Adult Swim = FREE SHIT!


Do you fux with Adult Swim? If you don’t you are missing the best bloc of programming on the tube. Adult Swim is like the NBC Thursday night lineup in the early 1990’s. Starting at 8pm you didn’t need to touch your remote until you went to sleep.

Sleep is no longer an option however and the Adult Swim programming is my insomniac theatre. When I was in Atlanta early this year I visited the Adult Swim studios and hung out with some of the creators of the Williams Street production team.

A few days later I had a totally awesome sweatshirt mailed to me. The sweatshirt has a hood and the Adult Swim logo on the front. The sweatshirt is an American Apparel XL so I won’t be wearing this ever in my life. Would you like own this sweatshirt?

Just tell me two things… The name of Early Cuyler’s sister (Squidbillies) and the name of Stroker & Hoop’s car (Stroker & Hoop). The Adult Swim sweatshirt is just like the one pictured below except it says ‘Adult Swim’ on the front, and it is a zip-up hoodie as opposed to a pullover, but yeah, otherwise exactly the same.


11 Responses to “Adult Swim = FREE SHIT!”

  1. bananaclipse says:

    squidbillies stole my heart since its debut. adult swim = winners.

  2. Cheryl Lynn says:

    Easy. That’d be Lil and CARR. Of course, Venture Bros. is the best show out in the AS lineup. Can’t wait until it comes back this Sunday.

  3. Ernie (3x) Paniccioli says:

    I would love the shirt, but like you XL is only a long ago memory and unless I drink a quart of Redbull I won’t exercise hard enough to ever see xl or xxl again………………………….plus I don’t wear green……not even in my pockets anymore……………..but I digress…………………….

  4. the_dallas says:

    You can’t be a winner. Because you didn’t have the answers.

    Cheryl Lynn,
    You are the winner. I am e-mailing you now.

  5. Amadeo says:

    Hells yeah, new Venture Bros. starts sunday.

  6. Polotron says:


    Let me know when you’re ready to come off the XL, RL stash. I’ll rent a van…

  7. Ambush says:


    Whatever LO can’t fit in the van I’ll take the sloppy seconds. What up Polo. Call Dallas, get my math, and make the call.

  8. the_dallas says:

    I just put a piece in a box for you with some Polo boots too. When are you going to be up top again so I don’t have to spend a grip on postage?

  9. Polotron says:

    Ambush! What’s da flava?…

    Expect a call this eve…and like the D said, when are you up?

  10. BIGNAT says:

    adult swim is cool but they need to drop that shitty ass king of the hill show. they play it to much and it just sucks. it was never funny never will be the only reason it stayed on the air. is because bush must have loved that joint.

  11. Arianna says:

    yooooo i

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