SEPARATED @ BIRTH: Getting Teef’d…


Seeing that pic of Marvelous with Ryan Leslie reminded me of another big toof keyboardist.

Dr.Teeth is still fuxing with Janice, while Ryan Leslie and Cassie…

Not so much.

6 Responses to “SEPARATED @ BIRTH: Getting Teef’d…”

  1. khal says:

    rylan leslie = janice

  2. JohnnyBench says:

    yo DP, what up? I have a good seperated at birth I did, how can I send it to you?

  3. Marvelous Mo says:

    aaaaaah, leave the homie alone DP! Ryan is a real cool guy…even if his grill is a little strong. lmao

  4. Tony Grands says:

    Seperated @ birth;

    Baby Birdman & those little slimy dudes from the movie ‘C.H.U.D.’

  5. nerditry says:

    I heard when Ryan smiled, even Puffy was making toof jokes.

  6. 1969 says:

    I am laughing my azz off at Nerditry………….

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