Rocawear’s Diamond Girl…


Marvelous Mo is a good friend to this page. I’m happy that we became close because she is a real star. She recounts the time we worked the red carpet at the Hip-Hop Honors show and Mo went in on everyone that came through. Not as a grandstander but as a great interviewer, beautiful enough to disarm the most guarded celebs and unafraid to ask the tough questions. With each piece of press she creates her skills get sharper. Get familiar with Marvelous Mo. She is gonna blow… UP.

Rocawear’s Digital Ad Campaign featuring Marvelous Mo

10 Responses to “Rocawear’s Diamond Girl…”

  1. CassavaLeaf says:

    Is that R. Les?

    I met dude in the club once pulling all the bishes, didn’t even know his ‘urban’ buzz was that big.

    The Roc ad is a really good look for ole girl tho
    and ummm when are you gonna release the footage from the interviews?

  2. DirtyJerz says:

    Well cot damn! Mo is, as always, dead seriously hot! and her darts continue to sharpen.

    But Word Is Bawn Mo, eff yo private ass twits!

  3. 1969 says:

    Good job Mo!!! Congrats to you, holding it down for the L.W.R.D.P (Ladies who read Dallas Penn).

  4. Polotron says:

    D, she’s a lil cutie.

    *off to consult the DP Hair Guide*

  5. bobby_digital says:

    I wanna have Mo baby. word to that arnold movie

  6. Keeks says:

    This is a good look for her. Congrats all around and I love “L.W.R.D.P.” 1969! Clever.

  7. Marvelous Mo says:

    hey guys, i’m home sick right now. sore throat, running nose & the whole 9 yards. Thank you for showing me love and for the encouragement.

    DP, you already know you’re my favorite dude. Thank you for encouraging me to write!

  8. Tony Grands says:

    DP, I’m not quite sure you understand the influence you have on people…..just saying. Then again, perhaps you do.

  9. Combat Jack says:

    gotta love a sister with real hair. and that is Mo’s real hair.

  10. Marvelous Mo says:

    ^^^ hahahaha Long Hair Dont Care!

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