Sprockets Rap?


Let’s hope this isn’t another leak from the new Jay-Z album?

At the rate things are going I’m gonna need to query Combat Jack via TWitter and get his perspective on how soon it will be before his boy Jay is rhyming using autotune. It shouldn’t be too long since he’s already rocking the ‘Ye Tudda shades and the Jesus piece.

Enjoy some Friday morning shit sandwich with your coffee…

Ghetto Techno

ghetto techno

8 Responses to “Sprockets Rap?”

  1. Combat Jack says:

    My August is getting worser and worser.

  2. That’s AWESOME… I kept thinking maybe there would be a Sean Bell reference in the shots but… apparently not.

    It also reminds me I was down in GA when the last, fucking horrible Common album came out. I’d become a convert to “808s” thanks to DP advocacy and was curious like, hmmmm… maybe “Finding Forever” and “Be” aren’t boring, 10th rate Gil-Scott Heron spoken-word rap (but not 100th that sharp) with some okay beats like I thought they were? WRONG. They’re worse, and “Universal Mind Control” doesn’t even have good intentions.

    Maybe Lonnie & U-God (whom I love but his house music mode is inexplicable except for the fingerbanging) can get on the remix?

    Like a motherfucking robot!!


  3. nerditry says:

    Zoom Zoom Partystarter Conan!

  4. Skeematics says:

    I hate this song, i dont really care if it bangs in Germany. I’m in NY damn it!! I wanna hear some NY Hip Hop. Timbo’s beats aint Hip Hop. If niccas are worrying about how it sounds in Europe so badly then just make a European album catered to them. I want NY HIP HOP from NY’s MCs!!! Nothing Less suckas!!

  5. Dart_Adams says:

    This worse than….fuck it, slavery. Yeah, I said it. Can’t take it back. It’s on the internets forever.


  6. Che Guerrilla says:

    Lol Dart.

  7. Lion XL says:

    damn D….you just effed up my weekend with this shit……..

    damn…for some effing reason that damn Blondie song just popped in my head…..eff you D.

  8. Carsten says:

    Have you ever been to Germany?

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