More Free Shit: Alife tees


Not the one pictured above but just as fresh.

Here’s how you get your free t-shirt…

E-mail me a pic of these kicks: Dunk Hi Premium

dunk hi

I wanted these joints but I was too cheap to pay the retail offering. If you squeezed off and copped these Dunks you get an Alife tee.

The next pair is a fly Air Max 90 model. I like these too and I had a chance to come up on them at the VIMs on E. 149th Street (South BX) but I fronted on the $50 price tag.

air max

The first people to shoot me a pic of themselves with these shoes gets the t-shirts. One t-shirt per entry. E-mail me the_dallas[at]

7 Responses to “More Free Shit: Alife tees”

  1. ADB says:

    Do they have to be those exact ones? I have these:

    BTW – received your Thor package [II] thanks man.

  2. Smear says:

    Damn…I came up on those dunks in the Nike store at AU$80….. but they only had a size 11 and down. That was when I copped them Black/Red Konichiwa bitches instead….and you alrready got those pics dP.

  3. Smear says:

    I tried to squeeze my feets into them shits but it just wasn’t happenin….Spewing. So do I win by default then D? I’ll pay the

  4. Smear says:

    because I took an big L in the real world on that one…as did you. This way we can both be winners again! (You win on the daily with your words but get extra points by lacing me with that Tee)

  5. fosterakahunter says:

    You are whylin’! You wouldn’t pony up $50 for the Air Max? That’s a steal for some ostrich joints.

  6. the_dallas says:

    On hindsight I should have gone in, but I was thinking they would take another hit like to $39.99 or even $29.99 so I was hedging my bets

  7. Smear says:

    Oh snap! I got the all red cherry joints of this shoe…. does that count D?

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