Stuff White Kids Like…

swiss knife

Being a bad parent isn’t strictly the province of minorities or the poor and working class.

Being a bad parent is also stuffwhitepeoplelike

What parent sends their kindergartner to school with a Swiss army pocket knife and then gets irate when their child gets suspended? The same parents that would be suing the shit out of said school if some other kid brought that weapon to class and fileted their child’s eyesocket. If they wanted their child to be John Rambo so badly how about you homeschool him so he doesn’t stab anybody? Don’t think that 6yr olds don’t know how to get it in. They internalize television the same way we do.

More 6yr old fuckery courtesy of teh white was the TWitter sensation ‘#balloonboy’. Some pre-school kid reportedly took off in a helium-filled balloon and had the news media transfixed for hours. This makes me think some shit was getting fuxed the fux up with the economy while we were having our chains pulled with this story. If the #balloonboy and the baby Rambo are what we can expect as the outcome from the suburban parentage, Chcago’s DERRION ALBERT isn’t the exception any longer. He is now the national norm.

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  1. Tony Grands says:


    The consensus on Balloon Boy is that it was a stunt. I’m apt to believe that bcuz I saw the fam on ‘wifeswap’ both times, & they have mad virals out there.

    Shit, make a buck if you can. Dude fucked around & made his family famous. Too bad I can’t build UFO’s.

    That knife shit is a twist, my pops had me carrying knives since I was six too. But, being a Black man, he taught me the do’s & don’t’s of concealed weapons @ school. If you saw it, that meant I was about to filet mignon that ass (no D’wayne Carter). Shit ain’t for shits & giggles. That kids parents needed a reality check, apparently.

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