. Tony Grands says:

    I see what you’re saying dp.

  21. Tony Grands says:

    It’s deeper than just “I don’t like ______’s”.

    But, wouldn’t those people (that you’re describing) be beyond being merely racists, & be supremecists? Making the “racist”‘s more like scapegoats & figureheads?

  22. the_dallas says:

    As you know I am (and as you are also) a fanboy of words.

    Supremacists = Supreme racists > racists

  23. Master CHeef says:

    illuminati > ku klux klan


    oppressors > supremacists

    i got a bird’s eyes’ view, my nigga.

  24. the_dallas says:

    Seeing the bigger picture > using a “bird’s” eyes

  25. Master CHeef says:

    being in the big picture > seeing the big picture

  26. $ykotic Don McCaine says:

    Damn can y’all let a late passer get theirs? LOL

    Y’all done killed it…

    That soda is bomb status chasing the kush.

  27. mercilesz says:

    Although a system of caste based on color/varna was 1st used in india.It had to be used in every slave state of the western hemisphere. Slavery was the biggest event to happen in this hemishphere. It created people who otherwise wouldnt exist.And like wise cultures that would never exist. there is hatian no puertorican no cuban no dominican no trinidadian no brazilian….etc.There is only the african.All these people are Africans brought here by force to work for free and create what we know as the 1st world or capitalist system. Since only Africans were slaves it became easy to teach that they were inferior because of the darker skin color and thats why it was ok to treat them like animals. Race the concept of Race only exists in the slave cultures of the world for this reason. we are all racists if you understand this because this the only culture/reality we know be true. I dont refer to a person as a human…im american so more than likely the person who i will be desrcibing is black or white….not human.In Rome one of biggest slave state empires of all time there was no concept of race because romans enslaved everybody Europeans,greeks,and africans alike. Everybody could get it if Rome felt like rollin out the troops one day.If u werent roman u were inferior…not because of a color. our slave state is color based and thats the only reason you guys were even having this discussion.there is no slavery in the western hemisphere that wasnt justified by this pseudoscience we all know and love called Race.

  28. slumdog millionairess says:

    sodipop from st. maarten, actually. where watermelons do not grow.

  29. youre a piece of shit says:

    how come you onlyshow discrimination towards blacks but only then because racism only exist against blacks. you never show the other side. you are a piece of shit

  30. Master CHeef says:

    In china, there is one majority group (han) and 55 minority ethnic groups, but they’re all the same color.

  31. 911 says:

    DP when he’s on that truth serum >

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